March 7, 2016




The Ellettsville Parks Board met in a regular meeting on Monday, March 7, 2016, at the Ellettsville Fire Department Training and Conference Room, 5080 West State Road 46, Bloomington, Indiana.  Jimmie Durnil called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


The minutes are prepared from the notes of the secretary due to a malfunction of the recorder.


Pledge of Allegiance

Jimmie Durnil led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Members in Attendance

Jimmie Durnil, President; Holly Nethery, Vice President; Claudetta Kelly, Secretary; and Amy Slabaugh were present.   


Approval of Minutes

Jimmie Durnil entertained a motion to approve the minutes.  Holly Nethery made a motion to approve the minutes.  Amy Slabaugh seconded.  All agreed.


New Business

Danny Stalcup, Street Commissioner, and Kip Headdy, Street Foreman, were present to talk about the purchase of a new Bobcat to replace equipment they currently have.  In addition to other uses, they would use it to take care of the Heritage Trail (“Trail”) and parks.  They have checked and this is the best deal for what they need.  The Bobcat has different attachments needed for various jobs.  The cost is $29,506.  They are requesting $7,500.  They have the rest of the funds for the purchase. 


Holly Nethery made a motion to give them $7,500.  Claudetta Kelly seconded.   All agreed.


Privilege of the Floor

Mike Farmer, Ellettsville Utilities, reported on research he had conducted since the February meeting.  Two floodlights were ordered for the Trail.  He has tried to contact the Indiana Department of Transportation about the crosswalk for the Trail but has not heard back from them.  However, there should be no problem getting it done for the grand opening on June 18, 2016.  He is working with the Boy Scouts who are planning to put benches along the Trail as their Eagle Scout project.  The Scouts will also clear the area around the benches of debris.


The best price he has found to repair the stone wall at Campbell’s Park is $2,700.  The Board will need to decide when they want to authorize the money for this and let him know.


Holly Nethery asked if he had a chance to check on the cost of putting solar lights along the trail.  Hoosier Energy will donate $1,500 for the trail.



Jimmie Durnil entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Holly Nethery made a motion to adjourn.  Amy Slabaugh seconded.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:58 p.m.