March 9, 1998



The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 9 1998. Members present were Michael Cornman, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice President, Donald Ashley, and Gina Hawkins. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.Donald Ashley gave the prayer.


There was a Supervisors 6:30 meeting tonight before the regular scheduled meeting.Supervisors present were Steve Bartlett, Police Department, Jim Davis, Fire Department, Jim Ragle, Street Department, and Mike and Jeff Farmer.




Mike Cornman said we want to add to the agenda, one clearing of accounts of utilities, he would like to add that to the end of our New Business and also discussion of the bridge over Main Street for the County Highway department.Mike Cornman said is there a motion to add those 2 items?Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 4-0.






Charlene Roberts lives between Louden and Starnes------there is no water and she would like to have city water.

Mike Farmer asked her if she was the lady he talked to the other day?She was.He told her he had an answer for her.He will meet with her after the meeting.





Mike Cornman asked is there a motion to approve the claims.Donald Ashley so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.





††††††††††††††††††††† UTILITY BUILDING-RICK COPPOCK:


Rick was not at the meeting.This will be tabled.






Elaine Stalcup asked if they have filed their injunction?Mike Cornman said no we have not.


Elaine asked when will your injunction be filed?Mike Cornman said we are working together with our legal people now, and trying to resolve this so it donít have to be filed.We have given permission, the Council did vote to do that, we have not went on that option as of yet.


Elaine asked where will it be filed?Mike Cornman said the injunction will be filed in Monroe County court, the petition with the URC will be done in Indianapolis, we have not done either one of those as of yet.


Elaine asked when are you planning on filing them?Mike Cornman said we donít know depending on discussions with all parties involved within the next week or two.


Elaine said what will be your reasons for filing?


Mike Farmer said he drew a little map.Our reasons for filing it is because this being Ellettsville proper down here (he is showing this on a map), basically Louden, Starnes, Rattlif, and Reeves.This would be 46 going out towards Spencer, Flatwood, and this is where Starnes and Flatwood come together.Our reasons for filing an injunction is to address the service area represented by Ellettsville and Ellettsville Utility.We have a rural water company based in Spencer, Indiana.That planned a large-scale project that will take in property and service area on Reeves Road down to Starnes, down to Rattlif and then back out to the County.Also some improvements on Flatwood and 46.Their project is fairly large and it addresses their needs not necessarily the needs of the Town of Ellettsville.The west side, Louden, the area he just described is what is designated as a future growth of Ellettsville, both in housing and industry.Their project will not take in the kind of infrastructure that we want in this area.We donít necessarily care about that as long as they come to the table and acknowledge that this is our service area, we intend to file an injunction on the assumption that sooner or later they come to the table and acknowledge this to be our service area.That is what it is about, it is about service area.


Elaine said is it not right that for over 50 years these people in this area have wanted water from the Town of Ellettsville.She talked to three men today that for 50 years they have come to this meeting in this building and asked for water and you guys have not furnished it.


Mike Farmer said one of the answers he would like to give you on that is everthing as a new manger of the Ellettsville Utilities that he does and actually his brother brought this up is based on how we know to proceed in a good business fashion.We could spend a lot of time and energy talking about what didnít happen, who didnít do what in the past.We could point fingers and we could spend a lot of time talking about why we are in a situation where we are making decisions based on the past but we are not doing that now.

We are making business decisions based on the good of Ellettsville that have to do with the future and present.He canít address the past and he really doesnít intend to, it does no good and it has know bearing on the future.He can tell you that people may have wanted water 50 years ago and he is sure you can say that in all of Monroe County.He can tell you there may have been somebody that said I wanted water 3 years ago and nobody addressed it from the Ellettsville standpoint.He is here to address it, he is here to tell you that in Ellettsvilleís interest heíd stand to contend that this is Ellettsvilleís service area and he wants it addressed and he wants it brought to the table and he wants it settled for all times.That is why the injunction may be filed.It has to do with the good of the community and maybe even the future of Monroe County.That is why he is going to do it, he gets paid to serve the interest of the whole community, not individuals.What we do with an injunction doesnít mean that these people canít be served and our intentions are not to stop their project pursy.But it is to bring them to the table so Ellettsvilleís concerns can be addressed.Because it is only right and it only makes common sense that the Town of Ellettsville proper and the community around it has some say on the future on the west side.It shouldnít be based on a rural water company based out of Spencer, Indiana.The injunction doesnít not have to be an adversarial thing and it doesnít have to be a bad thing but from a business stand point it is the only way we can address our concerns, or perhaps it is the only way.We will know that in the next couple of weeks when we talk at length with Bean Blossom Patricksburg and all the other people concerned.


Elaine asked have they agreed to talk to you?


Mike Farmer said we have already had a meeting with them and they are not opposed to talking to us.

Mike Cornman said they have asked us question and we have had a couple letters transpired back and forth.We are in the process of answering our questions, their question.Right now communicating via the mail.One of the things in there is come together for a meeting and we anticipate having in within 2 weeks.


Elaine said this will be filed through the Monroe County justice system, right?


Mike Cornman said the injunction will be, yes, if it gets filed.


Elaine said if it gets filed, it will be filed with the Monroe County Prosecutor?


Mike Spencer said no, an injunction is a civil remedy, the prosecutor doesnít handle injunctions.He will be filing the suite on behalf of the Town of Ellettsville.


Elaine said with whom?


Mike Spencer said there are 6 courts in Monroe County, it will be in one of the 6 courts.

That is one issue, there is also the issue with the IURC.There will be a petition with the IURC that will be handled by our Indianapolis attorney, Ice Miller.That is to address the issue of jurisdiction.


Elaine said at this time Patricksburg water could go ahead and begin their project?


Mike Spencer said at this point and time we have no injunction on file------.


Charles Barker (I think) asked, Is there a problem with Patricksburg Bean Blossom per say as if their plans of putting in too small a line to service your area that you think.


Mike Farmer said its not got anything to do really, with too small of line.It has to do with two different water companies servicing the same area.Personally he feel like their energies are better spent serving their existing area and upgrading their existing area.Supposedly their project is addressing those needs but from an engineering standpoint they say they need this loop.That is fine maybe with the loop, but we say we have a water tank right here (pointing to the map), this is our service area.We are set up to service this area.We have a water line on Starnes Road right here with a fire hydrant and several services.We have another large diameter water line right in this area.No matter what they do, we have to come out here, we have water lines here, and we have another addition that they are talking about putting here.We have to bring our lines like this we need to loop this in.We need to go out 46 and we need to come back in town.We have to do this, hook this line back up.We have to do this no matter what they do.Now is we have to do this, and we want to do this, and this is in the back yard of Ellettsville and it is where we are going to grow.Then all we say is this is our service area.Everything in this area will have to be served by Ellettsville sewer.


Charles Barker (I think) said so you are looking at it from a monetary standpoint for Ellettsville?


Mike Farmer said I am looking at it from a monetary standpoint from both their position and our position.Why have redundant service, why spend ratepayer, taxpayer, effort and money and duplicate a service.This is our natural boundary that we are going to grow into, so why have them expending time and effort where we have to go anyway, where we are going to go.We just want them to work with us and understand and acknowledge that this is our service area, naturally.It is going to be our fire protection area, its going to be our sewer area, we have to serve them, nobody else can.We want it to be our water area, we have the infastructure in place now where we can put fire hydrants in.We already have sewer service ready, we can service this whole area.We are ready to proceed.We have plans already drawn up to service this area.He has already taken bids on parts.That is not to say it is going to happen over night, but we are prepared.


Charles Barker (I think) said that basically they are not going to run a line down Starnes Road?


Mike Farmer said yes, they may still and we are open to all options.We donít want to portray ourselves as saying this is a line, donít cross it.What we are saying is, this is our service area, we need to talk about it and some things need to be settled prior to you starting the project with perhaps the wrong ideal of what you are doing.


Lady asked when you project starting the plan?


Mike Farmer said to address Charleneís problem, I think she lives right in here (pointing to the map).We need to do some looping here.We may not be able to do the whole project at once, the parts alone for this project are about $350,000.There are parts of this we can do, and parts we can do in phases, where we can touch the most people lives and accomplish the things that we want to accomplish.We have got to figure this out.Charlene came in and she wants water right here.One of the things we may do is run a line down here and over to here and maybe stop for right now.Then come back and do this loop next.I have to think this out, it isnít something you can just shoot from the hip and take care of.These are things we need to address.We are doing this know matter what else happens, we have to do this.Ellettsville depends on it future for this.


Elaine said a year, five, ten, fifteen, twenty?Mike Farmer said for what?Elaine said for that.


Mike Farmer said some of this could be done by the end of the summer.


Elaine said some of that will be done by the end of the summer?


Mike Farmer said some of it could be done.We have a plan right now where the kindergarten is, and basically he has been calling it phase one, where we take the eight inch main that exists and bring it out to the highway and bring it back into town preparing for a loop.(Pointing to the map) Ellettsville proper here, we have a small diameter main that comes up here and stops for fire protection around Littens trading Post, that is the only way I know.Mike Cornman said West Side 76.


Mike Farmer said we need to loop that in anyway.This will probably be one of the first things we do.


Elaine said you donít already have water out to the school?


Mike Farmer said we have water up to the school.In a water system one of the most important things you can do is loop your system-----itís a better flow, better water quality.


Elaine asked did Patricksburg already have water at the school?


Mike Farmer said they had water but they donít have fire protection.At the cost to the Ellettsville Utilities at the request of the School Board some years ago they had us run a eight inch main up to the school so there would be fire protection, when they changed it over to a kindergarten.Ellettsville now for the kindergarten provides their fire protection, sewer service, but they get their water from Bean Blossom Patricksburg.It is exactly what we donít want to get into on the West Side.It doesnít make any sense, if it doesnít make common sense usually its not a good idea.


Jeff Farmer said he thinks the one thing that needs to be pointed out, the injunction is not to stop you people from ending up with water.That is not our intent.


Elaine said it is not the intention it is the result.


Jeff Farmer said no it is not going to be the result.


Mike Farmer said let me give you an analogy, when you file an injunction, it is kind of like a person in a labor union, works for an organization and they file a grievance. When you file a grievance a lot of people have a negative condensation of a grievance.But everybody has to have a means to complain in a civil way.A grievance for a labor person is their ability to go management and say I have a grievance.I am filing a grievance and there is a lot an atmosphere in working places that a grievance is a bad thing.But everybody has a right to speak up when they have a problem or complaint or a grievance.An injunction is about the same thing.


Elaine said when the injunction is filed; Patricksburg water lines will stop?


Mike Spencer said what the function of the injunction is, is to put things on hold until the IURC can make determination as to who has the right to build the water lines in that area.Because what we want to get away from is people starting projects and then being stopped in mid stream, that does nobody any good.The idea is to say wait a second we understand you want to serve that, this is our area we got a dispute here.We want you to hold off your project, stop your project until the IURC, which is the organization that has to make that decision, can come in and make that decisionWe will by----with the IURC but we are going to be able to present our case to the IURC and they ------ that that is our area.Once the IURC makes that determination then things will fall into place after that.That is the function of the injunction.


Elaine said but it will stop the water lines?Mike Spencer said for a period of time.


Mike Farmer said all he can tell you about that and you are going to have to take it at his word.Talking through the Town Council and at their wishes, everyone on the Ellettsville side of this intends to bargain and work with all parties concerned with good faith manner and that is all he can tell you about that.


Unknown woman said you are talking mainly on the west side, what about the other people, there is other people who live on Red Hill, Chaffin Chapel, ----Main.They live several other places.They havenít had water out there for years.


Mike Farmer said and as he understands it, like where Elaine lives, those are 2 dead ends and she lives in between them and once all of this is settled there would be no reason why they wonít loop back together no matter what the out come of this.


Unknown woman said as long as Ellettsville is in control of it, right?


Mike Farmer said no, we donít intend to be in control.We are not going to be in control of anything except our own destiny.Red Hill Road we are not going to tell them what to put on Red Hill road.


A gentleman said this is just going to stop everything when this takes place, it is going to stop everything.


Mike Farmer said like I said before, if it takes and injunction to insure the future of Ellettsville infrastructure wise on the west side, and water and sewer goes to the basics of a towns future and health then yes, it is a business decision that will be made.


Unknown man said when Patricksburg Bean Blossom originated this plan, and he has know idea when it was.Maybe 2 years ago.They presented this plan to the Federal Housing Administration, or who ever is financing this thing.He is sure they said this is our outline here and if something happens and they are not going to be able to use this territory.This is going to create a whole havoc with their whole plan they started on 2 years ago and said we had financing planning on coming on down Starnes Road and Ratliff road and coming back in.Now this is going to stop, so that is going to have changed all that, wouldnít you agree?This is going to hold up the whole plan that they started out on, year or two planning this.


Mike Farmer said it is a possibility.You can go on and on talking about what if and maybe they could of done this and maybe they could have done that but a lot of this needs to be decided at a bargaining table with the other side there and if that doesnít work then that is when the injunction will happen.They have very intelligent people on their board and they have a very intelligent man that runs their system and like he said before we all intend to bargain in good faith.He has a very positive feeling about how this is going to come out.One you donít want us going around as leaders of the community and do this in secret, and number two people in this community do not want us making business decisions based on emotion.One we have got to make business decisions and two we have got to let everybody know and we should let everybody know that in fact a injunction may be issued due to things that we need to address.It is business and he is sorry.


Elaine said but business is Mike you guys had no intentions of putting water out there ever in the past until you heard about this industrial plant and this big housing addition.


Mike Farmer said that is not true and in fact here is map that addresses the master plan and it is dated 1985, so even before he was here and drudging up the past.


Elaine said it was planned in 1985 and its 1998 and we have done nothing on the plans, was it started in 85?


Mike Farmer said he assumes when you say we you are talking about us, me and you and everybody else as a community?


Elaine said she is talking about you.


Mike Farmer said you said we so assumed you ment us.


Elaine said well you said we drew up the plans in 85 to do this water, you drew it up in 85 and it is now 98 and we have not done one thing.


Jeff Farmer said let me touch on one something as of January 1st Ellettsville, the Town Council, the Utilities Department was pretty much inactive prior to January 1st.-------- managing the system.One of the reasons this came up so late in the late stages and the reason for the injunction is because we became pro active.We took a hard look at this and what we need to do for this community and this goes along with the school system having problems paying for their teachers and everything else.We all know there is not a lot of industry in this community.We want to promote industry so we want to put an infrastructure and this is zoned industrial.We want to put an infrastructure out there that will promote somebody to come into this community and provide industry.We donít have a place for our kids to work.We are looking at a whole community; you are looking at individuals wanting water.We hope to provide both for everybody.We hope to promote the community as well as see that everybody that wants water that hasnít had water for 20 years still gets water.It is a business deal that we look at as professional in our field.We came in and said we need to take a look at this.We canít apologize for only being on the job for 2 months.


Mike Farmer said there is no reason to believe that both interests canít be served absolutely no reason to believe this.He understands your concerns you have valid concerns based on what you needs are and he would stick with those concerns, but he is telling you there is no reason to believe that Ellettsvilleís interest canít be served and your concerns and needs met.There is no reason to believe at this time that that wonít happen.Like I said before you have intelligent professional people on both sides and surely they will come to-----. He doesn'tíno what to tell you and he can't really tell you anything else at this time.


Mike Cornman asked if anybody else had any comments about what is on the agenda.This Town Council can not take credit or blame for what might or might not of happened in the past on a master plan that has been slowly worked on but we are working with it now and that is the case at hand.


Elaine Stalcup said all of us are sitting here saying the plans are on paper from 1985 have not given water.


Mike Farmer said he is talking about a master plan that has do with the west side of Ellettsville and you are talking about Red Hill Road where you have 2 dead end lines that are naturally going to be looped one way or the other anyway.


Elaine Stalcup said Mike these people that are sitting here are none of them from my area, they are all from another area.They have all paid for hook up, they have all paid for membership and she is sure a lot of them are running their lines to.Maybe mine will go through, theirs maybe on paper for another 20 or 30 years.


Mike Farmer said he understands Elaine but he is telling you emotion asidethe business of Ellettsville and not just Ellettsville property but the communities that surrounds it and perhaps even Monroe Counties business demands that we address this issue at this time, demands it, it has to be addressed.He has been here 7 weeks and the first thing that he saw when he walked in here was the west side needs to be addressed.When he came on board and found out about the Bean Blossom Patricksburg intention and their project, we immediately started addressing it, we will expedite this, we wonít let it lay it is not something we want to just sand bag them and hold them back at the line.We want to work with them to expidite it and get on with business.


Elaine Stalcup said here is a honest question, you said we are going to be honest, if the industrial park goes in where is your first place you are going to run your water, to these people sitting here or that park?


Mike Farmer said these people sitting here are contracted with Bean Blossom Patricksburg and they are in a rural area and as he understands it they are going to be served by Bean Blossom Patricksburg, it is 2 different questions, as he understands it.


Elaine Stalcup said no they live out there in the territory that you have on the map.


Mike Farmer said it is not about stopping them from getting water it is about the concerns that Ellettsville has with this area.


Elaine said if you file an injunction, it will stop our water.


Mike Farmer said he has to make business decisions based on the community interest.The community, not his, not these 4 people, not even 10 people on one road east of town but he is talking about the whole community.He gets paid to take care of the whole community.It just doesnít stop with the utilities, his interests are the interest of the Town Council and the general public.


Elaine said this is a statement the day the injunction stops my water on Red Hill her water wagon will sit right here and if one of those people right here responsible for stopping her water from getting hauled, she is sick of it.


Mike Farmer said he understands that but you are getting your water from the fire department right now right?


Elaine said she is hauling it, would you like to haul it, she will bring that wagon right to him.


Elaine said I am parking mine right here because this is where mine stops.She has paid her hook up and she has paid her membership and she has run her line.If the Ellettsville Town Board stops her water that she paid Patricksburg, you are responsible, it will park right there and she doesnít care which one of you guys hauls it but you will see it is not any fun.


Mike Cornman asked if anybody had anything else.

Thank you all for coming down, and he does say thank you because we need to talk about it and keep an open.



††††††††††††††††††††† CLOSING-BOB LOWERS:


Bob Lowers said he has several requests.Dave Sericote is the president told him this morning that his first request was to have what you call a roadblock but not stop the flow of traffic by sitting at the stoplight, by collection donations as cars travel and stop at the light.This is for fund raising for the Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports.Dave Seracote told him that the radio station now is going to take over on this particular project and he has not talked to the radio station so he thought while he was here he would go a head and get his date and time and if he didnít follow through with that----


Mike Cornman said he did talk to the station the person with WB and they said they are interested in doing the roadblock similar to the VFW and Exchange Club.We can give permission for roadblock per say for Sale Street only we can not give permission for the highway.For an over all project that is going on to raise money for Flatwoods Park part of the RBB youth sports and conjunction with McDonalds.


Bob said if they are going to follow through on that he just want to make sure that.He has sever request on April 26th which is a Sunday at 2 0íclock he wants to do a 5K run for the Richland Bean Blossom Youth Sports to raise some more money.He has a map he went over with the Council and an area not necessarily to stop traffic but to have people out there to kind of restrict the traffic for runners to come through for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.The other roadblock he has requested is on May 2nd.They are going to be having their opening day and that is the day they plan on having a festival jamboree type.B97 is going to be down there that day, in the ball fields area we are going to be there with all their attractions.The area between the 11and 12 year old field and where the fire station site is, there is a little strip there that cars come through there and he wants to restrict it for that particular time or slow it down.This will be form 8 to 6 oíclock.He doesnít want kids crossing the road theyíre trying to go from one field to another because they are going to have activities on both sides of the road there.However it would be best, if they put up barricades or if they just had some guard out there.


Mike Cornman said on the 5K run he doesnít know, in his resent memory and he doesnít know if anybody else can remember, have we ever gave permission to use the street for a 5K run, would we.The only people he would know that would do that are the people in the City of Bloomington and he doesnít know if they have to have a permit for a 5K run or not.There was more discussion on this.


Rob said he can get their own volunteers, he just has to be able to stand out there in the street and actually hold the traffic up while runners go through on certain corners.He would draw it out on a map if they need it.He went over this with the Council.


Mike Cornman said what he would suggest to the Council is conditional approval among the approval and working with and coordinating with the Ellettsville Fire Department and the Ellettsville Police Department and we also have a Reserve Police force and maybe some fire fighters.He would suggest to the Council that we give approval but conditional approval as to what the Fire Chief and Town Marshal say.There was more discussion on this.


Donald Ashley said he doesnít see a problem with it as long he is taking care of the directing of traffic.


Rob said it is a Sunday and 2 oíclock on the 26th.He should be after church.


Mike Cornman wants to make sure we get it in the Ellettsville Journal and the Extra.There was more discussion on this.


Rob wanted to know about putting up a sign like they do for the Fall Festival.Mike Cornman suggested he coordinate that with Jim Ragle, Street Commissioner, There was more discussion.


Geraldine told him he might want to contact the Community Center.They have had several runs in the past.


Rob said on opening day there is one other thing they would like to do on the streets.On Open day they want to----the Ellettsville School actually start on the top parking lot and have the kids all meet up there and kind of march down.He said Dave is following up on this one as far as a parade.He went over this with the Council.


Mike Cornman said he wants to suggest approval for this request, conditional approval, on the condition it is approve by the Fire Chief and Town Marshal.Donald Ashley so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Mike Spencer said the proposal was satisfactory he just needs to review, (that is what it sounded like).







†††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††CONCERNING GUIDELINES FOR THE RELOCATION OF

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† WATER LINES:


Gina Hawkins read by title only.


Mike Cornman asked is there a submission for first reading.Gina Hawkins so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 4-0.



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ORDINANCE 96-8:


Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 98-7.Mike Spencer explained this to the Council.

Mike Cornman recommended submission for first reading Ordinance 98-7.Gina Hawkins so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Mike Cornman said what we have here is the Town of Ellettsville for $1.00 and other valuable consideration.To the Town of Stinesville the town makes no warrants or------considering the truck and the Town of Stinesville is purchasing the truck in an as is condition the town of Stinesville shall own the truck.The Town of Ellettsville harmless from any--------that may arise from the Town of Stinesville use of this truck.


Mike Cornman said we need to declare the 1984 Ford one ton dump truck the Town of Ellettsville Utilities owns as surplus equipment.Donald Ashley so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.


Mike Cornman said is there a motion to approve the bill of sale to the Town of Stinesville.Gina Hawkins so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 4-0.


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† BUDGET YEAR 1998:


Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 98-8.


Mike Farmer said the Working Foreman would be working in field operations of the Utility Department.He went over his duties with the Council.He also went over the duties with the Council on the Limited full time person.


The other positions requested were explained and their duties.


Mike Cornman said he recommend to the Council for submission for first reading Ordinance 98-8.Mike Cornman made the motion that Ordinance 98-8 be submitted for first reading.Gina Hawkins seconded.Roll call vote, Geraldine McIntyre, yes, Mike Cornman, yes, Gina Hawkins, yes, Donald Ashley, yes.Motion passed 4-0.




Mike Cornman said the total of these accounts is $37.04.This will be part of the minutes.Mike Cornman asked is there a motion to clear the accounts for the Utility Department.Donald Ashley so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Mike Cornman said they were asked by the County Commissioners that they bring it up at their meeting that if the Council had any concerns over the County Commissioners signing the bridge over, because the bride is taking care of by the County, Kelli Heights and Main Street bridge, to End Dot for the new highway.


The Council members had no problems with that.






Mike Farmer said he wants to publicly again thank the Street Department and Jim Ragle for bailing us out of the last week or two.They have helped us in many ways.He does appreciate it.Not only do they take care of their business but they are helping us take care of ours.

Mike Farmer went over the different things they have done and went over the way the Vactor truck does.


Jeff Farmer explained how they made the purchase (Vactor).The demolition of the plant was the proposal from Reynolds Construct was to cost the town $176,000, to demolish the old sewer plant.At the time he though that price did not benefit the town in any way.They took upon their selves to demolish the plant at the cost of about they figured using our own men and the man-hours of $26,000.


Mike Farmer said using a subcontractor for a lot of the equipment.Utilizing personnel from the Street Department and Utilities Department.


Jeff Farmer said we saved approximately $150,000, which he likes to say we used to purchase this piece of equipment, which will last us for the next 15 to 20 years.


Mike Farmer said life expectancy of one of these Vactors goes anywhere from 10-15-to 20 years.Depending on how hard you use it.


There was more discussion on this.


Mike Farmer said when we demolished the plant we scraped out all the material, we recycled all the metal out of the old plant.The Street Department did most of that.We went in and ripped it out and cut it up with torches recycled it and they were able to purchase with the recycle metal we got a credit with one of the local junkyards.We were able to buy large road plates that they can use construction.When they have a street opened up, where they have a dangerous situation with the road way and it need immediate attention they can slap one of these road plates on it and semiís can drive right over it.

There was more discussion.




Mike said the Town will do a State of the Town address on Monday night, March 16th, at the Monroe County Public Library.This will be a live broadcast on Channel 12.




Geraldine McIntyre made the motion to adjourn.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 4-0.