May 1, 2003




The Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, May 1, 2003. Members present were Frank Buczolich, President; David Drake, Vice-President; William Evans, Secretary; Geraldine McIntyre, Terry Baker, Don Calvert and Sandra Hash.  Mr. Rick Coppock, Town Engineer, was also in attendance at the meeting.  Frank Buczolich started the meeting by leading everyone with the Pledge of Allegiance.




Mr. Bill Land is scheduled to present the new zoning ordinance for the Town of Ellettsville to the Ellettsville Town Board on May 27th for approval.




NEW BUSINESS: Main Street Address Changes


Mike Cornman, Ellettsville Deputy Fire Chief presented some address changes for the town that were felt necessary by the Fire Department to eliminate confusion on Main Street.  Ed Bitner, a resident of Main Street expressed his viewpoints on the changes.  A motion was made by Terry Baker to change the addresses on Main Street as recommended by the Fire Department.  Don Calvert seconded the motion.  Motion carried 6-0.


Public comments regarding the Zoning Amendments in Richland Plaza on West State Road 46


There were concerned citizens that asked questions and expressed their concerns about the new zoning changes for Richland Plaza.  The members of the Planning and Zoning Commission answered their questions.


Zoning Clarification for Mini-Warehouses in C-1 Zoning


Mr. Don Kinser appeared before the Planning and Zoning Commission asking for clarification of usage for the C-1 zoning as mandated by the Town of Ellettsville.  He wanted to make sure that mini-warehouses are deemed appropriate for the C-1 zoning.  He will in the near future bring in the Site and Development plans for the Planning and Zoning Commission to review.




A motion was made by David Drake to approve the minutes of the April 3rd meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Williams Evans seconded.  Motion carried 7-0.




The motion to adjourn was made by Terry Baker to adjourn the May 1st meeting. Frank Buczolich seconded.  Motion carried 7-0.


_____________________________                          __________________________

Frank Buczolich, President                                            David Drake, Vice President


 _____________________________                         __________________________

Geraldine McIntyre                                                       Terry Baker


_____________________________                          __________________________

Don Calvert                                                                  Sandra Hash                                        



William Evans, Secretary