May 13, 1999


Board members present: Terry Baker, Diana Evans Kevin Farris & Geraldine McIntyre.


Board members not present Donald Ashley, Sandy Gann and Keith Argabright.


President Terry Baker called the meeting to order due to the absents of Donald Ashley.








Terry Baker states that we are going to skip the Old Business for now and go to the New Business since that is going to be much longer.




Lynn Johnson the principal of the Christian Academy will talk on this matter.He said we are filling all the available space in the church and would like to expand by using portable classroom.You have the plan before you.This will be a temporary structure.The church has purchased land on Hartstraight Road and planning building at this new location sometime in the future.


The portable structure will have electric heat and cooling, water but no plumbing since the door will be close to the church where the toilet facilities are.We will check with the local ----------- to see if we meet fire codes.The request is for you to accept this for one or maybe two years.


Terry Baker asked if anyone in the audience had anything to say on this.He then asked the board members.Diana stated we have done this once before to the local Nursing Home for office space.


Terry Baker stated that he would prefer to do this for one year instead of two.Mr. Johnson said that the new church might not be built for a few years but who knows.He would be glad to come back later if the need is there to ask for a continuance.


Diana made the motion that we approve the Ellettsville Christian Academy request for one-year portable classroom on contingent that the church provide us with the necessary documents from the manufacture stating that the building meets the State of Indiana building and fire codes.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Kinser Subdivision:


Rick Coppock, Town Engineer said that since the last meeting they have submitted a new set of plans for the site.He said Phil Tapp is here tonight.Rick began to explain the new set of plans.They will have only one access on Ridge Springs.The have a application pending for one way in and one way out on State Road 46 with the State Highway.


Rick stated that the detention pond is in the back of the property and the 6 duplexes are up front with two being rentals.We have minimized the tree line area that you see here.There is also a landscaping plan.There is a drawling report here is you want to look at it.He asked Mr. Tapp if he has anything else to add to this?


Phil Tapp said they have the drainage plan here tonight for you to see.We requested a continuance a month ago when we were here two-months ago we requested two access drives on Ridge Springs with duplexes and apartments and commercial space.As you can see the apartments are all gone.When we were told 2 months ago we could only have one access that gave us a lot of good information we needed, and some of the impute we have from neighbors about re-working the plan.That is what they have been doing.


Mr. Tapp stated that he believed that Mr. Kinser has been very responsive to the concerns of the neighbors on this.We have greatly reduced and scaled down the project.Tonight we just want to get the information out.This gives everybody a chance to look at it and we will be back next month for a final vote.That gives Rick time to review the drainage, utilities.I think the utilities department still has a couple little concerns about the water --------------.Everything is in the plan now such as detention, drainage, grading, landscaping and the State Highway has given a verbal okay so we are just going through the steps.


Joanne Bowen, 115 Ridge Springs Lane wanted to know where the access road was going to be.Mr. Tapp said it would be at the center high point of the road right where the Plan Commission directed me to put it.She asked were the driveways were that it would affect?Mr. Tapp stated he hadn't measured it so he didnít know.


Glenn Benniger, 125 Ridge Springs state if he reads the plan correctly it is about 215 feet from the arch of the curve on Ridge Springs as you enter from 46.I can barely see it on here.I stepped it off and it seems to be midway between Harris and my drive.Mr. Tapp said it looks like it between 215 and 219.


Geraldine said that she would like to make a suggestion that you mark the driveway so everyone would know where it would be.


Jan Fields, 327 Birch Street lives in the back of the project and is concerned about the water.I noticed you have the drainage pond here and what are you planning to do with the trees.Mr. Tapp stated that some of the trees would be removed.Right now the high point or drainage point on this property right through here so the water comes down right now and hits the high point and runs off right through here (pointing to the plan). The rest of the water runs off right through here (pointing at the plan).When we are done we set the road and units and the down spout drains from the units and the water will be directed to our proposed road and collected in a pipe and a inlet at this point and will be directed into the detention and the water will be released at a control rate back to the highway ditch.So what we have done is taken the area that use to drain over to you and reduced it to an area of this.So you will have much less water coming to that direction.


Steve Whales, 7251 Highway 46, stated you said that some of the water from the pond will be released to the Highway ditch.Mr. Tapp said yes, it goes down the hill under the culvert under the highway.Steve asked if this water goes down at a control rate and channel into a pipe or overland or what?Mr. Tapp said it would be overland flow from our corner down but it will be released at a control rate.He said if you look at the water now we are reducing most of it and taking it and collecting it out to the ditch.A discussion was held on the hundred-year flood and who takes care of the detention ponds.

Mr. Whales stated that since the highway has brought this piece of property its not his concern now.


Jan Fields and Geraldine asked about the ditch that runs behind this property.He said that all the water runs through this ditch and collects on the old Al May property, sometimes it has lots of water on it.


Rick stated that he believed it was to be a detention structure when it was built, it is a large grassy area with a brim.Geraldine asked Rick if he remembered when the Town went in and re-worked the ditch because some of the houses on Beechwood Street were flooding.She asked how close is this to the Kinser property.Rick said it comes Northwest of this property.Rick said when you look at a detention pond you think of the one in Arrowhead.He said that this pond has a three to one slope and this is about 3 foot wide.Geraldine asked if it would be like the one Birch built in the Mayfield addition.Rick said maybe.Rick stated the idea is to make it easy to mow and to keep the erosion down.


Jeff Schunn, 131 Round Tree Court lot 24, said he sees that this plan is going to reduce the amount of water coming toward my yard at least on paper, but I am looking at the retention pond and it appears if I am reading the elevations right its only about 4 or 5 feet deep and not much bigger than the size of a duplex complex.Iím not a engineer but I canít imagine a four feet deep pond or 1,500 sq. feet is going to be big enough to hold all that water.Mr. Tapp said maybe we have made a mistake.That is why Rick is here to review the numbers.Jeff said another thing he would like to talk about is right here, there are trees back of my property line to where it clears again about 40 feet deep over in here, (pointing to the map) its about 100 feet deep so the tree line runs about like this.So I am going to be losing if this is the scale line about 80 foot of tree line and I will have only about 20 foot left and I right?


Mr. Tapp stated that Mr. Kinser will be losing the tree line.Some of the trees are going to come down.


Jeff said Mr. Coppock you mentioned about where this water storm drain is and drains underground here and comes about ground again in my yard is that going to be another detention area.Rick said no, that would be where the other ditch comes out like an open field.Jeff said this has been a problem with me.I have terrible erosion now.Where I mow there is about a four-foot drop off.I can see where the reduction of water coming off there will be better, but I still will have water coming off of Ridge Springs Lane.A long Discussion was held on the trees, water retention and landscaping plan.


Diana asked how large are the duplexes.Mr. Tapp stated that each one would be approximately 35 to 50.He has two different types.Lot 2 and 3 will have basements.Someone asked if the 35 by 50 is that the total.Mr. Tapp stated that was just the footprint of it with a two-car garage.Just lots 2 & 3 right and the rest are one story?Mr. Tapp stated he believed they would all be two stories with what looks like a two story with a walk out basement.Geraldine asked what they would be built of wood, brick, etc.Mr. Tapp said they will be a mixture of vinyl, brick and shingle roofs.


Someone again asked if the walk out basement would look like a 3-story building and would it meet the covenants of the Ridge Springs restrictions of 22-foot elevations.Mr. Tapp stated he didnít know but there are some houses in the addition with two stories and a walk out basement.


Steve Whales stated that on the landscaping may there are some lines here he wanted to know what they were.Rick said they were the existing tree lines.A long discussion was held on this subject.


Terry Baker asked if the street would be a city street.Mr. Tapp said at first it was going to be a private street.But since we got the first review letter now we have to have sidewalks on both sides, curbs, gutters street trees and everything we dedicate the streets to the town.


Terry Baker said he would like to see no parking on either side.Mr. Tapp stated that is a good idea.He also said that he didnít think the fire department has had a chance to look at the configuration of the turn around here, it is not your conventional circle turn around.So this is the alternate means to do that.We want the fire and safety people to look at it and see if they have any concerns about it.A brief discussion was held.


Danny Edwards, 200 Ridge Springs, wondered where this is going to set next to his property.I am the one who mows all of the bank of Mr. Kinserís and he tries to keep it up


Mr. Tapp showed Danny on the map that this is the sanitary sewer you know where that is in your yard?Diana asked Danny if he was lot 25?He said yes.Mr. Tapp said off the property line that particular unit would be about 43 feet.A discussion was held on this.


Carsten Reinhardt, 121 Round Tree court stated that after looking at this, I see you have 2 commercial structures.Do you have any plans for those?Mr. Tapp said no plans at this time.We had to plan the whole property to do this.The whole property is zoned for commercial use and along the property on State Road 46 Mr. Kinser want to retain that use.It just going to be graded and sewed in grass.Mr. Reinhardt asked which road is going to be built first.Mr. Tapp said the road to the units.


Geraldine asked if these duplexes are going to be rentals?Mr. Tapp said that Mr. Kinser told me from the start that he had 4 children and each one is going to live in the units for now.Geraldine asked if the other 2 units will they be kept up.Mr. Tapp said he canít stand here and says that the renters wonít trash them.Geraldine said I mean if Mr. Kinser builds those will he see that they are kept up?Mr. Tapp said he assumes he will but again I canít stand here and promise you that.


Jeff Schunn said he talked to Mrs. Kinser inquiring that type of question and she told me while her children are there the maintenance for the whole buildings will be done but she wouldnít tell me how long they would live there.


Geraldine said when Mr. Kinser owned the apartments across from 7-eleven they were in horrible shape grounds and all.Mr. Tapp said he believed the town had certain Ordinances against this.He also said he thins anybody who makes a major investment in real estate would take care of it.


Joanne Bowen said she heard they are having a terrible time renting the duplexes below.So you wonder if these are going to be rentable.Mr. Tapp said like I told my client I donít market them I just design them.


Jeff Schunn said is there a possibility of moving everything toward the highway away from lots 24 and 25 in Ridge Springs since there are no concrete plans for commercial now?It looks like about 45% of the acreage are being reserved for commercial along the highway.Could everything be moved 40 to 50 feet toward the highway and reducing the commercial down to about 35 feet?Mr. Tapp stated they really didnít want to do that.All the lay out meets the ordinance.A long discussion was held on this matter.


Someone said I have a question more for the board.Are there any restrictions for size of the building of square footage that is going to be build here.Rick said only on the set back of 25 feet for the front, 20 feet on the back, also a 2-car driveway.This person asked if there was a floor plan and do they meet the covenants of Ridge Springs addition.Mr. Tapp said Mr. Kinser said he has one but I havenít seen it.A long discussion was held on this subject.


Steve Whales asked are they going to be lighting if this becomes a town street?Rick said the street commissioner will look it at and when it has a street name CINergy will look it at.They will have lights for the duplexes.


Someone asked if there would be further information at the next meeting?Will there be a new drawling or are we going to see what we have before us now?Rick said it would be much like this, however I havenít gone into the grade elevations in dept.Also the person said he had concerns about the ----------- of the pond with a 12 inch pipe.I think it needs to be bigger, but I guess I will have to trust the expertís opinion.Will you please look at it closely?A long discussion was held.


Joanne Bowen questioned the snow removal you have on the turn around you have laid out.Rick said you have a real good point because everything goes to one corner and could get blocked off the snow.This will be hard to plow.A long discussion was held.


Rick Coppock said I guess we will be looking at the cal-de sack.I would like the street commissioner and Fire Chief to look at it.This is a different one; it is designed that way.Mr. Tapp said he would like this done as soon as possible.


Mr. Schunn asked Mr. Tapp if the street Department does need a wider area I would suggest moving lots 2 and 3 closer to the highway.A long discussion was held.


Terry asked if there were any more comments, if not he would like to call a five-minute recess.


Terry called the meeting back to order.He stated the only thing left on the agenda was the approval of the minutes.




Diana Evans made the motion to approve the minutes.Kevin Farris seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Diana Evans made the motion to adjourn.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-0.