May 14, 1998


Board members present: Patrick Wesolowski, President; Terry Baker, Donald Ashley, Sandy Gann, and Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary.


Board members not present: Charlie Merrimon and Diana Evans.


Also in attendance was Rick Coppock, Town Engineer.


President Pat Wesolowski called the meeting to order.




President Wesolowski stated that he knew of comments from the public.He asked that they would be at the last comment period.










President Wesolowski asked if anyone was here to speak on this.Rick Coppock, Town Engineer stated that he thought this was done last month.President Wesolowski said that Mr. Tapp came before the board last month and explained what they were going to do.Geraldine said they didnít have a map yet.President Pat stated we didnít address it and that is why itís on the agenda tonight.


Rick Coppock said that this is like the first phase on Highway 46.You are supposed to File Plat approval.President Pat asked if there were any questions or comments.


Donald Ashley made the motion to accept the final plat Mayfield sub division-Phased II lots 7-13.Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Mr. Louis Haywood gave each member a map of the property he bought in January.This property is on Paul Street.The property consists of a house at 302 Paul Street, which belongs to Owen Crosby.This is on lot 15 and 14 also.302 is lot 15 as you can see an alley separates them.This is an unimproved alley.How every you can see it on the map.What I propose to do is build a two-story house on lot 14.If I build it according to the regulations now I will have to set back from the alley at least 8 feet.I can do that without any problem however it is going to make the side yard between the proposed house and the other house just north very close.This would make the two-story house seem to loom over the house on the north.


Pat asked if this house on the north is that of Mike Cornman?Mr. Haywood said yes.


Mr. Haywood stated that he could build the house, but I would like to get a variance so I could build 2 feet of the alley instead of the 8 feet.That doesnít sound like much, but it will make a big difference on how it will look.Both the side yards will be about the same, instead of 45 and 28 it will be 34-39 feet.I think besides looking better it would be the friendly thing to do.


Pat asked how big of a house are you planning to build?Mr. Haywood said it would be 26 X 38.He didnít know the accurate footage.But he thought that was about it.A brief discussion was held.


A discussion was held about the house he built next to the school property.Terry explained what an unimproved alley was.It is a lot but it s plated and grass there shows no sign of a alley.


Mr. Haywood stated that he realized he could get the alley vacated since most of all alleys in this area are.Mr. Haywood said he just bought the house at 302 Paul Street and after much improvement he would sell it.He wanted to build a two story on lot 14.


Pat asked Don if he had a question.Don asked Mr. Haywood if he was planning on sub dividing this into tow lots.Mr. Haywood stated that it was already done which is lot 14 and 15.


Rick Coppock said it has been platted out as 2 lots.


Pat asked who has the control of the alley; does it belong to the town?Don Ashley said yes it does.A long discussion was held on this subject.


Terry Baker stated that he would like to see Mr. Haywood go to the Town Council and get the alley vacated.This way if the alley is vacated it goes to the property.


Rick Coppock said all Mr. Haywood would like tonight is for the Plan Commission to turn him down so he can go before the BZA Board.


Terry stated what we have to do now is say no and pass it to the BZA Board with a recommendation for a variance.A long discussion was held.


Don Ashley said he would like to see the alley vacated.Geraldine stated what Mr. Haywood needs to do is call Diana, the Clerk-Treasurer before this Thursday noon so he can be put on the agenda for the next Council meeting which is a week from Monday.


Pat asked don to make the motion to have Mr. Haywood go to the BZA Board for a variance and to the Town Council to have the alley vacated.Terry Baker seconded the motion.Motion passed 5-0.


Geraldine stated that Mr. Haywood would have to contact Diana so he could get the packet and information on notifying the adjacent property owners.


Pat made the motion that the Plan Commission gives a passable recommendation for vacating the alley to the Town Council and have one reading.Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Pat asked who was here to speak on this.


Rick Coppock, town Engineer introduced Jay Richardson.Rick stated that this is a plat of the property that is known as Richcraft Furniture and it is located on the other side of Wickes Lumber.He said what Mr. Richardson would like to do is sub divide this off so he could build a home on the back of the property.There will be only one drive; they would use the existing drive.Rick said that it has already been plated off and the neighbors have been notified.


Terry Baker made the motion to sub divide the property on State Road 46.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Mr. Olson said he owns Fast Lube Auto care on State Road 46 and would like to put in a drive through car wash with a drying system.The building will be 28 feet wide by 52 feet.I donít have enough room left on my property so I will have to buy a piece of the property next to me so I will comply with all the regulations required.I have Ray Graham checking the flood plain and all that.My Fast Lube is not in the flood plain.I have also got a legal survey done.


The reason why I am here tonight is before I buy the property I want to know if you have any problem with this.My business is already annexed into the town.He wants this business annexed also.I have no plans for the back of the lot since it is in the flood plain.When we blacktop the area over for the car wash we are going to make two large ditched with drainpipes that will catch any water that comes off and take it into the creek.I have had a business there for 10 years and never had water in my building and we have had some bad rains.It has been up in the back of my property so I donít see any problems with the car wash.


Geraldine asked which direction are you going?Mr. Olson said to the right of the building.He will buy not quite an acre from Don Kinser who owns three acres between him and Cassady Electric.


Mr. Olson stated that he would use the same drive as they so for the Fast Lube.


Pat suggested Mr. Olson come before the Plan board before he spends $85,000 on this property to find out if he can build a car wash.Pat asked how long it takes when someone does a voluntary annexation and is there a public hearing?A long discussion on this matter was held.


Rick Coppock said that since this lays on county property and if he doesnít do anything in the flood plain or floodway which there are certain elevations that the County had and he doesnít spill water on to other property.A brief discussion was held.


Sandy asked Mr. Olson if he planned on just one bay?He said yes, but he did have enough property for a second one later if needed.


Pat asked about what the new highway was going to do to this property?Mr. Olson said that they highway has already taken 5 foot of this property along the front and there is no problem.


Terry asked Mr. Olson where the water would be going from the car wash.Mr. Olson said that it would go into the sewer system after going through a pit and several other requirements.He would have to get a sewer hook on.


Finally Mr. Olson said he had Ray Graham working on a layout and getting a plat drawn up.He said he would get with Diana before the next meeting.I just wanted to know the Board members concerns before investing all this money.








Pat Wesolowski made the motion to adjourn.Terry Baker seconded.Motion passed 5-0.