May 2, 2005   Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board meeting Minutes


The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on May 2, 2005 at the Fire Department Conference and Training Center.  Members present were Jeff Frownfelter, President; Edwin Macatangay, Vice President; L.D. Axsom and Geraldine McIntyre.


Approve Minutes of April 4, 2005

Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to accept the minutes from the April meeting.  L.D. Axsom seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Public Comment

Dennis Williamson, Ellettsville Town Council Ward 2 Representative, was in attendance and wanted to thank, on behalf of the Town Council, all of the Parks & Recreation Board members for serving. He is interested in the Parks activities and the Skate Park and wanted to attend the meeting.  He also said that once the Parks Board approves Amber Ragle to serve on the board, the Town Council will approve it.


Jeff Frownfelter stated that Denise Knell had resigned and there is an opening on the Parks Board.


Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to appoint Amber Ragle to serve on the Parks Board replacing Denise Knell.  L.D. Axsom seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Approve Accounts Payable/Review Expenditures

Expenditures were reviewed for the previous month.  Amber explained the $25.76 that was in question from the previous meeting was an expense for hardware for the reserved sign(s) for Campbell’s Park.


Skate Park

Jeff Frownfelter passed out the Extreme Sport Area Inspection Form and the Recommended Wording for Rules and Warnings Signs for an Extreme Sport Area that was received from Mark Ennis with Bliss-McKnight, the Town’s Insurance Company.  Bliss-McKnight would like the addition to the rules before they can insure the Skate Park.  Jeff stated that he visited the skate park and looked at the rules.  The only thing that the current rules contain are the time the park is open, the minimum age for using the park, the equipment that must be worn while in the park and a list of items not allowed in the park.  Edwin Macatangay made a motion to add the recommended wording for rules and warnings signs for an extreme sport area to the current rules/warnings at the skate park.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Bliss-McKnight would like the Extreme Sport Area Inspection Form performed on a monthly basis.  Dennis Williamson suggested having the Planning office perform the inspections.  He stated a part-time person was just hired and she might be able to do the inspection once a month.  Jeff said the Parks Board would make a recommendation to the Town Council for the new part-time person in the Planning office or the part-time laborer for the Street Department to perform the inspections once a month.


Jeff questioned whether or not the Medical & Accident Insurance is a necessity.  It was noted that there is $862.00 budgeted for it this year.  Geraldine suggested asking the council, clerk-treasurer or the attorney if it is needed and what specifically it covers.  Jeff will contact Mike Spencer and find out.


Wishing Well Nature Park

Jeff noted that the estimate for clearing the underbrush at the nature park was over $2,000.  He then questioned whether or not anyone even uses the park since there is no obvious access, people might not know it is there.  There was discussion about the future plans for the park and what the members would like to see happen in the next few years.  It was mentioned that a gravel drive to the park and a small parking area are needed, signage needs to be installed to let visitors know where it is located and a trail that is usable needs to be finished.  A comment was made about having little or no labor and a limited budget.  Dennis Williamson asked about approaching the School Corporation in a joint effort for a parking lot and a start to the gravel walkway from the parking lot to the trail.




New Business

L.D. Axsom asked the other members what dates they had in mind for visiting West Boggs Park.  It was decided they would go on June 4, 2005 and be there at 10:00 am.


Amber Ragle informed the other members that $68.00 was received from Spicer Enterprises.  It was for proceeds from the Coke Machines located at the Skate Park.


Jeff Frownfelter commented that the restrooms at the Skate Park are open for the season and have been for about a month.


The meeting was moved to adjourn by Geraldine McIntyre and seconded by Edwin Macatangay.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.