May 29, 2001




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 PM, Tuesday, May 29, 2001. Members present were Jerry Pittsford, President; David Sorokoty, Vice President; Geraldine McIntyre, David Drake and Mike Cornman who arrived at 7:50 PM.  The meeting was held at the Waste Water Treatment Plant following an open house at 6:30 PM.  Jerry Pittsford called the meeting to order. David Drake led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer. 




Ordinance 01-12 an ordinance amending Ordinance 00-26 fixing of salaries for budget year 2001


David Drake read the ordinance by title.  Sandra Hash explained this was to create a pay line for the new Fireman.  Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to approve Ordinance 01-12.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried




Police Reserves request appointment of Travis Perian as Reserve Deputy Marshal 


Scott Ferguson introduced Travis Perian.  Travis currently works as a correctional officer at The Plainfield Prison.  Scott informed the Council there are 14 active Reserve Deputy Marshal.  Brandon White’s cards were turned in to the Clerk-Treasurer creating an opening.  In response to a question Scott said the Reserves patrol during peak hours, fill in when there is a need, and do traffic control for the Richland Bean Blossom Schools.  Travis stated his reasons for becoming a Reserve Officer were, his long time desire to be involved in Police work, he would like to see not only the correctional side of things but also see the pre-arresting side of law enforcement along with the field work.


David Sorokoty moved to accept Travis Perian as Reserve Deputy Marshal.  David Drake seconded. 


David Drake stated the need to formalize in our Town Code the number of Reserves allowed by the Town.   This would eliminate discussion in front of new candidates as to whether or not the unit is within their membership limits.  Jerry Pittsford added a description of the parameters of duty should also be incorporated into the Town Code to identify specific things that should be done by these Reserve Officers.  Jerry said he would get with Ron and work on this in the next couple of weeks.


The motion carried.


Police Department request to establish an employment waiting list


Ron McGlocklin explained to the Council once we have gone through the application and hiring process and a person has been selected we may still have 4 or 5 good candidates.  We would like to establish a waiting list of the good candidates.  The list would be held for one year.  If in that time we had an opening we would draw from the waiting list instead of going through the whole application and interview process each time. 


The Council discussed the pros and cons of forming a waiting list.  It was agreed the procedure should be in place at the time of the interviews in order to inform the applicants of the list.  Jerry requested the supervisors meet and outline a policy for review at a later date.  This would maintain uniformity among the departments.   This

policy should include a time limit that would eliminate the need for an additional interview if an opening came up within the set limit.


David Sorokoty moved to deny the Police Department request to establish an employment waiting list.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded, motion carried.








 Geraldine McIntyre made a motion to approve the minutes and claims.  David        Drake seconded the motion.  Motion carried.




Bill Land gave the Council an update on the Ellettsville Comprehensive Plan        progress.  The next meeting is scheduled for June 12, 2001 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Town Hall.  The meeting is open to the public for observation; it is a working meeting of the committee.  They are setting the framework, the text, and the comprehensive plan for the Plan Commission to review this fall.  They have held 2 of the 4 planned public meetings. The State planning law instructs the Plan Commission to develop this plan and almost 100 percent of them use the help of an outside consultant.  The plan will include an introduction, history of development, responses to the public survey, census data, area photographs, policy areas, and implementation.

The plan will fold into a zoning ordinance, which will blend the existing zoning.  The plan will focus on the downtown in the area of Sale and Vine, the corridor and the growth potential.  It will also consider the quality of life and a vision for development.  The plan will be moderate.  We need to maintain our plan by revisiting the plan every two years or so.  This will prevent the plan from becoming obsolete unlike the 1963 plan, which was never revised.  The plan should be completed by fall and the zoning completed by January.   There was a brief discussion on the survey areas. 


David Sorokoty complemented Mr. Land on the work in progress.  He also stated other community leaders in Monroe County are excited about the progress of Ellettsville.


Ron McGlocklin and Mike Cornman presented information on a Citizen Oriented Policing or COPS grant.    The grant provides a School Resource Officer or SRO into the school.  The first step is a commitment from The Town of Ellettsville then we will approach the Richland Bean Blossom School Board.   Mike read the following summary:                              

                                                      COPS in Schools 2001

·        To promote the implementation of department-wide community policing in law enforcement agencies across the country;

·        To help develop an infrastructure that will institutionalize and sustain community policing after Federal funding has ended; and

·        To demonstrate and evaluate the ability of agencies practicing community policing to significantly improve the quality of life by reducing the levels of violence, crime and disorder in our community.

·        The officer will become the School Resource Officer (SRO) and will spend at least 75% of their duty time in and around schools working with school related activities.

·        The officer must attend COPS in Schools Training.  The federal government will reimburse the town for training, per diem, travel and lodging not to exceed $1,100.00

·        School Recourse Officer will be able to but not limited to the following;

1.      Address crime and disorder problems, gangs, and drug activities affecting or occurring in or around an elementary or secondary school;

2.      Develop or expand crime prevention efforts for students;

3.      Educate likely school age victims in crime prevention and safety;

4.      Develop or expand community justice initiatives for students;

5.      Train students in conflict resolution, restorative justice and crime awareness;

6.      Assist in the identification of physical changes in the environment that may reduce crime in and around the school

7.      Assist in developing school policy that addresses crime and recommend procedural changes.




Additional Information


·        The town shall submit annual progress reports, and quarterly financial reports.


Mike Cornman said, “This is not going to be a Police Officer standing as a guard in the front of the school.  Also it is not going to be the Police Officer who sits there and snores and if something happens he grabs his gun and the barrel falls off.  It is going to be somebody who can actively interact with the students.  Somebody who is well educated and orientated to our youth in the community.”  


Mike presented a chart prepared by the Clerk-Treasurer for salary comparison:


Starting annual pay with benefits $39,092.70

Fourth year annual pay including benefits with a 4% annual increase $42,282.66

Fourth year annual pay including benefits with a 3% annual increase $42,717.65

*Does not include Vacation, Sick Leave, or Workman’s Compensation


The Police Department must have Approval from the Town Council.  The Chief Executive or Council President must sign the application along with the Town Marshal, and we need a consent letter from the School to complete the request.  We wanted to make sure the Town Council is in agreement before we move ahead. 


Jerry Pittsford serves on the Safe and Responsive School Committee and through this program he sees the need for this type of program.  He thinks it is a great idea and should be acted on quickly.


Mike Cornman insures there is money available to uniform the officer and there is an older car that could be available for him. 


Ron McGlocklin in response to a question said the officer would work during the school year at the school.  This should equal the 75% requirement.  The summer months would be our 25%.


Ron has talked to the principles and they all agreed it would be a good program.  After the 3-year grant program it would be at our discretion on whether to continue with the SRO program or make this officer a regular officer.


David Drake asked if the $27,000 was equal to our regular officers pay.  Ron‘s answered it is about $2,000 more than our regular starting pay.  Ron said he would upgrade the beginning pay for an officer with the upcoming budget. 


Sandra Hash expressed concern over money availability.  In 2000 an additional police officer and a street employee positions were added.  The street position has not been filled.  A town manager has been mentioned and our increase in taxes for 2001 was about $70,000.  The increase must cover employee raises and increases in benefits.  On the forth year we are committed to employ the officer, it is not an option.  Will the money be there to maintain our current increases and cover this new officer?  






After a short discussion Mike Cornman made a motion to approve for the Town to move ahead with the COPS in schools grant.  David Sorokoty seconded, motion carried.


Jerry Pittsford discussed the need for safety in school.


Jim Davis gave a brief explanation on a reimbursement he made to the Town.  The reimbursement was to cover time he had attended The Monroe County Sheriff’s Advisorory Board meetings while on duty as Fire Chief over a six-year period.  On May 16, 2001 Jim paid the Town $539.64.   Jim voluntarily brought this to the attention of Council.  Jim presented the Clerk Treasurer with the dates of the meetings and she figured the pay for each year by the salary ordinances. 


Mike Farmer announced the second week of June the utilities will be working on Main between Sale and Matthews Streets.  They will start working on the water lines for the one-way pair.  The traffic will be rerouted with detour signs. 


Jeff Farmer thanked Jim Ragle for the new sign to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  The old one was stolen.   Jeff also explained there had been a lightning strike at the plant.  It hit the computers.  With the repair they received an upgrade to the software.  He will compile a list of repairs to submit to the insurance company.   Jeff also thanked Mike Cassidy and Ron Everroad from Cassidy Electric for their help in the middle of the night getting the plant back on line after the lightning strike. 


Rick Coppock requested Jerry Pittsford’s signature as Council President on a reimbursement form for raising the pressure reducing valve vault in conjunction with the McNeely Street Bridge project.  We also need to sign a non-collusion affidavit insuring there was no price fixing with the contractors.  Rick also received the plans for the Hartstraight Bridge.  Bynum and Fanyo will review the plans to see if there are any conflicts with the Ellettsville or Eastern sewer system.  They have also requested the plans for the bridge over SR 46.  There may be some channel improvements we have not been made aware of yet.  We don’t want to end up with a manhole in the middle of Jacks Defeat Creek.  The utility relocation permits are supposed to be at the Federal Highway Administration for approval.  We only have permission to work on parts of the relocation at this time.  That is why we are working on Main Street and Roger New’s property.  Last month we applied for a $78,000 reimbursement for the water line to be installed.  


Mike Spencer said the new trial date on the canine would be August 6th.  We are requesting $5,800. 


Geraldine McIntyre attended the changing of the command at Crane on May 19th.  She also attended the ribbon cutting at Ivy Tech.


David Sorokoty along with Sandy Hash attended the County wide Government meeting number 2 at the Court House.  It is a nice way to keep everyone in the County informed of the needs of each group.  Ellettsville will host Government-meeting number 3 on the second week of July.  David also told the Council he met with a forester to look over the 20 acres at the old well site.  He may have found the largest Pin Oak in the State of Indiana.  The record holder measures 71 inches.  He inventoried all the trees.  Monroe County was clear-cut twice, once in 1830 for farming and again in 1880 for the railroad.    The Pin Oak survived.  It is estimated to be between 250 to 275 years old.  It sits on the corner of the property.  There is also an old stone marker next to it that is from the late 1800’s.  The tree was probably used for a corner marker.  The trees on the property are in good shape.  He suggested we not remove any trees other than ones that have fallen or have the potential to fall.  Wetlands in the area cause the trees to have shallow roots.  If it were thinned out the wind could push the trees over.  He will furnish an inventory of the trees along with some information on grants.  We are working with the Richland Bean Blossom School Corporation for parking at the new elementary with a path to the 20 acres. 





David also thanked the first grade classes for visiting the Town Hall.  He received a thank you poster from them.


Mike Cornman spoke about the replacement fund that was put into place along with the new wastewater plant.  This replacement fund reserves money for emergencies such as the lightning strike.  This fund also enables the plant to keep up on new technology and standards.  The Town of Ellettsville will not have the problems with the new wastewater treatment facility like we had in the past.  The effluent is better than the present creek water.


Jerry Pittsford informed Mike Farmer that a letter had been drafted informing the Indiana Department of Transportation of his appointment as project coordinator for the underground utilities.   He also thanked Bill Land for his work on the Comprehensive Plan and encouraged attendance of the community at the committee meeting for their input on the plan.


In their closing each Council Member thanked both Jeff and Mike Farmer for their invitation to host the meeting and the excellent condition of the wastewater plant.




David Sorokoty moved to adjourn at 9:00 PM.  Geraldine McIntyre seconded, motion carried.






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Jerry Pittsford, President                                     David Sorokoty, Vice President






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