May 4, 2007



The Ellettsville, Indiana Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) met in regular session on Friday May 4, 2007 in the Monroe County Library, Ellettsville Branch, Conference Room located at 600 West Temperance Street.Ray Freetage called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. leading the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:†† Members present were Terry Baker, David Drake, Ray Freetage and Phil Rogers.


New Business


Case 2007-EUV-001

Location: 4550 N. Deer Park Drive (Springs Valley Subdivision)

Petitioner:Martha East

Special Use Variance Request (Miniature Horse in Residential Zone)


Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning Services outlined the case and stated he had a discussion with Ms East concerning a miniature horse at her home on Deer Park Drive.He informed her that having a horse in a residential zone was against Town Code.She has the ability to appeal the decision through the Board of Zoning Appeals. He went on to say that staff would recommend denial of variance request.


Martha East, petitioner, requested a special use variance to allow her to have her miniature horse at her house.She stated that she was planning to build the horse a little out building and fence her yard.She pointed out that a miniature horse is smaller than some dogs and her horse would not cause a problem.The reason she wanted to move the horse from the present stable to her house was that it would be better for the horse.Martha was also concerned about cost of her stable bill.She presented a letter of support from Ron Wayt board her horse at her house.Mr. Wayt does not live in the Springs Valley subdivision.

Fred Vaught, a neighbor across the street [Deer Park Drive] said the horse was living in the garage of Ms Eastís home a few years before and caused concerned for the neighbors at that time. Fred did not want to have a horse in his neighborhood.


Jim and Sherry Cazee also stated they did not want the horse in the neighborhood. The last time the horse was at Ms. Eastís home there was a problem with horse urine and manure.Both the Cazees stated they had nothing against the horse, but it should not be in a residential zone.


Phil Rogers asked if Ms East had pictures of the horse.Martha proceeded to show pictures of her horse and the outbuilding she would like to build for the horse.

David Drake asked Martha is she had looked at other places to house her horse on a farm. Martha said she did but the stables wanted her to pay full price for stabling fees.Martha did not think that was right because her horse does not eat as much as a full size horse.


Ray Freetage said that he had always liked animals.He had dogs and other animals over time.He also said that looking at the Town Code a horse is a horse.


David Drake made a motion to deny the special use variance request to have a horse at 4550 North Deer Park.Phil Rogers seconded the motion.


Roll Call:Ray Freetage yes; Phil Rogers yes; David Drake yes.The request to have a special use variance at 4550 North Deer Park Drive to have a horse was denied.




David Drake made a motion for the meeting to be adjourned.David Drake seconded.Motion carried.Meeting adjourned 5:25 p.m.