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The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Monday, May 5th, 2003 at the Ellettsville Town Hall. Members present were Darlyne Sowder - President, Edwin Macatangay - Vice President, L.D. Axsom, Denise Knell and Jeff Frownfelter - Secretary.

Other people present during the meeting included Sandy Hash


Darlyne Sowder called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM , Edwin Macatangay seconded the start of the meeting.


L.D. Axsom motioned to accept the minutes from the April 7th meeting and the emergency Skate Park meeting notes of the April 14th, 2003 Meeting, Edwin Macatangay seconded the motion to accept. Motion to approve the minutes carried 5 - 0.


Floor Open for Public Comment

No Public comment.


Old Business


Sandy Hash, Clerk-Treasurer of Ellettsville was present to clear up some questions concerning the amount in the account for the Parks Board. Questions concerning the meaning and amount of encumbered funds and what happens to monies not spent during the year were on the agenda. Sandy provided confirmation of the amount of funds in the Parks Board budget. The amount in the Parks Board budget totaled 18,291.57 as of 3/26/03. $5,000.00 for the Parks Master plan did not come from the Parks Board budget. The Parks Boards receives funds from the taxbase at two times during the year, the end of June and the end of December.

Other facts presented relating to funds have to do with the State and the Town Council. The State of Indiana may decide that if there is a significant amount of cash on hand at year end that less may be received from tax appropriation. The State Board also approves budgets. The Parks Board will plan and execute the expenditure of funds but it is the Town Council that actually grants permission. The Town Council sets the salaries. Items purchased for the Parks Board are brought in to Sandy Hash for payment. Claims are brought in to Sandy Hash for payment. The Town Council actually approves these claims. There are basically three ways to receive funds from the taxpayers for the Parks Board other than the normal budget process.

1.      Appropriation, transfer funds from one budget to another.

2.      Legal Notice, post a proposal and receive public input.

3.      Town Council, a written resolution and Town Council approval.

In the Appropriation area there are a few choices; appropriate funds from within the overall Parks Board budget from one area to another. These areas are;

100 personal services

200 supplies

300 services

400 capital improvements

Legal notice might involve a legal advertisement in the local paper and an approval of intent to spend by the taxpayers. If the Parks Board knew it wanted to spend some monies in the future that would not normally be in the budget the Parks Board should plan ahead and place the funds and proposal in the budget for the next year.


Skate Park

Enforcement of Ordinances for the Skate Park.

Gear must be worn and if not worn participants are subject to fines. Not following the rules posted at the park could also result in a fine. The question really is who enforces the codes. The police department informed Darlyne Sowder that a form would be needed to write a ticket, the ticket being the method to enforce the ordinances. There is no current information as to exactly what these forms are or where they can be obtained at this time or even why specific forms are actually needed.

Bicycles were another topic concerning the skate park. People involved with the planning of the Bloomington Skate Park planning suggested that bikes are not a good mix with a skate park. Another suggestion was to put a turnstyle at the entrance to keep bicycles out of the skate park.

Signs and advertising for the skate park. Signs around the fence of the skate park were given for a fee in the past. No checks for rent have been received for this year as of yet. Darlyne suggested sending a letter and a bill to the owners of the signs. The cost of the signs is to be set at $220.00 per year. Denise motioned to send a bill to the merchants owning the signs. L.D. seconded the motion. The money received from the sign space rental will be set in a fund and used for skate park maintenance and or other future improvements. The merchants will have 60 days to pay from receiving the bill.


Wishing Well Nature Park

Darlyne will discuss with Jim Ragle about placing a sign for the parking area near the park located off of Sycamore street. Edwin asked the possibility of placing gravel in the area to reinforce the fact that it is indeed a parking area for the park. Ragle could provide the price of gravel. Jeff is to visit the park and determine the need for another round of weed control.


Memorial Park

The scouts had begun working on the park beautification. Money in the amount of $500.00 was received from the VFW of the community with another $200.00 promised through a township fund. The town street department will provide a truck to haul away the debris left over from the cleanup.





The meeting was moved to adjourn by Edwin Macatangay and seconded by Denise Knell. All members voted to adjourn, meeting adjourned at 9:02 PM.


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Darlyne Sowder - President Edwin Macatangay - Vice President



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L.D. Axsom - Member Jeff Frownfelter - Secretary




Denise Knell - Member