May 8, 2006




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session on Monday, May 8, 2006, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Patrick Stoffers called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Lisa Creech led in prayer.  William Evans led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:  Members present were Patrick Stoffers, President; William Evans, Vice President; Lisa Creech, Phillip Rogers and Dennis Williamson. Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer and Mike Spencer, Attorney were also present. 


Supervisors Present:   Jim Davis, Ron McGlocklin, Jim Ragle, Jay Humphrey, Frank Nierzwicki, Mike Farmer and Jeff Farmer were present.  


Approval of the minutes


Lisa Creech made a motion to approve the minutes for the regular meeting of April 24, 2006.  William Evans seconded.  Motion carried.


Action to Pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


Lisa Creech made a motion to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers. William Evans seconded.  Motion carried.




To proclaim the week of May 8 through 13 as “Letter Carriers Community Food Drive Week” in Ellettsville


Lisa Creech read the Proclamation in its entirety.   Nearly 3,500 Monroe County households depend on food stamps and over 4,000 Monroe County children qualify for free or reduced price school meals.  Ellettsville is a generous community with a long history of being responsive to neighbors in need.  The Letter Carrier’s Community Food Drive represents a tremendous commitment of time and energy on the part of our neighborhood.  This year’s Letter Carrier’s Food Drive will be Saturday, May 13, 2006 and the community is encouraged to support our local letter carriers and agencies working to end hunger by placing a food donation at their mailbox for collection on the day of the drive. Therefore, the President of the Ellettsville Town Council proclaims the week of May 8 through 13 as “Letter Carriers Community Food Drive Week” in Ellettsville.


Lisa Creech made a motion to declare the week of May 8 through 13 as “Letter Carriers Community Food Drive Week” in Ellettsville.  William Evans seconded.  Motion carried.


Sandra Hash added an advertisement for the food drive was posted at Town Hall and a flier will be included with the Town employees’ paychecks.




Resolution 08-06 to support the Local Safe Routes to School Initiative for Richland Bean Blossom Community School Corporation


Lisa Creech read the resolution in its entirety.  This resolution will allow Richland Bean Blossom Community School to become part of the Safe Routes to School program during the 2006-2007 school year.  This program requires the formation of Teams at each school to include parents, neighbors and interested teachers to organize contests and events.  Safe Routes to School will assist in forming a community-wide Task Force which will include parents, neighborhood members, law enforcement and participation of staff from the schools and town to identify and evaluate safer routes to school for our children.  Safe Routes to School will provide safety education and will evaluate the current infrastructure available to children who wish to bike or walk to school.  The Town of Ellettsville is pleased to support a local Safe Routes to School program.


Lisa Creech made a motion to adopt Resolution 08-06 to support the Local Safe Routes to School Initiative for Richland Bean Blossom.  William Evans seconded.  Motion carried


Stuart York questioned the time and effort of the Towns involvement.  Patrick explained this is being driven by the Superintendent of the schools.  There has been a request made to Congress for some supplemental funding.  The 20% local match is being covered by the School Corporation at this point.


Ordinances on First Reading


Ordinance 06-08 to adopt Supplement 2006 S-3 to the Town of Ellettsville, Indiana Code of Ordinances


Sandra Hash explained this is the annual procedure to compile all the ordinances that have been enacted over the last year and codify them into our Town Code.  The process is completed and updated on our website.  This resolution accepts the update.  Dennis Williamson asked if it was updated through the end of the year.  Sandra answered everything prior to April 10th.    


Ordinance 06-10 to amend Ordinance 05-25 fixing of salaries for budget year 2006


Frank Nierzwicki explained he has been trying to establish a Redevelopment Commission for the Town of Ellettsville to allow growth and economic vitality.  The Plan Commission supports this.  This is an effort to get a better economic base for the Town.  The City of Bloomington and Monroe County have a number of Redevelopment Districts through out their area and they both have a Redevelopment Commission. With a Redevelopment Commission we would protect ourselves and try to diverse our economic base as much as possible.  Patrick reiterated this was subject to the additional appropriation approved in March.   He advised the public he will make three appointments to the Redevelopment Commission and the Council will make two appointments at the next meeting.  Dennis asked if there will be monthly meetings scheduled.  Frank said there will be monthly meetings the first six to twelve months to get organized and then possibly meet bi-monthly depending on activity. 


Ordinances on Second Reading


Ordinance 06-09 amending the Ellettsville Town Code Section 152.261 concerning signs


Frank Nierzwicki, Director of Planning Services explained the current sign ordinance needed to be updated to allow size changes and lighted signs.  The Plan Commission made the change in the Code to bring it up to date with regional sign standards.  Lisa Creech questioned “can carry on-premises advertising”.  Does it mean “CVS having a Coca Cola sale sign on their main sign and not on the fence or building”?  Frank agreed. 


Lisa Creech made a motion to adopt Ordinance 06-09 amending the Ellettsville Town Code Section 152.261 concerning signs.  William Evans seconded.  Motion carried. 


Supervisors’ comments


Ron McGlocklin, Ellettsville Police had an officer resign leaving the department a man short.  Eric Chaudion has been a part-time officer with the department for over a year. Ron requested Eric Chaudion be promoted from part-time to full-time as soon as possible.  Eric is Academy Certified and has worked for the Town in the past.  William Evans agreed with Ron’s recommendation.  Ron added there is also a Reserve Officer, who has completed training at the Academy through the Sponsor Program and he would like to promote him to part-time (Justin Mullis).


Lisa Creech made a motion to promote Eric Chaudion from part-time to full-time officer effective May 9, 2006.  William Evans seconded.  Motion carried.


Lisa Creech made a motion to promote Reserve Officer Justin Mullis from Reserve Officer to Part-time Officer effective May 9, 2006.  William Evans seconded.  Motion carried.


Frank Nierzwicki informed the Council there was a training session last Thursday at the Monroe County Library for the Monroe County and Bloomington Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.  The Town of Ellettsville had seven in attendance.  Patrick asked Frank to speak about some things that have been done about the Meadowlands traffic since the last meeting.  Frank reviewed the traffic data.  This year the Town has been involved with the Metropolitan Planning Organization and received equipment to conduct traffic counting.  Jim Ragle and the Street Department put the equipment out and collected the data.  The speed limit is 20 mph but the data found the average speed was 30 mph.  In late evening and early morning the speeds were higher.  There were more cars in the a.m. and higher speeds between 4-5 p.m.  He will speak with the Police and Street Department to assist the residents.  Lisa Creech questioned closing the road.  Frank said the Town likes connectivity with areas and developments.  He will research the collected data to find out how much “cut through” traffic there actually was.  He will have more information and data at the next meeting.  Lisa gave her opinion about speed limit signs and speed bumps.  The police are a great help as long as there is availability.  The residents are in agreement to make the road emergency access only.  It would help to do this temporarily to send a message that speeding will not be tolerated.  Frank would like to do a review of all the collected data and keep all options open before making a decision.  Lisa would like Frank to take into consideration what the residents are seeing and experiencing. 


William Evans asked Frank to give an update on Edgewood Village.  Frank announced they are making progress.  The land on the on the south side has an offer to be purchased.  It could be finalized in a few weeks.  He will be working with the new owner if this does proceed.  The Street Department has already picked up trash and debris.  The trailer has been removed from the end of Mustang Drive.  A survey should be complete in the next week to show where the fences can be erected by the end of May 2006. 


Dennis Williamson presented a letter Jim Davis and the Ellettsville Fire Department received from the City of Bloomington’s Fire Chief.  It was a thank you letter for assisting the City of Bloomington and the Van Burean Township Fire Department with a fire on April 14 at the Wapehani Hills Apartments.  The letter personally thanked the following:  Rocky Sexton, Mark White, Brian Bentley, Mike Cornman and the others on that call. 


He went on to announce Mike and Jeff Farmer’s crew are putting blue reflectors on fire hydrants.  The Exchange Club gave the Town the reflectors. If there is a fire hydrant in your yard, it should be clear from any obstruction within three foot radius. 


Bulky Items Day is May 13 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at all the Solid Waste and Recycling Stations.


Lisa Creech commended the Ellettsville Main Street for working with “Beautify with Banners”.  They have been working on this for years and it is beginning to show.  They are looking for donors for these banners; you can contact Jeana Kapczynski or Ranee Love at The Journal.  The other organization that works very hard in this community is the Ellettsville Chamber of Commerce and they are having their annual golf outing May 24 at Rolling Meadows.  You can contact the Chamber to support them. 


William Evans announced the Reserve Officers put in 221.85 hours in the month of April and the Town appreciates it.  He also commended Justin on his academic achievements he made at the academy.  He welcomed both Justin and Eric as new members. 


Privilege of the Floor – non Agenda Items


Tammy Milah, Meadowlands resident, commented on the speed tracking data shared this evening.  Her street was tracked for two and half days and unfortunately the Police Department started patrolling the same days.  There is a huge difference to how people drive when the Police are present.  She also watched the cars go over the tracking lines; a majority of them brake before going over them and then speed back up.  This was excellent for tracking the number of cars but not for tracking the speed.  If there is a committee created to monitor speed, she would like to be involved.  She agrees with having an emergency brick gate installed temporarily to at least send a message the Meadowlands will not be abused.


Todd Royer reiterated the Police were monitoring the same time the traffic sensors were out.  He thanked the Police for coming out to the Meadowlands as often as they have.  He emphasized this is not the solution to the problem they are having; they can not expect the Police to be there 24 hours a days 7 days a week.  Increased signage is not going to work either. Speed bumps would be more of a punishment to the residents living in Meadowlands and it would not be the preferred option.  Round a bouts and curvy roads are not feasible at this stage; the roads are in place.  His opinion is to close the road between Kelli Heights and the Meadowlands, not permanently; emergency vehicles and snow plows would still need to use the road. 


Karen Sherfick, 806 Meadowlands, supports everything that was said this evening.  She would like to know if there is something they could do to get others in the Meadowlands involved.  Would it be more progressive if there were signatures of all residents or letters of support rather than just the few that attend the meeting?  Patrick said she is welcome to do any of those activities and should coordinate it through the Planning Office.  Lisa Creech suggested drafting  a letter and collecting signatures then bringing it to the Council. 


Frank Nierzwicki would like to have a special neighborhood meeting or with the Plan Commission after he reviews the data. 




Patrick Stoffers adjourned the meeting at 8:03 p.m.