November 24, 2008




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in Regular Session on Monday, November 24, 2008, at the Fire Department Training and Conference Room.  Dan Swafford called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Scott Oldham led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Dan Swafford asked for a Moment of Silence in Remembrance of Don Lewis.   Phillip Smith led in prayer. 


Roll Call:  Members present were Dan Swafford, President; Dianna Bastin, Vice-President, David Drake, Scott Oldham and Phillip Smith. Sandra Hash, Clerk-Treasurer; Mike Spencer, Town Attorney and Rick Coppock, Town Engineer were also present. 


Supervisors Present:  Jim Davis, Jim Ragle and Frank Nierzwicki were present.


Approval of the Minutes


Dan Swafford entertained approval of the minutes for the Executive Session and Regular Meeting of November 10, 2008.  Dianna Bastin made the motion.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried.


Action to Pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


Dan Swafford entertained a motion to approve Accounts Payable Vouchers.  David Drake so moved.  Scott Oldham seconded.  Motion carried. 




Resolution 20-08 Transfer of Funds


Sandra Hash explained internal transfers are needed at the end of the year.  A Code Inspection Officer position was created, at the last meeting and grant money was put into Director of Planning Services salary line.  This resolution will transfer those funds from Director of Planning Services (1-2-112) to Code Inspection Officer (1-2-119) salary line in the amount of $1,448.57.  Additional transfers are as follows:


From:  1-2-118            Administrative Assistant                        $1,430.94

To:      1-2-119            Code Inspection Officer                        $1,430.94


From:  1-5-394            Training                                                $   125.00

To:      1-5-215            Office Supplies                         $   125.00


From:  3-1-245            Parks & Rec Signs                               $   275.00

To:      3-1-353            Parks & Rec Electric                            $   275.00


David Drake made a motion we approve Resolution 20-08.  Phillip Smith seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Swafford – yes; Dianna Bastin – no; David Drake – yes; Scott Oldham – yes; Phillip Smith – yes.  Motion carried 4-1. 


Ordinances on First Reading


Ordinance 08-10 amending 08-05 to correct the legal description of the Hearne Annexation


Sandra Hash stated there was a mistake in the legal description on the original annexation in July.  Frank Nierzwicki further explained this was approved by the Plan Commission but the legal description was returned from the County for corrections.  This ordinance is the complete legal description of the property.  Dianna asked if this property is the one facing the highway.  Frank said it is on the east side of Litten Estates.  Dan asked what was incorrect on the legal description.  Frank stated a few lines were left out; there was difficulty reading the fax. 


David Drake moved that Ordinance 08-10 be submitted for first reading.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Motion carried.


David Drake moved that Ordinance 08-10 be adopted on the same day at which it is introduced.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Motion carried.


David Drake moved that Ordinance 08-10 be adopted.  Dianna Bastin seconded.  Motion carried.  Ordinance carried on first reading


Ordinance 08-11 the 2009 Salary Ordinance


Sandra Hash summarized the ordinance.  All the salaries were determined during budget time and they were calculated into bi-weekly and hourly form.  This ordinance needs to be presented once a year in order for there to be payroll in 2009.  Phillip Smith questioned line item #118 “Planning and Redevelopment Administrative Assistant” and line #110 “Fire Administrative Assistant”; both have the same “From” range of $13.46 but not the same “To” range.  Sandra explained she used the amount that was approved in the budget.  Dan stated when the Planning budget was discussed; the amounts listed are the amounts that were agreed upon.  Sandra said the Planning position is going from a part-time to a full-time position; she summarized the formula she used to get the figure.  Dan asked if the people in position #118 and #110 are at the top of the listed ranges.  Sandra said yes.  Dan clarified that Phillip wants the ranges to be the same because the positions have the same title.  Scott Oldham questioned the extreme ranges on some of the positions.  Sandra explained when a person is hired in for a particular position, the “From” range is the lowest salary that person could be hired in on for that particular position and the “To” amount is the top of the range currently being paid to an employee.  Sandra increases the “To” amount and leaves the “From” amount alone.  Sandra explained, if she had to hire someone new, she would be comfortable starting them at the “From” wage listed and increase them as they gain experience.  Phillip would like to see everything on an “even keel”.  Mike Spencer stated any changes would require this ordinance to be amended.  Scott Oldham asked if position #118 is paid out of other lines too.  Sandra said yes the position is paid from three lines and the “To” amount reflects the total of the three lines.  Mike Spencer went on to say changes can be at any point since there is no motion on the table and this is the first reading.  Dan asked for clarification on the procedure.  Sandra stated there is no money, without an additional appropriation, to change the 2009 salary for position #118.  Dan reiterated, if the “To” amount was changed for position #118, there is no money in the budget to pay the higher salary.  Phillip understood the salaries were not going to be determined by department but Town wide and that is why the Street Department got a raise.  Sandra is confident the figures in this ordinance match the figures in the budgets.  The question was “do you want to make the Administrative Assistant the same pay range but not pay anyone more money”.  Dan does not have a problem changing the amount because if there was a decision to increase the pay of this position, it would need to be voted on by the Council at that point.  Dan directed Sandra to change the figure on #118 “To” amount from $14.83 to $16.23.  Dan asked if there were any more discrepancies.  Mike Spencer explained this is submitted for first reading, at the next meeting there will be a motion, a second to pass and then someone can move to amend the ordinance with changes made between now and then. 


Ordinances on Second Reading


Ordinance 08-09 to amend 2008 Salary Ordinance 07-14


Sandra Hash stated the first reading was at the last meeting.  This ordinance adds the Code Inspection Officer to the Salary Ordinance for 2008. 


Phillip Smith made a motion that we approve Ordinance 08-09 to amend the 2009 Salary Ordinance 07-14.  David Drake seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Swafford – yes; Dianna Bastin – no; David Drake – yes; Scott Oldham – yes; Phillip Smith – yes.  Motion carried 4-1. 


New Business


Agreement with Komputrol for the 2009 Disaster Recovery Plan


Sandra Hash presented the annual contract with Komputrol, our software provider.  They keep an offsite backup for the Town.  They have backup equipment in case something was to happen to Town Hall.  Komputrol also preserves reports, twice a year, on compact disc.  There is no change in price this year.  Sandra clarified the Utilities Department runs a backup tape every night and they take it off site. 


Dianna Bastin made a motion we accept the agreement with Komputrol for the 2009 Disaster Recovery Plan.  David Drake seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Swafford – yes; Dianna Bastin – yes; David Drake – yes; Scott Oldham – yes; Phillip Smith – yes.  Motion carried 5-0. 


Supervisors Comments


Frank Nierzwicki spoke about all the people who have recently passed away including his father.  He thanked the people of Ellettsville for the kind comments for his family.  He gave special thanks to the Fire Department, Street Department, Don Calvert, the Planning Department staff and the friends at the Bloomington Planning Department for their comments and well wishes. 


Sandra Hash stated a contribution (currently in the Accounts Payable Vouchers) to the American Heart Association is being made on behalf of Frank’s father from the Town of Ellettsville. 


Privilege of the Floor


Sandra Hash went before the Local Government Tax Control Board, in Indianapolis, on November 13, 2008 and all went well.  They will recommend our levy appeal onto the Tax Commissioner.  The Board does not have the final decision but they did give their approval for the levy appeal. 


Council Comment


Dianna Bastin reminded everyone the First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting will be December 6, 2008 at 6 p.m.  A special guest will be arriving by fire truck and the high school choir will sing a few songs.


Dan Swafford wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Sandra stated the Town Offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday. 


Scott Oldham stated two police officers were injured in a car accident.  The Town wishes them both a speedy recovery.  Dan Swafford wishes them well along with the lady involved.  




Dianna Bastin made a motion we adjourn.  Scott Oldham seconded.  Motion carried.  Dan Swafford adjourned the meeting at 7:57 p.m.