November 5, 2001





The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in special session at 6:00 PM, Monday, November 5, 2001. 


Members present were Jerry Pittsford, President; David Sorokoty, Vice President; David Drake, and Geraldine McIntyre.  Sandra Hash, Clerk Treasurer was also present. 


Group Health Insurance


The Anthem Blue Cross insurance has been presented to and agreed upon by the employees.  Jerry requested a motion for approval of the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance with a $500 deductible with the stipulation that the rates at inception be equal to or less than our current rate.   Geraldine McIntyre so moved.  David Drake seconded the motion.   It was clarified the new insurance would be aged rated as was the previous insurance.  Motion carried.


There was a discussion on open enrollment and the requirement set forth in the town personnel policy stating that an employee could only enroll 30 days after hire in and during July of each year.  The July date would provide time for the town to budget accordingly to cover any additions to the policy.   Jim Davis questioned where the money would come from if there was a special change in status for an employee and they would need to enroll in the town’s insurance at another time other than July?  Jerry answered it would come from the general budget not the fire budget.  Jim responded, “Now that is on record that it would come from the general fund or an additional appropriation he has no objection”.  Jerry went on to say the open enrollment period time would be the month of November due to the insurance change. 


Jerry favorably entertained a motion to declare open enrollment for insurance for town employees until the end of November.  David Drake seconded.  Motion carried.


Repair Storm Damage that occurred on October 25, 2001 to the Fire Station on Curry Pike


Jim Davis summarized the insurance adjuster requested we obtain a bid and return it to him.  He suggested English Construction, which have submitted a bid.  They required a contract to be signed.  After discussing who should sign the contract with the attorney it was decided to have a special meeting.  Mr. Spencer suggested we receive additional quotes.  Both Neidigh Construction and Will Harris were invited to quote for the repair and informed it should be submitted by Monday, November 5th.  Neither submitted a quote.  The only quote is from English Construction.   The Council reviewed the quote and addressed questions to Mr. Howard English.  He explained to the Council normally when he works with insurance companies they only require two bids.  The adjuster’s estimate is considered as one bid and his quote is the other.   If the adjuster doesn’t do a bid then two independent ones are required.  In this case English Construction’s quote was in line with the adjuster’s estimate.  We agreed on everything and the adjuster’s work is final.  There are some open items to allow for damage we may not have seen.  If additional repair is needed we will make a supplemental proposal to the insurance company after their approval an adjustment would be made through the insurance company.  The town’s deductible would remain the same at $250.  


Jim Davis added a structural engineer from Bynum and Fanyo has inspected the building.  He went over the building and made a list of recommendations, which were forwarded to the companies we had invited to quote.


David Drake moved to approve the proposal for English Construction’s repair of the Station 8 Fire Station for the estimated amount of $37,175.73.   David Sorokoty




requested the sales tax be removed making the price $36,391.35.  Geraldine seconded, motion carried.


Comp time for the Fire Department


Sandy requested a confirmation from the Council concerning comp time for firemen who were required to have additional training for the ambulance housed at station 8.

Jerry Pittsford explained that it was agreed to allow the firemen to take comp time in lieu of overtime to obtain the required medical training to maintain the ambulance.


Christmas gifts for employees


Sandy said the fruit in the baskets last year was not as good as it had been in the past and there were several complaints.  David Drake suggested a food coupon.  Jerry suggested we have a Christmas luncheon catered with possibly a small gift at the table such as ornament, candied fruit, or coupons.  Sandy will secure some prices.


A motion to adjourn was made by David Drake, seconded by Geraldine.  Motion carried, meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.   






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Jerry Pittsford, President                                     David Sorokoty, Vice President




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Mike Cornman                                             Geraldine McIntyre        



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Sandra C. Hash                                     David Drake