November 8, 2001



The Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission met in a special session at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, November 8th, 2001. Members present were David Drake, President; Frank Buczolich, Vice-President; William Evans, Secretary: Terry Baker, Geraldine McIntyre, Don Calvert, and Sandra Hash.   Mr. Drake called the meeting to order.  Also present was Mr. Bill Land, Ellettsville Town Planner.




OLD BUSINESS: ATM Machine at First and Temperance Street.


Mr. Bob Sowder presented a revised plan for an ATM machine at First and Temperance Street.


Motion made by Frank Buczolich, seconded by Terry Baker, to accept the revised plan as presented.  Motion carried, 7-0.


NEW BUSINESS; Site Plan Approval for Masonic Lodge # 245.


Mr. Winfred Jacobs requested approval for the new addition to the Masonic Lodge.


Motion made by Geraldine McIntyre, seconded by Terry Baker to approve the site plan for Masonic Lodge #245.  Motion carried, 7-0.


MINUTES:  No Minutes to approve




Motion made by Terry Baker, seconded by Frank Buczolich to adjourn.  Motion carried, 7-0.


Special Business:


After the above issues were determined by the Planning and Zoning Board, all Planning and Zoning Board members and Mr. Bill Land, Town Planner, met in a session to discuss the new Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Ellettsville.





_____________________________                          __________________________

David Drake, President                                              Frank Buczolich, Vice President




_____________________________                          __________________________

William Evans, Secretary                                              Terry Baker




_____________________________                          __________________________

Geraldine McIntyre                                                          Don Calvert                                    




Sandra Hash