November 10, 1997



The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday,November10 1997. Members present were Michael Cornman, President, Geraldine McIntyre, Vice President, Donald Ashley, Patrick Stoffers and Gina Hawkins. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.Donald Ashley gave the prayer.










Rick Coppocktook the bids and looked at the bids for all the different equipment that was bid and the spec that they received.Rick said what he gave (the Council) you was a cost total to date for the new treatment plant.He checked these with the figures he previously had with figures that Reynolds had as to what they had not billed yet.He also checked them against what Kay has in her account and these figures that you have before you are the actual dollar cost of the plant and interceptor sewer to date.The only thing that has not been approved yet is Change Order #8 which is to close the gable ends of the sludge storage facility, it is something we discussed quite a while back.It is a relative small change but makes a big difference on the building.These are the actual cost to date and he did include that thirty four hundred dollar amount, so as he sees it would be up to date.†† The compensitive amount remaining at this time is$428,270.The money Kay has left which does include other costs, like inspection costs, the figure he came up with which also includes the cost for this $513,986.45.That is the money that we have remaining.


Rick said he looked the different vehicles.

The low bidder on the on the 4 x 4 pickup was Bloomington Ford., $23,624, including options.

The 4 X 2 Utility Vehicle, low bidder was Floyd Equipment Company, $5,595.

Tandem Axle Dump Truck, Dan Young Chevrolet, $57,900.

Front end loader was Reynolds Construction Equipment, $69,885.

Backhoe Loader, we had quite a few bids, some of them didnít have the proper forms and were variations of the equipment and also some of them were higher than the bid that he suggested which was the bid to Reynolds Construction and Equipment, $56,985.His feeling is it is the best piece of equipment, it is a John Deere, actually a loader which meets the spec we advertised.


Rick said actually the highest dollar item was a combination sewer cleaner.They had bids from Deeds Equipment and Best Equipment.This combination cleaner which you have seen, Best Equipment, outside.They, being Best Equipment, had variations of what our advertised specifications were, their model is close to what we looked at.We actually advertised it in 2 different methods.One was a used vehicle, one was a new vehicle.Used vehicle Deeds Equipment was a 1997 Vactor Jet Rodder, the one from Best Equipment was a 1993 Vac-con.The cost for the 1997 Jet Rodder, $158,956, that is a demonstrator unit they had been showing around the state.The 1993 model from Best Equipment $119,750.New units, the 1998 Vactor Jed Rodder, $173,400, 1998 Vac-Con which is the machine on the street out there is $162,969.He has personally not had any experience with a Vac-Con model, he has had with a Vactor Jet Rodder.He checked with the City of Bloomington they have used and purchased Vactorís over the years.He checked with Mike Young, who is the fleet maintenance manager and he said they have had very little problems with the Vactor and they have always had good service with Deeds Equipment.Rick said what his recommendation is, is that the best buy for the money is the 1997 Vactor Jet Rodder combination sewer cleaning machine for $158,956.


Rick said at the bottom of the pages that Diana gave to you the summary of all the recommendations and total cost of $372,945.


Rick said as of Friday Reynolds connected the sewer to the new plant, the new plant is in operation.Some of these items are needed to operate the new plant as soon as you can get them in.Those items are the front end loader, dump truck, 4 X 2 utility, and actually he didnít mention the 4 X 4 pickup truck with snow plow.That is what he came up with and if you have any questions, or if anybody wants to comment on it.


Mike Cornman said is you are saying the last paragraph of your letter, is thatyou are saying we need all of these things, right now, this very moment with the exception of the vactor truck, is that what you are saying.Rick said and the back hoe loader.


Jeff Farmer said the best way to put that is yes we could use them right away.It is going to take, he talked to Reynolds, to get the loader which are going to need for the sludge and the dump truck we are probably looking at a month or two months delivery.The sludge is going to be here within a couple months, so if we could get this approved and get the ball rolling again.


Mike Cornman said it looks like if we were to approve this, the whole thing as is we would have $109,000 left in contingency money.We are pretty certain that this is about it.


Rick said there are no more change orders that he knows that are out there other than the thirty four hundred dollars.The plant is connected, division B is done.Rick said to Jeff he didnít know of anything else being there to do on the plant.Jeff said there will be minimal cost, the plant is just about complete.


Mike Cornman asked the Council if they have any questions for these guys?


Donald Ashley said they only questions he has is mainly on the trucks themselves.Don asked Pat if he wanted to introduce this gentleman.


Pat Stoffers said he told this gentleman he had not seen his truck so he brought it down and about 45 minutes ago we walked around it.


Charles Parsley said he is with Best Equipment company, they have been in business in Indiana since 1917, dealing in Municipal type equipment, street sweepers, garbage trucks, sewer equipment.About 10 years ago they came on board with Vac-con.Vac-Con manufactures a unit very similar to the Vactor machine which these 2 gentlemen are obviously familiar with.We squirt the same amount of water and with this truck out herethe 2 trucks that he bid actually have more vacuum capacity than what was specified.In that area he is exceeding the spec.He thinks as some of the board members saw, this truck is in excellent condition.The chassis is a 93 but everything else on the truck is brand new and will carry the brand new warrantees.He discussed the truck with the Council


Jeff Farmer said he has something to add to all of that.One correction is he has no experience with the vactor, or vac con, or any other kind of sewer cleaner.He talked to John Cook, he stopped by today, he told him not to be here tonight, he didnít know that he was going to be here.His suggestion to the town is not to make this purchase tonight.In this room outside of him we have limited experience with these pieces of equipment.To make a purchase tonight, and he told John today, he is the representative for Deeds, there will not be a decision made on that truck tonight.There are 4 items on that list that he needs to run this waste water plant.He hasnít had the time to figure out which is the best for the town.In fact somebody else should be making that decision.He thought they wouldput it on hold along with the back hoe and let somebody else make that decision.That is his recommendation to the board.


Mike Cornman asked the Board if they had any comments on Jeffís recommendation to hold off on the Vactor truck tonight.Don said he would like to thank Charles for bringing the truck out tonight because he had no idea what we were talking about.Don agrees with Jeff we can wait for a while to buy this item.Jeff said he expressed to both gentlemen possibly a side by side demonstration. Don said he thinks that would be fantastic.There was more discussion.

Charles from Best Equipment said he would recommend that, he thinks that is a very good idea to have a side by side demonstration.There was more discussion.Gina agrees with Jeff. Geraldine said she thinks they should do like Jeff recommended to do, a side by side demonstration and hold off on this piece of equipment.Pat said he concurs with that and just table.Pat thanked Charles for taking the time to come down here from Indianapolis.


Mike Spencer wanted to know who was the low bid on the back hoe.Rick said there were several different options one was a new Holland, ------new Holland from Bright Equipment.Jeff said which donít exactly meet the specs.Mike Spencer said what was the low bid of the one that meet the specs?Rick said John Deere.Mike Spencer said when you say they didnít exactly meet the spec, what kind of a variations?Rick said they all have little variations here and there, and they also didnít include their form---.Mike Spencer said if they did meet the bid requirements, is that one of the ones that didnít meet bid requirements?Geraldine said the New Holland there was no form 95 or 96.Mike Spencer said then that is not a valid bid.Mike Spencer said this then becomes the low bid?Rick said there was another one from Brandies, but it didnít have form 95 or notarized on it.Rick said the other ones are higher.There was more discussion.


Mike Cornman said base on the Engineers recommendation.He recommends to the Council that the three quarter ton 4 X 4 pick up truck with snow plow bid be awarded to Bloomington Ford for $23,624.Gina Hawkins so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 4-1, Don Ashley voted no.


Mike Cornman said he recommends to the Council the 4 X 2 utility vehicle be awarded to Floyd Equipment Company for the amount of $5,595.Gina Hawkins so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.


Mike Cornman said next the tandem dump truck he recommends to the Council that the bid be awarded to Dan Young Chevrolet for the amount $57,900.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 5-0.


Mike Cornman said front end loader, he recommends to the Council that the bid be awarded to Reynolds Construction Equipment for the amount of $69,885.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 5-0.


Mike Cornman said for the backhoe loader recommend that the bid be awarded to Reynolds Construction Equipment the amount of $56,985.Gina Hawkins so moved.Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion passed 5-0.


Mike Cornman said at this time he wants to recommend to the Council that for the combination sewer cleaner that we table the bid at this time.Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 5-0.




Mike Cornman asked if we have any information on the water tank?What is the current status, does it have water in it?Rick said no, they are still painting on it and working on the line to the tank.


Rick said they are still painting on it and they are working on the line to the tank.




Jeff said the old sand filter building is about 80% demolished.The plant went off line Friday night.All the tanks are drained and ready to demolish, except they need to pull a few--------.They have moved all the equipment out of the buildings.Gina said who is we.Jeff Farmer said me and Jeff (Ping).






Rick said all this is is water for the new sewage treatment plant.When he talked to Kathy at their office said they needed information for their office, such as the address and location.Rick said he signed it and sent it in to them.




Rick said Gary should have one coming up and that will be the last one.Gina asked at the next meeting.Rick said yes.It will be change order 8.




Mike Cornman said is their a motion to approve the minutes and claims?Geraldine McIntyre so moved.Patrick Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 5-0.






Rick said last Thursday their was a meeting with the Army Corp. of Engineers, Department of Natural Resources, County Drainage Engineers, City Drainage Engineer concerning flooding and the study the Corp. of Engineers has been doing on Jackís Defeat Creek.The Corp. of Engineers has completed a heck one model with takes into account plan uses and give you a quantity of water to the different tributaries in Jackís Defeat Creek.They did a heck two model which takes that water and runs down through the channels.Based off that information they are going to proceed with their study and what they are going to look at doing is to see what kind of improvements can be made in the town area to at least drop the water level one foot to hopefully two foot during a ten year event.There was more information on this.


Rick said proceeding with the initial assessment that was done by the Corp. Of Engineers a few years ago.The next phase of that was to come up with a design and the Town would have to contribute some to the cost to that, she (Jane Rule) is going to see if that is still a option.Their fiscal year just ending and they are waiting for approve for their next fiscal year and see if they have money for that.Rick said she (Jane Rule) said generally the next phase cost around $250,000.The first $100,000 is funding through the federal government, after that it is a fifty fifty split between the Corp. and town.Generally the town can apply in kind services to reduce their cost and what it generally equals out to is about the town generating to spend about $37,000.That is the average on a $250,000 design.Because a lot of the work has been done by the Corp. with this model that the cost may be less.Those are just things that are pending.


Mike Cornman asked Rick if this is just for the Ellettsville part?Rick said this is just for Ellettsville.Mike said this is something the town would hopefully coordinate with County officials and the City officials and who all is in on this.


Rick said the second part of this the $250,000, is just the townís part.The other part of it was that they are looking at the whole stretch of Jackís Defeat Creek and that is coordinated with the City, County and Town.There was more discussion on this.

Rick said Jane Rule will get back to the town with those cost.


Rick said they pointed out some areas for localized detention ponds to see if anything could help to stop that water level during storms.




Rick said hopefully at the next meeting, we have a yearly maintenance contract with ADS, to maintain the flow meters.They ----hardware, they come in a replace if free of charge, they do quarterly calibrations where they come in and recalibrate the meters, which are on Eastern, Northern and one at the plant.They are going to move the meter from Northern and move the meter that was at the existing plant.They have discussed with him about doing is that they would like to, they have a new meter and new soft ware for that meter.They would like to get a five year contract for the maintenance of it.The current cost is like $325 per meter per month and with a five year contract you can drop the cost down and if you go with their new meter and the new system he said the cost would run somewhere around $380 a month.It is not much of an increase to get all new meters for all three locations.They will be proposing a contract for that.They will also be looking at a cost to move meters to new locations since the one at the plant doesnít have flow capacity.


Rick talked to Sherry Shulkie, since the new plant is hooked on, once we do have a certificate of completion which has been signed off by the engineer for the plant which would be RW Armstrong, we can make request to be removed from volunteer sewer ban.We can send that to her office.We have also get in contact by someone else at IDEM about the possibility of being able to have sewer main extensions right away.


Mike Cornman asked someone has requested that.Rick said their was a letter to the Governors office about the town, Eastern and Northern being able to get new hook on once the plant is substantially complete, so they are looking into that.He hasnít received in official word on what that status is right now.


Geraldine asked about Easterns infiltration, have they got that pretty well under control now?Rick said he knows they have spent quite a bit of money.George said they have done 166 spot repairs.Rick said he does know that Northern has also done quite a bit of work on their problem with inflow in the manhole lids.He has seen where they replaced a lid down Maple Grove Road and he is not sure elsewhere, what they have done is they have reset the lids and also put on new lids which are self sealing lids so you canít get inflow in from the top of them.There was more talk on this.


Donald Ashley asked how soon will we know if they have done any good?

Jeff Farmer said the next good rain event we will know how far they have come along.




Geraldine McIntyre made the motion to adjourn.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion passed 5-0.