Ellettsville Plan Commission Minutes

November 12, 1998



Board members present: Patrick Wesolowski, President; Terry Baker; Don Ashley; Sandy Gann, Geraldine McIntyre, Secretary.


Board members not present: Charles Merrimon and Diana Evans


Also in attendance: Rick Coppock, Town Engineer


President Pat called the meeting to order.








Special use permit at 614 West Oak Street Rick Anderson


Mr. Anderson said that he had notified all the adjourning property owners. Only one did not pick up the letter. He also put the legal notice in the newspaper. President Pat asked Terry if he would like to say something at this time. Terry stated he would not be voting on this since he is an adjourning property owner.


President Pat asked Mr. Anderson to explain why he is here. He stated he would like to have a recording studio. This would be people coming in and we would make master copies for their CDs. I would like to have a 16-tract and digital studio.


We would have at least five people there plus the singers when recording. He could not give us the number of singers; also, this could be done at separate times.


President Pat stated that according to the records on 12-6-93 you came before the planning board for the same thing and the request was denied because of the zoning.

Even though you were denied you went ahead and remodeled your garage making it into a recording studio. Rick said this was correct, he felt he still had the option to go to the Board of Zoning Appeals. He was his understand that as long as the neighbors did not approve the Board of Zoning Appeals would not grant a variance. Therefore he did not pursue that option at that time. Instead he worked to sound proof his garage and work with his neighbors. He has the work done and would now like to reenter his request.


Don Ashley made the motion to deny the petition. The motion was seconded.


Role Call vote

Pat Wesolowski aye

Don Ashley aye

Sandy Gann aye

Geraldine McIntyre aye


The petition to have a sound studio in the garage at 614 West Oak Street was denied.




Gary EuDaly, New Professional Building


Mr. EuDaly with the help of Bloomington Hospital, Jeana Kapczynski, Mike Cornman and the community s need for a physician we have come together with the plans for a new commercial building to accommodate a physician. The plan allows room for expansion. The plans have been submitted to both the Town Council and Building Inspector. The property is properly zoned and the construction will begin before the end of the year.


The Plan Commission members looked over the plans and asked questions. Rick Coppock explained the building would be tax abated which required prior approval from the Town Council.


The Plan Commission thanked Mr. EuDaly for presenting the plans.




Pat Wesolowski move to adjourn. Sandy Gann seconded. Motion carried.