Ellettsville Town Council

Fire Department Training and Conference Room

5080 West State Road 46, Bloomington, Indiana

Tuesday, November 26, 2007, 7:30 PM


7:30 Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer
Roll Call


Open bids for Street Departments Surplus Equipment


Approval of the Minutes for the Regular Meeting November 23, 2007


Action to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers




Resolution 21-07 concerning the Financing of an Economic Development Facility by Monroe County for Hoosier Care, Inc. and/or Hoosier Care II, Inc.


Ordinances on First Reading



Ordinances on Second Reading


Ordinance 07-12 to amend sections 36.136 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning the use of cell phones



Old Business


New Business


Stonebridge development, Alan Dick concerning upgrading the water line from 8 to 12


Disaster Recovery Agreement between Komputrol and the Town of Ellettsville


Supervisor Comments


Public Comments




At this time I know of no other business to come before the Council.

Sandra C. Hash, IAMC, CMC, Clerk-Treasurer