November 8, 1999





The Ellettsville, Indiana, town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, November 8, 1999.Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, Michael Cornman, Don Ashley, and Patrick Stoffers.Meeting called to order by Geraldine McIntyre.Don Ashley offered the prayer.Mike Cornman led the Pledge of Allegiance.




Mike Cornman said that he was asked to have the K-9 situation put on the agenda for tonight.Mike stated that there was some information come up since then that the Council needs to discuss further.Unfortunately, the Town Marshall was called away to court, and weíre not able to get the information we need from him.Unless we have further information to add to that are we going to discuss the K-9 or not.


Geraldine said that we are not going to discuss it at this time, we are not able to make a decision on the K-9 tonight.




Geraldine asked for a motion for the minutes and claims.Mike Cornman so moved.Don Ashley seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Second reading Ordinance 99-19, an Ordinance to amend Section 310-10 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning weeds and other rank vegetation.Geraldine asked for a motion on this.Donald Ashley so moved.Mike Cornman seconded.Motion passed 4-0.




Rick Coppock of Bynum Fanyo and Associates spoke about the annexation of 30 acres called the Ponton Annexation.




Rick Coppock of Bynum Fanyo and Associates spoke about his review of this plan.His discussion included moving the sewer at the location of the bridge, also a water line that runs in the same general area.There was further discussion about this matter.Rick recommended that the town board hold off on this matter until further information could be obtained about it.




Mike Farmer explained a new paging system for the whole town of Ellettsville.He had received some quotes from Ameritech, who does not have any local representation, he said that we could not even get a field representative out from the existing paging company thatís taking care of us at this time.There is a local Ameritech that is a retailer, they gave us a proposal, and Indiana Paging has given us a proposal.Indiana Paging proposal was for $3.95 per pager, plus $1.00 for insurance, which we want to pick up, the total is $4.95 per pager, per month.Currently we are spending $10.95, so there is a considerable difference in monthly fees.We do have to buy our pagers at $90.00 per pager, I think we have about 25 pagers now, and we may go to 30.In a 5 year contract, which we want to put together, our total savings would be around $9,000.00 if I have figured it right.It is a considerable savings, if that is an exact figure.Not only do they want to guarantee these prices for 5 years, part of the deal is they want to put another antenna up somewhere in Ellettsville. They want to start serving toward Owen County and increase the coverage here.They have proposed putting an antenna on our fire departments existing antenna on the Louden Road water tank.There would be a very minimal work to be done to the building to house it, probably a small air conditioning unit, this would probably cost $200.00 - $300.00.They propose to put it in and pay us $150.00 a month for the five years of the contract.We are looking at approximately $16,000 in savings and revenue.We will have to pay out $450 for pagers.In the first year, they want to give us 23 pagers in exchange for the first years service, so we are looking at somewhere between $15,000.00 and $16,000.00 in service and revenue into the coffers. Itís a good deal, not a complex contract, they want to put an antenna up, theyíre going to pay us a monthly fee for it of $150.00, and they propose to give us service for about $6.00 per pager less than what we are paying now.We win all the way around, and I want to make sure that you are on board, and you will give me approval to go ahead and sign a contract with Indiana Paging.The revenues that we get will be split evenly between the owners of the property and the owners of the antenna. There was more discussion about the contract and the paging system between Mike and the Town Board.


Jim Davis had one clarification to make about the ownership so that everyone would understand.He stated that Utilities owns the property, and the General Fund owns the equipment in the building and the tower, so the Town of Ellettsville owns it all.


Geraldine asked Mike if he would get with all the department heads and discuss this with them.He said that he had, and that they had all agreed to it.


Geraldine asked for a motion.Mike Cornman made a motion that we allow Mike Farmer to sign a contract with Indiana Paging with the blessing of our town attorney.Don Ashley seconded.Motion carried 4-0.




Jim Davis: Discussed what the county fire chiefs, along with the central dispatch, were doing with the transition of changing some of the frequencies and licensing for the town fire department.We currently have two frequencies, after the change is made, one will be shared by the whole county, the other by the main fire frequency that the fire department has.


Jim Davis: Discussed the meeting the county fire chiefís had that morning about the open burning in the county.The county fire chiefs had asked the members to ban all open burning in the county until we received significant rainfall to lift the ban.Mike Cornman also talked about this.


Geraldine asked for a motion on the Fire, EMF frequency coordination.Pat Stoffers so moved, Mike Cornman seconded.Motion carried 4-0.


Jim Davis explained that there was a coordination fee of $400.00 for this, paid to the Indiana Association of Fire Chiefs.


Mike Cornman had a request from Betty Swafford to have a benefit auction for her son-in-law at the fire station on Nov. 27th.


Mike made a motion to let Betty Swafford use the fire station for a benefit auction.Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion carried 4-0.


Rick Coppock: Requested the town board to give permission to request quotes for putting in some sewer lines that need to be relocated on the west side of town.It will be approximately 1000 feet of sanitary sewer that goes along with the St. Rd 46 project.There was more discussion on this matter.Mike Cornman made a motion that we authorize the Utility Department to get quotes for the sewer line work on the west end for the St. Rd. 46 project.Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion carried 4-0.


Mike Cornman brought it to the Councilís attention that they needed to move ahead and do whatever needed to be done with the State Board of Tax Commissioners to negate the tax levy increase that the Town had applied for.Diana told him that she had all ready taken care of it.


There was discussion between Mike and Geraldine about the Utility Service Board.It was decided to wait until a later date to consider this.


Pat Stoffers said that he would be on vacation from Nov. 9th through Nov.29th.






Sargent John Stone of the Ellettsville Police Department asked about two of his officers, officers Mobley and Bohall had failed to receive their overtime pay, he was informed that this was brought up at a prior Board meeting, and tabled.Geraldine informed him that it was not tabled, and then wanted to know what the decision was on the fact that they did not receive their pay.Diana informed him that she had had the overtime verified by Don Ashley and another town employee, and according to the time sheets handed in to her, and the proper calculations, they were paid their overtime.Diana told him that if they think they were paid incorrectly that they could come in and She would go over their time sheets with them, but she had verified what Town Marshall McGlocklin had turned in to her.Geraldine and Don also stated that they were paid their overtime.Officer Stone said that he had one officer that was 9.25 hours short.Diana asked which one, and Officer Stone said that it was him.Diana also informed him that no one had called her and said anything about it.Ron brought it up at a Council meeting, and I had Don Ashley and another town employee verify the timesheets, and what was paid them.Officer Stone then asked Diana if anyone had informed Marshall McGlocklin about this and Diana replied that she had written it in a letter to Marshall McGlocklin.


Geraldine stated that she doesnít think that this is something that needs to be brought up in a town board meeting, she thought something personal like that should be talked to in Dianaís office.


Officer Stone asked Geraldine if this had not been addressed in a prior Town Board Meeting.Geraldine answered that it was by Mr. McGlocklin, which I donít think that it was the proper time to do it, and if anybody has questions from being a town employee on their paycheck, they should go directly to Diana.


Officer Stone said that he agreed wholeheartedly, but that was why he had asked if it had been brought up.Geraldine told him that it had been brought up, and that it was in the minutes of the meeting.


Officer Stone then apologized for being late, I was under the impression that the meeting didnít start until 7:30 and I didnít find until 7:01 that Marshall McGlocklin and Captain Humphrey had been detained in Indianapolis. and I had an opportunity to speak as a supervisor, so thatís what Iím here for.


Geraldine said that from now on I think it should be taken up with the clerk, whether it be Diana or Sandy.They should be asked first, before you bring it up in a public meeting.Mike Cornman also said that in the personnel policy there is a grievance policy so there is a format to be used.






Brian Mobley, Police Department:


In reference to the K-9, I guess thereís a motion not to discuss it again tonight, is that correct?


Geraldine answered that that was correct.


Brian then asked for a reason why.


Geraldine answered that Ronnie was not here to answer some of the questions that we have that we want to ask Ronnie.


Brian then stated that he was the one in charge of collecting the information.


Geraldine said that he might be in charge of collecting, but Ronnie is still the dog person.We had a personnel meeting with Ronnie, which he was detained in Indianapolis, he could not answer our questions, and we decided at this time that we werenít going to vote on it, or even have it on the agenda.


Brian stated that Ronnie had talked to him on the phone tonight, and anything that could be said or decided. I have the Deputy Prosecutor here on the task force if there is any questions we have for the task force.On purchasing the dog, I can answer any questions.I have the School Board here to answer questions, so all four of you are here, I contacted you all this weekend, and asked that if you had any questions to let me know, no answers.


Geraldine said that as I told you last night, at this time we are not ready to make a decision.


Officer Mobley then stated, like I said, you are just playing games.


Geraldine said, If thatís the way you feel.


Officer Mobley then said that he would let Officer Bohall speak.


Mike Cornman asked Officer Mobley if he would like to have Officer Bohall speak or is he speaking on his own.


Officer Mobley answered that he would like to have him speak on his own.


There were other K-9 discussions from Officer Bohall, some of the other Town Policemen and Reserve Policemen, Steven Cain, Superintendent of Richland Bean Blossom Schools, Andy Dodds, RBBSC school board member, Jeff Kerr, one of the Deputy Prosecutors of Monroe County, and some members of the public that were in attendance at the meeting.


After the comments, Geraldine said that as most of you know, we have not had a full Board and did not have an executive session until tonight.It was posted that we would have an executive session, and personnel meeting with Mr. McGlocklin at 6:30 P.M. this evening.We were told that he was sent out of town to court, which we could not help, and he could not help.We have rescheduled the personnel for Thursday Nov.11th, at 10:30 A.M. at Ginaís.We will notify Ron McGlocklin then, and the decision on the dog will be made.


There were questions from the audience as to the reason why the questions could not be answered at the meeting tonight.


Mike Cornman answered that the questions were for Ron McGlocklin, the Town Marshall, and the things that have came up have came up within the past week that we need to get clarified from him and him only.Itís on that issue, as far as Iím concerned, it has nothing to do with Brian Mobley, it has nothing to do with buying a new dog, Iím ready to do it right now, but there are questions in the administration that we need to get answered that we havenít got answered yet.


Darlene Sowder said, Canít you ask the second in command?


Mike replied that heís not here.


There was more discussion about this matter.


After the above discussion, Geraldine again said that some things had came up in the last week that we are going to talk to Mr. McGlocklin about, and then after we talk to Mr. McGlocklin then we can decide later what weíre going to do.We will have a decision for the next meeting.


There was more discussion with some members of the audience and the Board.


Don Ashley said that he really didnít have a problem with the dog, and that he didnít have any trouble with the officer thatís going to have him.I noticed that it wasnít on the agenda tonight, and as far as Iím concerned, we can have the dog anytime, but there is some questions that need to be asked, and thatís part of the problem.I do not think that you will find a board member here that does not want the dog that is not the problem.The problem canít be talked about at this point in time.I got my questions answered the last time, and I donít think the board has a problem with the dog, and I donít think the board has a problem with the handler, in particular.There is something else here that has got to be taken care of, and at this point we canít let anyone in on it.


Geraldine also answered that they couldnít discuss it at this time with anyone.


Darlene Sowder asked how many members you had to have present at an executive meeting.


Geraldine answered that the meeting they were calling for next Thursday is a personnel meeting, not an executive meeting.Itís an executive meeting, that is, for a personnel issue.


There was more discussion about this, and also more discussion from Sgt. Deckard, Ellettsville Police reserves about the K-9 situation.





Geraldine asked for a motion to adjourn.Mike Cornman made the motion to adjourn.Don Ashley seconded.Motion carried 4-0.