The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on October 1, 2007 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center.  Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, Vice-President; Michael Griffey, Jimmie Durnil and Amber Ragle. Brett Williamson was absent.  Geraldine McIntyre called the meeting to order asking Jimmie Durnil to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.


Approve Minutes of September 4, 2007

Michael Griffey motioned to approve the minutes.   Jimmie Durnil seconded.  Motion carried. 


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

Amber Ragle went over the monthly expenditures.


Old Business

Vandalism of Basketball Courts

Geraldine McIntyre asked about the vandalism of the basketball courts.  Michael Griffey explained one of the basketball goals has been fixed but not put back up yet.  Plywood is being installed on the existing frames in place of the Plexiglas.  Geraldine asked what the cost is to fix one and how many will be fixed.  Michael does not know the cost but will eventually have all six fixed.  Geraldine suggested not fixing more than two since it is getting late in the season.  It was clarified there is a pair of goals with Plexiglas still intact and the Street Department is in the process of putting up two more. Michael stated the remaining two backboards will be a winter project.   


Request to add planning and maintenance of the Gateways to the part-time employee job description

Everyone has received a letter from the Town Clerk requesting the additional job description for the part-time park employee.  Geraldine asked for comments.  Jimmie Durnil read Section I of the job description stating the employee will be responsible to the Park and Recreation Board and more specifically the Parks Board President.  This employee will be responsible to the Street Department Superintendent and under the authority to report for duty as directed by the Superintendent.  Jimmie feels the description allows Jim Ragle to give direction to the part-time employee to do what needs to be done.  Michael Griffey suggested Jim Ragle read the letter from Sandy and let him make the decision.  Geraldine will give the letter to Jim and talk to him before the next meeting. 


The status of Brett Williamson

Amber Ragle received a letter from Brett.  He indicated he tried to send the letter before and did not realize his e-mail was not working.  Amber read the letter:  I am resigning my seat on the Ellettsville Town Parks Board.  I am unable to keep my commitment to the Town at this point and time.  I have enjoyed my time and all that has been accomplished during my time on the Board.  Thank you to everyone that has helped and served with me.  Signed, Brett Williamson.  Amber announced Brett’s official resignation was carbon copied to Dan Swafford. 


New Business

Naming the Shelter Houses at Campbell’s Park

Amber Ragle explained when people come in to rent the shelter houses it is hard to distinguish with the public which one they are interested in.  She suggested placing numbers, letters, or having a contest to name them.  Michael Griffey stated one of the shelter houses has an “In Memory” framed stone hanging.  It would be nice to honor some of the outstanding people in Ellettsville.  Amber spoke with The Journal and they suggested having the contest and are willing to donate tickets to a craft show in Indianapolis to the winner.  The shelter houses in question were the three located in Campbell’s Park.  There was discussion about the name of the large shelter house.  Michael Griffey suggested before any of the shelter houses are named; speaking with the family members so not to offend anyone.  Geraldine would like the Board to come up with the names and not have a contest.  


Amber Ragle announced $25 was received for Coke machine proceeds. 


Michael Griffey made a motion to adjourn.   Jimmie Durnil second.  Motion carried.