October 4th, 2001


The Ellettsville, Indiana Plan Commission met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, October 4th, 2001. Members present were David Drake, President; Frank Buczolich, Vice-President; William Evans, Secretary; Terry Baker, Geraldine McIntyre, Don Calvert, and Sandra Hash. Mr. Rick Coppock, Town Engineer, was also in attendance at the meeting.  Mr. Drake started the meeting by leading everyone with the Pledge of Allegiance.






The Zoning Ordinance Amendment was not passed by the Town Council at their last meeting, so we are waiting on Mr. Bill Land, Ellettsville Town Planner, to address the issue of the amendment before it is further acted upon.




Vacating Alley at 412 Paul Street:


Mr. Larry Rademacher requested that the alley along his property at 412 Paul Street be vacated.  There was discussion between the Planning and Zoning Commission and the audience about his request.  After the discussion, the motion was made by Terry Baker, seconded by Geraldine McIntyre to approve vacating the alley at 412 Paul Street.  Motion carried, 7-0.


Site Plan approval of the Zion Nazarene Church:


Mr. Tom Ruemler, representative of the Church spoke at length about the site Plan approval for the Church.  Mr. Rick Coppock, gave him some information about the various permits, erosion control plans, sidewalk issues, etc., that they would have to conform to.  After discussion between the membership of the Planning and Zoning Board, a motion was made by Frank Buczolich, seconded by Geraldine McIntyre to approve the Site Plan with the following stipulations.

(1)   Receipt of Filing Fee.

(2)   Finalization of Annexation.

(3)   Resolution of any points brought up by Bynum and Fanyo

(4)   Sidewalks not required at this time, review in five years.

Motion carried, 7-0.




Motion made by Terry Baker, seconded by Frank Buczolich to approve the minutes of the regular meetings of July 5, 2001, August 2, 2001, and September 6, 2001 with two spelling changes.  Motion carried, 7-0.




Motion made by Terry Baker seconded by Frank Buczolich to adjourn.  Motion carried, 7-0.


____________________            ____________________       ____________________

David Drake                             Frank Buczolich                     Geraldine McIntyre

President                                  Vice President                                     



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Terry Baker                             Don Calvert                                                     Sandra Hash                           




William Evans