October 9, 2001





The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 PM, Monday, October 9, 2001.  Jerry Pittsford called the meeting to order and led the prayer.  David Drake led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Jerry asked for roll call of Council Members.  Members present were Jerry Pittsford, President; David Sorokoty, Vice President; Michael Cornman, David Drake, and Geraldine McIntyre.  Sandra Hash, Clerk Treasurer was also present.  Mike Spencer, Town Attorney was unable to attend due to the change in meeting night.


Approval of the Minutes of the regular meeting of September 24, 2001


A motion was made by Geraldine McIntyre and seconded by Mike Cornman to approve the minutes of September 24, 2001.  Motion carried.


Ordinances on First Reading


Ordinance 01-27 vacating public way 412 Paul Street, lots 26 and 27 (Whitsell’s addition)


Larry and Betty Radamaker’s property is connected to this area.  Larry explained the area and his reason for wanting the property all on one deed so that if the land were ever sold it would be simpler.  This has already been taken to the Plan Commission and received a favorable recommendation.  This will be voted on during the next meeting to be legally correct.  


Ordinance 01-28 creating the “Always Remember 9-11” donation fund


This would be a special fund used to receive donations for public employees affected by the terrorist attacks.  Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) organized this idea and encourage all government employers to create this special fund that anyone is welcome to donate to.  Mike moved Ordinance 01-28 be submitted for first reading and David Drake seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Mike moved to adopt this Ordinance on the same day (first reading) as it was introduced and David Drake seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Mike moved we adopt Ordinance 01-28 and David Drake seconded the motion.  Motion carried.   




Resolution 15-01 Transfer of Funds


David Sorokoty read by title.  David Drake moved to approve and David Sorokoty seconded.  Motion carried with Mike abstaining. 


Ordinances on Second Reading


Ordinance 01-25 concerning the issuance and use of credit cards


David Drake read by title and Sandy explained that she had discussed this ordinance specifically with Jim Davis and Ron McGlocklin.  Mike Spencer also reviewed and revised the ordinance by adding the use of fuel cards.  Jim Davis explained the fuel cards, how the PIN number is used and the detailed monthly statements.  Sandy explained she had spoken with Mike Spencer and both are in agreement that a handwritten log should also be kept on re-fueling trucks as well in accordance with Chapter 266-20, section c of this Ordinance.  David Drake moved to approve the ordinance and David Sorokoty seconded.  Motion carried with Mike abstaining. 






Old Business


Interlocal Agreement between Ellettsville Fire Department and the City of Bloomington Fire Department


Jim Davis said he would like to table this agenda item until Bloomington City’s Fire Chief Jeff Barlow had a chance to look over the agreement for a second time.  Jim had asked Mike Spencer to review the document and Mike had revised it but Chief Barlow has not seen it since the revision, therefore Jim would like to wait to discuss this agreement.  Also there were a few typos in the reading that needed to be corrected before a final vote was taken as well.  Geraldine moved to table this item until the next meeting and David Sorokoty seconded.  Motion carried.


Appraisals for 615 W. Main Street and 621 W. Main Street


Jerry discussed that the Town was interested in purchasing these two pieces of property with the possible intention of building the new government center building on these lots therefore, appraisals were done on both 615 and 621 W. Main Street.  Figg Appraisal Corp. and JDC Group, Inc. appraised each home.  Figg appraised both homes at $49,000 each and JDC appraised both homes at $45,000 each.  A complete report of each appraisal is on file in the Clerk’s Office.  Indiana Code requires the Town to have two appraisals when purchasing property in this manner and the purchase price should be no greater than the average of both appraisals, which in this case would be $47,000.  No action will be taken on this tonight but we will continue to investigate the purchase of these two properties.


New Business


Contract between the Town of Ellettsville and the Ellettsville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.


This document has the same wording as previous years contract with one exception, which is the amount of the contract.  This year we are reducing the contract to $5,000 instead of the $10,000 we have had in previous years.  Jim Davis explained that the amount was reduced in anticipation of the contract with Bloomington Hospital placing an Ambulance at Station #8.  The other $5,000 was moved into the part-time firefighter line to help pay the salaries of the nine newly hired firefighters, five of which were volunteers.  David Drake moved to approve the contract with the reduction of the amount and Geraldine seconded.  Motion carried with Mike abstaining.


Action to pay Accounts Payable Vouchers


Geraldine made the motion to approve paying of the accounts payable vouchers.  Mike seconded.  Motion carried.


Supervisor’s comments


Jim Davis requested that he and Division Chief Bill Headley receive permission to attend two training school seminars in Indianapolis concerning residential 2001 international building codes put on by BOCA.  One seminar is one day in October and the other one is three consecutive days in November.  Geraldine made the motion to allow Jim and Bill to attend both seminars and David Drake seconded.  Motion carried with Mike abstaining.  Also notice this schooling is the reason why funds were transferred earlier from the Building Inspector Salary line to the Training Aids and Schools line, to pay for the seminars.      

     Jim wanted clarification from the last Council Meeting on the release of Edgewood Village building permits and Rex Voils.  He questioned if it was on just




single family or included multi-family lots.  The Council agreed all of the building permits have been released and can be applied for now. 


Jeff Farmer reported a while back that $6,000 was being spent on a toxicity test.  All three of the tests came back negative therefore; the plant is running at 100% good meaning nothing toxic is showing in the streams.


Geraldine McIntyre gave each member of the Council an invitation from Crane to attend the dedication of Airborne Electronic Welfare Facility on November 7, 2001.                      

     Jeana Kapczynski sent her information on the Main Street project convention they’re having in Bloomington on November 8th and 9th, 2001.  

      Indiana Association of Cities and Towns also sent her information on the Round Table evening meeting on October 16th, 2001 that will be held in Orleans, Indiana.  Geraldine said they will be discussing affordable health insurance and the upcoming reassessment and that someone should really attend this meeting if possible since it is closer than where they are often held.  Jerry asked if Sandy would attend this and recommended her going as well as two Council members.  Geraldine said she would go.  Mike requested we receive a mailing from IACT about the meetings that are held in the northern areas, which are often times closer to attend for us. 

    Geraldine also reported that a week ago Saturday at Solid Waste they took in old house paint, large appliances, other large household items and miscellaneous items and they are considering accepting items more than twice a year since they had such a good response. 


Jerry Pittsford asked which light post won the vote at the Fall Festival.  The votes have not been counted as of yet.   The ballots are still in the box in the Clerk’s Office and Lisa Creech has not tallied them yet. 


David Sorokoty suggested the Town be wise and prudent with our money during the upcoming year and now as well since we receive monies from the Federal, State and Local County level and it often takes a while for the money to filter down.  I also requested Sandy to get information about a fund that the State allows Towns and Cities to set up called “Rainy Day Fund” for a fall back for the Town.


Mike Cornman the Indiana Main Street Conference which is in Bloomington this year as Geraldine mentioned earlier suggested as many Town Council Members as possible should attend this conference.  It does have a cost but it would be very informative. 


Sandy Hash our health insurance renews November 1st, 2001.  She has received some of the information from the State and they only offer three State plans in our County.  One is Anthem Traditional with a low deductible and an 80/20 match thereafter it doesn’t have a co-pay at the office visits or a prescription card; the other two are both HMO’s and unfortunately there are very few doctors within our area, Mooresville is the closest doctor.  I’ve requested additional information from the State but I haven’t committed us to anything yet.  Cheryl Terry with the May Agency has compiled five different quotes and I have compared the two best of the five to our existing Starmark Insurance.  Originally Starmark went up 19% and our insurance is age rated.  She suggested having a special meeting to discuss insurance since there are so many variables to consider.  David Drake suggested employee participation in reviewing insurance choices. 


Jerry called for a work session on insurance for Thursday, October 18th, 2001 at 6:00 p. m. and order dinner in during meeting.  The meeting will be open for all employees.

     Jerry and Sandy met with Vi Simpson, Joel Hall the district supervisor for INDOT, Senator Meeks and representatives from both Democrat and Republican caucus financial advisor board along with Mike Farmer, Rick Coppock and Jeff Farmer.  We discussed the cooperation between the Town, Utilities, INDOT and



everyone involved with the State Road 46 project.  Eight miles of water and sewer lines will have been relocated when the project is completed. 


Privilege of the Floor


Ronald Heinecke had his water turned off while he was on vacation and when he returned his yard was flooded.  He would like his water bill to be adjusted.  Mr. Heinecke had a plumber look at the pipes also to investigate the leak.  In the past we have only given sewer credit.  Mike Farmer was not present so Jeff Farmer explained that when we turn on the meter we check for leaks for a period of time.  However, Jeff said it was the responsibility of the homeowner from the meter to the house.  Therefore, we cannot give Mr. Heinecke a credit on his water bill but we can give him a credit on his sewer bill.


Ed Bitner, 430 Main Street, when the Town moved all the sewer lines afterwards they beautified the yards that were torn up to complete the project by sowing new grass seed and strawing.  However, when he was mowing his yard his mower was almost torn up by all of the rocks, sticks and stumps left from the project that wasn’t fixed properly.  Ed just wanted to inform us that since the State will be tearing his yard up again next spring that there isn’t a need for the Town to fix up the yard again.  Ed doesn’t want to receive a weed letter from the Town next spring when he doesn’t mow that section of his yard or else he will have to have the Town repair the yard again because he doesn’t want to destroy his mower.  He doesn’t feel it was properly drug and cleared off correctly the first time.  Jerry informed that if the rocks don’t settle or if it is not feasible to mow his yard that the Town will either have to fix the yards torn up or live with the high weeds.  He also said prior to sending out weed letters we would consider those individuals’ yards that were tore up during the Hwy. 46 project.

     Ed also wondered how the appraisers were picked for the two home appraisals.  He said Figg gave a low appraisal of his home and was not happy with it.  He said Figg would not be a good appraiser.  Jerry said Figg was not picked for any particular reason, just a random pick. 


Bob Sowder, 114 W. Temperance Street, just wanted to inform us that the Police Reserves had eight men work 149 hours during the fall festival which is the equivalent of 2 men per shift of 24 hours per day for the entire festival.

    He also wanted to Thank the Council, especially Dave Sorokoty and Hoosier Outdoor Advertising for the billboard across from Hoosier Tire.




A motion was made by Geraldine to adjourn. Mike seconded.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:36 PM.



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