October 25, 1999




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, October 25, 1999.Members present were Michael Cornman, Patrick Stoffers and Donald Ashley. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.Donald Ashley led the prayer followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.




Donald Ashley said being the Vice President and the President are not here tonight we need to elect a President pro-tem for this meeting.He suggested that we have Mike Cornman sit in that position since he performed that position for quite some time and he would make a motion that we do that.Patrick Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.








Its not on the agenda, but I thought it was supposed to be on the agenda was the K-9 situation.I think it was tabled on account of Don Ashley had some questions he wanted to ask.


There was discussion between Don Ashley and Town Marshall McGlocklin about the present K-9 dog and the new K-9 dog.


Mike Cornman also asked some questions about the present dog.


Don Ashley said he didnít think we really should pass a motion until we get a full council vote because Iím sure someone else will have questions other than just me.


Mike Cornman said that the one thing that the full council did do was agree to sign a contract with the school corporation which Ron did come up and say that they were going to get a new dog so I think that part of it means that half of the equation is done, so I think we should have Mike Spencer check into the liability.


Don Ashley said that he would also like to see the liability side of the issue.


After more discussion between Mike Cornman and Don Ashley, Don Ashley stated that he still thought that there should be more than three board members vote on this. Don Ashley said that at this point he would vote against it.


Mike Cornman said that he and Pat Stoffers would vote for it.Mike Cornman made the suggestion that we approve the agreement with the K-9 World of Dogs.Pat Stoffers made the motion to approve the agreement with the K-9 World of Dogs.Mike Cornman seconded the motion.Motion did not pass 2-1, Don Ashley voted no.Mike Cornman explained that by Indiana law we have to have majority of the council to pass a vote and as we donít have I suggest that we get this on the agenda and try to get to it the next time.




Town Marshall McGlocklin also asked about transferring funds so he would be able to work a part time officer straight through in Officer Steve Bartletts absence.




Town Marshall McGlocklin also stated that some of his officers brought to his attention that on their paychecks they did not get their overtime, in reference to the last 28 days.


Clerk Treasurer Diana Evans stated that she did put it in for them.


Town Marshall McGlocklin said that the code calls for anything over 165 hours is time and a half, and they got paid straight time.


Diana again told Marshall McGlocklin that she had put it in for them.


Marshall McGlocklin said that it figures out as straight time, Diana said that she would check it.


Another thing Marshall McGlocklin asked, Do we have any idea on when we are going to have an executive session in reference to personnel, on my pay.


Mike Cornman answered that he had talked to Geraldine McIntyre tonight and that she would get with Gina Hawkins, she had been informed that Gina wanted to be at the meeting, and she said that within 5 days she might be able to get out.I donít have an answer for you Ron, But Iím going to urge that we set this up as soon as possible, because we need to get this done.


Asked a question for Don Ashley, I didnít quite understand quite why you voted against the K-9 and was told that basically he felt that like they needed more board members to vote on it, at least a full board on this.He said that he was not particularly against it, I just think we need a full board to vote on it, not just the three of us.






††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ADJACENT AND CONTIQUOUS TERRITORY OF THE

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ELLETTSVILLE TOWN CODE:


Removed from Agenda.





††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† TO ESTABLISH A POLICY FOR THE PROVISION OF

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SERVICES TO ANNEXED AREA

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (BLECHER PROPERTY):


Recommended by Mike Cornman that the council that we approve Resolution 13-99.Pat Stoffers made the motion to approve it, DonAshley seconded.Motion passed 3-0.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††ADAJACENT AND CONTIGUOUS TERRITORY OF THE

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ELLETTSVILLE TOWN CODE:


Motion to submit Ordinance 99-20 for the first reading.Don Ashley made the motion, Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† TO ESTABLISH A POLICY FOR THE PROVISION OF

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SERVICE TO AN ANNEXED AREA

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (PONTON PROPERTY):


Mike Cornman recommended to the council that we approve Resolution 11-99.Don Ashley made the motion, Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ELLETTSVILLE TOWN CODE CONCERNING WEED

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† AND OTHER RANK VEGETATION:


Mike Cornman read Ordinance 99-19.Mike Cornman asked if there was a motion to submit Ordinance 99-19 for a first reading.Don Ashley made the motion, Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.First reading.




Mike Cornman read Resolution 12-99. 109.Mike Cornman asked if there was a motion to accept Resolution 12-99. Pat Stoffers made the motion, Don Ashley seconded.Motion passed 3-0.




Jim Ragle:Discussed the need for 6 more street lights in the Meadow Lands addition to finish it out.He also discussed lights in Perry Woods, and White Oaks.Mike Cornman suggested that the council approve the necessary streetlights for the Meadow Lands.Pat Stoffers made the motion, Don Ashley seconded.Motion passed 3-0.


Mr. Bough, who resides in Perry Woods, asked if this would be done this year.


Mr. Ragle said that he couldnít guarantee that they would, but he would try to get them done.


Mike Cornman recommended to the council that we approve the necessary streetlights for the McNeely Street area as annexed.Don Ashley so moved.Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.


Town Marshall Ron McGlocklin stated that he had some overtime also to present tonight for overtime that he had worked.Mike Cornman said that his request was for 44 hours of overtime, 42 hours of that apparently for the Fall Festival.Mike asked if their was a motion to approve the overtime for Marshall McGlocklin.Motion made by Pat Stoffers, seconded by Don Ashley. Motion approved 3-0.


Mike Cornman asked Street Commissioner Jim Ragle if he had overtime for the Fall Festival and Jim answered yes.


Mike Cornman asked Fire Chief Jim Davis if he had any overtime during the Fall Festival.Jim answered yes, I did, But I do not turn it in, I consider it part of my job.


Mike Farmer discussed the new backhoe that the Utility Department was purchasing.He asked the council for permission to purchase a new one after field testing the ones he had in mind.The price would be approximately $62,000.00.There was more discussion with the town board and the town attorney about this.Mike Cornman recommended to the Council that they approve the Utility Departments purchase of a new backhoe.Pat Stoffers so moved.Don Ashley seconded.Motion passed 3-0.


Ed Bitner asked where the money will come from for the purchase of the backhoe and was told by Mike Farmer that it would come out of the Utility Budget.


Jeff Farmer discussed with the Town Board that as the Utility Department and the Town Board had discussed before that they were looking at hiring an office manager for the Utility Office.We think that we have an employee that is planning on retiring at the first of the year, weíre pretty confident of that, and I would just as soon not reveal any names right now.We are understaffed, so we feel that the timingís right to go ahead with this, and we would like to have the councilís blessing on posting the job, and the job description.We would like to know if the board would have any questions, comments, or suggestions on this.Mike Farmer stated that the salary was all ready in the salary ordinance, and it would be relative to experience.


Mike Cornman asked what was in the salary ordinance, and was told that it was in the $32,000.00 range.


Mike Cornman asked if there was a motion.Don Ashley made a motion to go ahead and post this, Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.


Jeff Farmer also told the Town Board that they had had a couple of surprise visits in the last couple of weeks and for your benefit the plants been nominated by a couple different associations for the Class 3 Plant of the Year for its operation and maintenance.It was also recognized to be on IDEMís hit list and now we have had very little bypasses in the last couple of years compared to the last ten years.


Mike Farmer stated that it was still on IDEMís hit list but now itís where they send everyone to show them how itís supposed to be done now, so thatís pretty nice.




Clerk Treasurer Diana Evans:I sent a letter to Mr. Tom Parker, with PERF, and I just got the information back about 4:00 today, Because I canít reveal the employees names on here, I can give you the estimated buyback for the fire department and the police department effective January 1st, 2000.Mr. Parker said that if we went past that we would have to re-figure it.The estimate of cost to the employer for the fire department is $973,362.00,and for the police department, $452,180.00, for a grand total of $1,425,542.00.This is if you choose to do prior service buyback.




Pat Stoffers showed a brief film clip from a Bloomington City Council meeting.

It was the meeting where Bloomington gave the Town of Ellettsville the right to annex.

There were questions from the audience about what was discussed in the film clip.




Mike Cornman asked if there was a motion to approve the minutes and claims.Don Ashley so moved.Pat Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 3-0.




Darlene Sowder:Asked a question on the 5% budget cap each year whether we become a city or a town so this would be the same whether we became a town or a city.She was told by Mike Cornman that if we didnít have any other expenditures that would be correct.There was more discussion about this.


Clorinda Krick:Asked why the $62,000.00 backhoe was approved by the council and the advertisment for a new employee was approved, but the dog wasnít.She wanted to know what the difference is.Don Ashley explained this to her, that he wasnít necessarily against the dog, he just thought there should be a full council to vote on it.


Missy Mobley:Questions about the K-9 dog and the work her husband had to get done before his training on it, and also the time frame for passing the K-9 dog Resolution.She was told that it took three board members to pass this resolution and itís a good question.


Sandy Hash:I too am interested in the K-9.If my memory serves me correctly, when McGlocklin was appointed as the Town Marshall, one of the stipulations is that he would no longer be the K-9 officer, is this true.Mike Cornmansaid that we did ask him that.

Sandy said, therefore, that he is acting upon a direct request from the council, he canít retrain his old dog to be sure 100%, so he has proposed a plan to you, he has completely funded the plan, and you still repeatedly turn him down when heís on a timetable, that is very confusing to me. Itís also confusing that the election is 8 days away, and you decided 8 days before the election to open up ads for an office manager for the utilities.It would have been nice if you would have waited until after the election, and if we do become a city, maybe those new officials would have some input on that situation.


Bob Sowders:Talked about keeping the present K-9 dog as a back-up dog for the police force.It seemed to him a logical thing to do and there were times when you do need more than one dog.




Jeff Schunn:Had questions about the K-9 dog, and questions about the figures that Diana had received about the PERF.It was his understanding that these figures wouldnít be available until after the first of the year, probably not before February.Mike Cornman told him that those figures were for the excess levy that we would get after the first of the year.




Mike Farmer:Commented that the new Office Managers position has nothing to do with the election.He stated that we have a resignation in hand, we had someone resign from the Utility staff, we are in the middle of a new computer system, we are getting ready to get trained for a touch read meter reading, our training was scheduled for this month, we have set it back until December, and it is essential that we get our office in order with our bookkeeping, and our finances.The town is growing, the utilities are growing, we are in an active period in the utilities life, and it is essential that we get a new person in here and get them trained, utilize the existing personnel to help train for the transition, and so it is essential that we get an office manager right away.We have been planning this for three or four months, and now, with the resignation in hand thatís why we are doing this.




Randy Cassady:Questions about consolidation of Northern Richland Sewer Corporation.Asked for cooperation between the Ellettsville Utility and Water Department with the Northern Richland Sewer Corporation and also cooperation of the Eastern Richland Company.There was discussion on this matter between Randy, Mike Farmer, and the Town Board about this.There was also a discussion about a Utilities Service Board.Town Attorney Michael Spencer also discussed why the Utility Service Board did not materialize earlier when it was a referendum vote on an earlier town ballot in an election.

It was also pointed out by Randy Cassady that their was no record of the referendum in Pat Haleyís office.




Darlene Sowder:Publicly wanted to thank the Police Department for helping with the Ident-A-Kid program that was recently.They processed over 300 kids, pictures and ID cards both.




Rick Coppick:Wanted the town to send a letter to Mr. Bill Cramer. Heís with Marathon Oil, and he helped us with getting right of entry to put the 12 inch water line across the Speedway gas station at Smith Pike and 46 so we could connect back with our water line.Marathon was really gracious to help us with this so I would like to get Diana to send a letter to him for his help.






Councilman Cornman pointed that Town Board president Geraldine McIntyre had been ill for the past two days, thatís why sheís not here tonight.It was also pointed out that Councilman Hawkins was on medical leave and couldnít be present.




The meeting was adjourned by Mike Cornman.