The Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board met on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at the Fire Department Training and Conference Center. Jimmie Durnil called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present were Jimmie Durnil, President; Geraldine McIntyre, Vice-President; Amber Ragle, Michael Griffey and Richard Pease.  


Approve Minutes of August 4, 2008

Jimmie Durnil apologized for missing last month’s meeting.  Geraldine McIntyre approved the minutes of August 4, 2008.  Michael Griffey seconded.  Motion carried.


Jimmie Durnil asked Tony Bowlen for an update on what direction to take with vandalism at the parks.  Tony Bowlen will approach the Town Council.  Jimmie Durnil thanked Tony for his effort with the parks. 


Review Accounts Payable Expenditures

Amber Ragle stated the electric bills were paid, paint was purchased for a fence and a curb was repaired at the basketball courts.  The Park Board fund balance is $18,171.04.  Amber stated the Street Department has paved the parking lot by the restrooms for $9,700 and they are looking into having the cost paid for by the Trustees Office ($2,500), Fall Festival ($3,500) and Parks Board paying the balance of ($3,500).  This would be paid for out of the Materials line which currently has $4,585.  Michael Griffey made a motion we pay the $3,500 for the asphalt.  Richard Pease seconded.  Motion carried.


Old Business

Jimmie Durnil spoke about the vandalism at the parks and reiterated to Tony Bowlen to do what he can.  Geraldine McIntyre recommends having the Town Council write an ordinance with Parks Board approval that would give more enforcement.    The ordinance should allow for fines to the kids and put the responsibility of damage on the parents.  There was discussion about fines, prosecution, ordinance violations and vandalism.  Jimmie and Tony will meet and discuss the options, statutes and guidance.    


Amber Ragle gave an update on the torn up grass from the Shelter House rental.  Amber spoke with Jim Ragle who decided not to fix the grass until after the Fall Festival and suggested refunding the deposit back to the renters with a note letting them know about the grass.


New Business

Amber Ragle gave an update on the 2009 Parks Board Budget.  The budget was not cut but the Part-time Laborer money is being moved to fund a portion of a Street Department laborer.  The Street Department currently takes care of the Parks Board work. 


Amber Ragle stated $36 was received from Coke machine proceeds.   


Jimmie Durnil will attend the next Town Council meeting regarding the vandalism.  Tony Bowlen suggested Jimmie address whether the Police Department can issue criminal trespassing warnings. 



Jimmie Durnil adjourned the meeting.