September 29, 1997



The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday,September29 1997. Members present were Michael Cornman, President,Donald Ashley, Patrick Stoffers, and Gina Hawkins. Mr. Cornman called the meeting to order.Donald Ashley gave the prayer.




Harry Bowen, Commander of the Ellettsville Police Reserves, introduced Matt Freisz, and Jeffrey Thomas.They have finished their 40 hour pre basic and have been voted in by the members of the Reserves.

Mike Cornman asked if this is for their probationary period?

Harry said yes, 6 month probationary period.

Mike Cornman asked if we have a motion to accept these members for the Ellettsville Police Reserves, Matt Freise and Jeff Thomas.

Patrick Stoffers so moved.†† Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 4-0.

Matt Freisz will be EV-26 and Jeff Thomas will be EV-27.There are now 18 Ellettsville Police Reserves.




Donald Ashley made the motion we accept the minutes and claims.Patrick Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 4-0.






There is no new information at this time. Tabled




Mike Spencer said you have a copy of the contract.Mike Spencer needs to know if the Council is satisfied with the terms that are stated in that contract, one way or the other.

He needs instruction whether he needs to initiate some form of negotiations, whether everything is fine and we need to proceed.He doesnít have that direction at this point and time.


Mike Cornman said the comments that have been made to him by most of the Council members, are as follows:The two big issues, one all the lawsuits be dropped against the Town of Ellettsville, and change in the requirement for antennas, we would still be allowed to use for Town of Ellettsville governmental usage.


Mike Spencer said what aboutrestrictions on their right to place signs, lights or sidewalks on town property.Patrick Stoffers said it was almost a blank check and we need to be part of the plan.Mike Cornman said add to part of the Chandler Square plans.

Mike Spencer said then there is the screening requirement for 8 foot white pine trees.

Mike Cornman said he didnít see anything wrong with that.


Mike Spencer said lets go over that again.Dismissal of suits and claims.Use the tank for Town of Ellettsville Governmental use.Mike Spencer said they are still working on getting the property squared away in terms of the title.He spoke with Carol Seamen today and she said that they have in fact been able to resolve the partial-------between-----.What they are attempting to do is get all this stuff lined up and set up closing that will close both transactions, the transaction with Cook and the transaction with Cook to us.One Closing, all of that will be taken care of at one time.


Don Ashley asked if the proper permits and so forth been filed to build the water tower?Mike Spencer said he didnít know that.Mike Spencer indicated to Carol that his opinion

September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued


there was no requirements to obtain a subdivision permit because this was sale pursuant to condemnation action.For sale under our statute you are not required to get sub division approval.He did indicate a permit for building the water tower was required.


Mike Cornman said that is on our agenda tonight.


Don Ashley said on the condemnation, he didnít think that had anything to do with Cook whatsoever, he thought that only had to do with Cassady.Mike Spencer said it is going against Cassady and right now Cassady is the owner of the property.Don said we are still dealing with the same people.

Mike Spencer said there is going to be a short period of time where Cook will own the property.It is his position that this all stems from our attempt to condemn the property.Now if we would not condemn the property, if we had no interest in this property, this piece of property would be up on the block for sale.†† It is on there because we want it and we are going to get it though condemnation if they canít come out with some other arrangements.It seems clearly within the terms of our code which excludes sale pursuant to condemnation actions.The involuntary sale of property------------------------------subdivision approval.


Don said he thought he read in here someplace where Cook obtained the property.


Mike Spencer said no they have not obtained the property.They have an agreement like a signed offer, they have not had closing.There has to be a closing.That closing is going to occur, we are all going to close at the same day, same time, same place.That is how it is going to happen.


Don said why would we not want to charge a permit fee like we would anybody else.Mike Spencer said he thinks there should be a minimum permit fee of $100.Don doesnít think we have a scheduleshowing a permit for a water tower that he knows of.

Mike Spencer said he thinks there was a minimum permit fee of $100.That is all the information he has.


Mike Spencer said based upon that information from the board, he will then write a letter to Carol Seamen indicating these items.


Donald Ashley had one more question, it is his understanding that Cassady originally was planning an expansion up there with some apartments.He did it in front of the Planning and Zoning Board.He didnít plat it but laid out the plans that he was going to do.Will this change that considerably.Will he have to come back to the board and make out new plans for the Planning and Zoning, since Planning and Zoning has nothing to do with any of this at this point.


Mike Spencer said the same normal routine that anybody else would have to go through.

There is no change, he is just simple selling off a small piece of property that was originally part of a project.We are going to acquire that piece of property.This doesnít t change anything else concerning that project.He will have to get all his requirements, all his permits, all the Planning Commission approvals that he would normally have to get as he would any other project.This has nothing to do with this project.


Don said he was reading through the contract, something about the seller would get 44 hook-ons.The seller being whom at this point, Cook?Mike Spencer said at that point and time that is Cook, for Cook to accomplish that we have to give those hook-ons to Cook.If Cook doesnít have them the deal is off.


Don said making an awful lot of promises there that is up to us to accept.They are putting a lot of work in the towns vocabularyhere that doesnít belong.


Mike Spencer said he thinks the board has the choice to either except or reject.You can

make of break the deal that is true.

September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued



Mike Spencer would like a vote on that as to whether you want him to communicate with them on what we have is it acceptable or not acceptable, given the conditions.Given these proposed changes, 2 changes, and one additional requirement.That is the dismissal of all impending lawsuits and claims, that is the additional requirement.Two changes would be permission to use the tank for radio towers that are limited solely to EllettsvilleTown governmental use and the request that they make any proposed sidewalks, signage apart of Chandler Square Apartments plans.


Mike Cornman asked if there was a motion to that affect.Patrick Stoffers said so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 3-1, Donald Ashley voted nay.




Daniel Hedden and Ty Connor from H.J. Umbaugh & Associates gave a presentation.The information they gave the Council is on file in the Clerk-Treasurers Office.They discussed Alternative #1, which uses funds on hand and Alternative #2 you donít use the funds on hand.There was a long discussion on this matter.


Alternative #1

Page 4 Schedule of Amortization of $1,105,000 Principal amount of proposed waterworks revenue bonds of 1998.

Alternative #2

Page 7 Schedule of Amortization of $1,510,000 principal amount of proposed waterworks revenue bonds of 1998.

This is the pages # in which you can find the above in the hand out from H.J. Umbaugh & Associates.


Ty wanted to add a possible amendment to Alternative 2.If we would take the number that Rick gave us which is $796,000 they would apply the cash to that number to reduce the $362,000.Then they would pick a number of years to complete this project.He would throw out 5 years.There was a discussion on this.


Mike Cornman asked if the Council had any problem with them making it a seven year and doing, so has he suggested to amend this.The Council had no problem with that.


Mike Cornman asked if there is a motion to accept H. J. Umbaughís Alternative #2

for the calculations of increase to rates and charges as amended.Patrick Stoffers so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 4-0.





††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† HEALTH ORDER:


Mike Cornman said he has a copy of a letter from the Monroe County Health Department.

It is to Eastern Richland, Cid Cowden, who takes care of the program.On July 17th the Health Department received a complaint of a septic failure at 4695 North Ridgewood Drive.This is in Westbook Downs, they inspected the site and certain weather conditions caused the soil to become saturated with septic effluent which has surfaced and flowed towards the drainage ditch.They are condemning this septic and they are within 300 feet of a sewer line.Eastern Richland is requesting a sewer hook on for this.Being it is under the health order and Mr. Trinkle is going to pay the appropriate amount to be hooked on.He suggest to the Council that we approve this hook on by request of the County Health Department.Mike said is there a motion to that effect.


Patrick Stoffers made a motion that we allow this hook on for 4695 North Ridgewood Drive.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 4-0.


September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued





Mike Cornman read Ordinance 97-11.This is a first reading.The Clerk informed the Council that this should be a PUD and the reason being that the detention ponds are to be put in first before they do any construction, like put in houses.They want the detention ponds in place first and that is the only stipulation on the PUD.Rick Coppock said Planning and Zoning gave the PUD requirements at the time that they made the recommendation.There was some discussion.Mike Spencer will make the changes to the Ordinance.


Mike Cornman asked is there a motion to approve Ordinance 97-11 as amended.Gina Hawkins so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Mike Spencer said lets make it clear itís going to be zoned R-1 PUD.†† Mike Cornman so noted, everyone is aware of that, R1 PUD.Motion passed 4-0.




Andy Romero said they are trying to get skate boarding put in somewhere in the town limits of Ellettsville, hopefully, so they can get to it.They are trying to go about it the right way.It didnít seem like it was very big in this town but then the number jumped up on skate boarders.So it doesnít become a problem in the town,see about some how getting some money or grants or anything.First they talked about a park that was mainly wooden ramps and have pipes.He did some research about that and found out in the long run those would tear down and they would cost a lot more money.They are still trying to find out about stuff here and there.They are trying to see about a cement park.

There was more discussion on this.They presented the Council with signed petitions.The Clerk will copy them and give them back the originals.

Andy Romero said he donít exactly know which way to go from here this was pretty much the big day.


Mike Cornman said he wanted to thank them for coming down and doing it in this manner.The thing is we do to make sure we are spending tax payers money or maybe possible revenues from the parks latter on.It is something that is not going to happen over night.If anything was realistic to happen it would be in the next skate boarding season so to speak.


Mike Cornman said what he recommends is we get the Ellettsville Parks Board President Sam Smith and we can also cooperation with Monroe County as well.Have a little committee together and decide if we can do this.Mike asked if the Council members had anything else to add in support or denial of this.Mike asked the Council if that was okay with everybody to do that and take a serious look at it.They have come, they have petitions, and they are doing it in the right manner.


Steve Bartlett said he spoke with Mike about researching the Bloomington Ordinance on skate boarders.There is a meeting with CSEP Grant people on the 6that 6:30.They have asked him to ask these youngsters to bring their petition and see if maybe some of that money can be diverted into something.Patrick Stoffers will attend that meeting.

Steve said what he has suggested to them so far is to having someone 18 to 20 years old, a few hours in the evening to over see it, and paid by the grant people.That way there is supervision.†† Steve said right now he has kind of made a deal with these guys that they skateboard in the parking lot beside the Community Center, not out here on the stone stage.Steve also touched on liability.


Mike Cornman said if you take a look at the history at least since 1939 when the Ellettsville Journal was started.It is the same problem about downtown Ellettsville not having anything for the kids to do.


There was more discussion.

September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued









Rick informed the Council that they sent a letter to Reynolds requesting the cost of demolition at the old sewer plant and they have not received a price.One option we have looked into depending onReynolds pricefor that demolition.They have contacted people at the State Revolving Fund and they said, should the town opt to do it themselves,there is a way to set it up that the town can take care of the demolition with their own people and be reimbursed by the SRF funds, if there is money still available.


Mike Cornman said there is really noting else to do until they give us that.Rick said no.




Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 97-12.Jim Davis said he needs $1,200 to pay for radios that he already has.The other is to make the EMS squad truck available at the other station.

Mike Cornman asked if there a motion to adopt Ordinance 97-12.Patrick Stoffers so moved.Mike Cornman said I mean submit for first reading.Patrick Stoffers so moved.Donald Ashley seconded.Motion 2-1 (Gina Nay) 1 abstention (Mike Cornman).

It didnít pass.

This will be on the agenda of the next meeting.



†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† AREA 10-ELEANOR MORTON:


Eleanor Morton is with Area 10 Agency on Aging.She gave the Council copies of the Endwright Center newsletter.She is here tonight to talk about housing.Area 10 Agency on aging proposes to develop 48 assisted care apartments for seniors in the property across the street from the Endwright Center.The Development will include the services and emanates necessary to help older adults age in place in their community.There will be not only public transportation through rural transit but all the in home services and programs Area 10 has to offer.She discussed this more with the Council.

Eleanor said they have returned to the original site plan which was passed by the Planning Commission.It has already received preliminary approval from the Plan Commission.

The Goals and Resolution you have will help Area 10 to compete for housing tax credits from the Indiana Housing Finance Authority.She is here in front of you tonight to ask you to adopt these goals and to pass this resolution so they can compete for these tax credits.

Eleanor said Edgewood Village Apartments will be owned by for a profit entity which will pay taxes to the Town of Ellettsville.Area 10 Agency will not use this not for profit status to shield this project from any tax liability, it will pay taxes to the town.They are here tonight to asking you to help us to put together the financing to makethis go forward.

Your passage of the goals and Resolution will do that.There is a need for this kind of housing.Every day Area 10 Agency on Aging receives phone calls from people looking for housing like this.They have a waiting list for these apartments right now, they have about 12 people that are interested.There was more information she gave the Council.


Eleanor read the following letter;

Dear Council Member, Ladies and Gentlemen,

††††††††††† I am writing this letter in regards to the proposed building of senior citizen housing within the City of Ellettsville.

††††††††††† My husband and I purchased a home here approximately one year ago, having moved from out of state.For almost a six month period I have been looking for senior

September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued




housing for my parents with no luck.It seems I always come to the same conclusion.The demand for such housing is much greater than the supply.

††††††††††† My father is disabled and being an only child makes it more necessary to have closer proximity in all of our living arrangements.

††††††††††† The people of Ellettsville should feel honored and proud in the placement of the Endwright Center in their hometown.

††††††††††† The older population of any community is comparable to the foundation of a house itís strong and permanent!These are the same people who will willingly volunteer to help your children learn to read in school, drive your parents on the rural transit system and activate some of the best teaching groups and clubs through the church community.

††††††††††† Senior housing might not provide big developers with profits, but what can be earned by a few monetarily cannot be replaced by the invaluable wisdom, sharing and knowledge of a healthy senior population within our community.

††††††††††† I urge the Town Council to help in every way possible in seeing that the senior housing project becomes a reality.Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Lisa Dreuth


Mava Rogers said she has worked with the Area 10 Agency with the senior citizens luncheon for the Fall Festival.She believes this is a very worth while cause that the Town Council needs to endorse.


Maurice Endwright said he has been with the senior housing since it was started.He feels that this is not in conflict with HUD project, if he thought it was he wouldnít be in favor of it.He thinks this is something that is needed and two groups can work together and work with the town as we strive to serve both the older people, the younger people and all those in between. Maurice said we commend you for your work and trying to make this a better community.


Mike Cornman said by adopting goals from Edgewood Community Development and also if we would pass the Resolution, this merely shows our support for the project.Ellettsville has had a good history of being open to senior citizens.It shows how good a job Area 10 and especially Richland senior citizens, the housing they have, Maple Shades.He talked with Kimberly Green of the Indiana Housing Authority, for this project to work they must have some support from the local unit of government.It says that we support the concept of Edgewood Community Development and Endwright Center, and Edgewood Housing Development.


MikeCornman asked Mike Spencer is there anything we should be concerned about with the Resolution or Goals are written?


Mike Spencer said in Section 3 he would change the word, will bring, to may bring.


Virginia Dixon said she knows there are 40 on the waiting list at the senior citizens place here and 180 on the one in Bloomington.There is a need for extra senior housing.


Mike Cornman read the goals as follows:

Edgewood Community Development Goals

The following goals were formatted to preserve and improve existing structures and community programs and land in Ellettsville, Indiana near the junior and senior high schools and the Endwright Center.The objective of this plan is to provide support for the development and expansion of the intergenerational community including the Endwright Center, Edgewood High School, Edgewood Junior High School, and to support the development of senior citizensí housing in the area.

Definition of Preservation Area:The area bounded by Reeves Road to the south, Edgewood Drive to the north, Oak Street to the west and the campuses of Edgewood Junior High School and Edgewood Senior High School.


September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued



Current Uses:Currently the land includes (1) a high school, junior high school and school grounds, (2) vacant land, (3) single family homes, (4) a senior center, and (5) and a not-for-profit corporation focusing its services on the needs of older adults and providing public transportation.

Goal 1:††††††††††† To support the development of an intergenerational community.

Objective A:††† Encourage the use of the new Endwright Center for senior activities and

††††††††††††††††††††††† intergenerational activities.

Objective B:††† Enhance the linkage between the Endwright Center and the near by

††††††††††††††††††††††† schools have already been involved in the planning and development of

††††††††††††††††††††††† the Endwright Center and its intergenerational programs.

Goal 2:††††††††††† To support the development of quality housing.

Objective A:††† Encourage the development of an adult community on the undeveloped

††††††††††††††††††††††† land.

Objective B:††† Encourage developer and local groups to provide a service-rich

††††††††††††††††††††††† environment.

Objective C:††† Encourage developers to build with quality structural materials.


Mike Cornman read Resolution 11-97.Mike Cornman said he is in support of the Resolution and because of adopting the Resolution the goal will go with this.

Mike Cornman would like to suggest a motion that we approve Resolution 11-97.

Patrick Stoffers so moved.Donald Ashley asked if we accept that Resolution, we are basically saying we agree that they should be allowed to build their housing across from the Center, is that correct?Mike Cornman said yes.Dan said as he remembers we turned down a very similar project back in March.Mike Cornman said yes we did turn that down.Don asked what has change from then to this.


Mike Cornman said the best he recalls the funding mechanism would be challenging the already successful Maple Shades, Richland apartments.With this project they are not doing that.Mike Cornman said there is a motion on the floor is there a second.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 3-1,Donald Ashley voted nay.




Ty Connor said he sent a letter regarding the sewage rates so you would have a chance to review.Since that time he received a phone call from Buzz Crone, rate consultant for the wholesale users.Over the course of the last several months they have had several meetings with the wholesale users regarding final rate that were suppose to be effective January 1st .Up to this point they have opposed.They have since put in a proposal to except the rates that were in our report that they put together and been submitted to the SRF.

Ty said they would like the following conditions.††

That any money they contribute to the debt service reserve, actually any money they contribute for the replacement fund go into a special fund that is restricted and used only for improvements that benefit both the town.They really donít care if they benefit the town as much they care it benefits them.If you have to make improves at the plant which would benefit both the town and the wholesale users, the replacement fund could be used for that.Which in theory is what the replacement fund is for.Their concerns is money they are contributing to replacements would be used for lines in Ellettsville and they would receive no benefit from.They would like that money restricted for that purpose.


Ty said they would also like an annual accounting of that money showing the receipts that the town put into the fund and what the money is dispersed for.To show them that their money is truly going into this restricted fund and is being used for improvements the benefit the wholesale users.That the town would also contribute, that they wouldnít be the only one funding replacement funds that the town would contribute a proportion of the amount to their contribution to the replacement fund.



September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued



Mike Spencer said in terms of that question in terms of accountability we would account only for their moneys that they contributed, correct?Ty said he doesnít know if they have gone that far.Ty said he thinks in their mind that they wanted accounting of that fund, replacement fund as a whole.Ty said he guesses his vision of this accounting would be simply a receipt and disbursements schedule, that shows here is the beginning balance for the fund that we would probably start with zero.Ty said here is the money that has beencontributed to the fund and show contributed by Ellettsville, contributed by Northern, contributed by Eastern and then show any dispersments out of that fund, is what he had envisioned.Ty said to be quit honest we have not discussed in any great detail what the accountability would be.


Mike Spencer said lets talk about that briefly in terms of if the town is putting its own money in, why the town would have to account to them for that money.Certainly there is no problem with the town reveling that information, it is public information.That is not the issue, he thinks the only issue is lets say the town chooses to use the money, a portion of the money the contributed for sewer line replacements.That would be a legitimate function of that replacement account, would it not?Ty said yes.


Mike Spencer said what they are saying and the way he understands it, is that they would like to have a say on their portion of that replacement fund, which is not unreasonable.


Ty said he assumes that would be something that would be handled in the wording of the actual agreement.He was told that their attorneys are actually working on a draft of that agreement.The driving force in all of this that motivated them is the fact that they wanted to file a tracer, they are for profit sewer company, they have to get rate approval from the IURC.Kind of like you water utility and they want to file a tracer so they can get their rates effective by January 1st, when your new rates go into effect.


Mike Cornman said so the rates itself is different from the contract?


Mike Spencer said as you will recall we had interim rates, now we are going to have final rates.Final rates were to kick in after basically 1998.


Ty said the difference between the interim rates and the final rates are two fold.One we have a principal payment due on the SRF loan, January of 1999.So we have to start accumulating money to make that principal payment.Two the assumption is that the plant would go on line then and we would quit paying expenses to Bloomington and would start using the plant so there are some adjustment to the operating expenses.Actually a decrease to the operating expenses once the new plant goes on line to show the elimination of Bloomington.Unfortunately the accumulation of the principal payment out weights the decrease for the---------so the rates are going up January 1st.They are asking for something much less than was originally proposed and they are now agreeing to the rates they originally proposed.They are now agreeing to the rates we originally proposed with these stipulations of the accountability and the-----fund.


Mike Spencer said the original proposed rates we submitted to SRF, would not include metered rates.As you will recall at that point and time we did not have the information to determine, we had no historical data.We donít have historical data yet because we donít have the new plant.When we get the new plant on line we can start building some historical data.


Mike Cornman said he talked to Curt Hayes over the weekend and he told him he had an idea that he had been thinking about for awhile.He thinks we ought to figure out the actual number of hook ons, if we can, that the plant has.He wants to see us through all three of the sewer districts reserve so many of those that they have to use them for commercial or industrial uses.One thing our community is suffering from is a lot of residential.What is going to happen in the future is more residential.We need one way to attract the commercial, industrial people to come into our community to off set the tax

September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued



base.Mike Cornman said he doesnít want to see us allocating hook-ons for all residential, it needs to be part of the whole entire plan of our community.Mike said Curt said it sounded good to him at that time.


Mike Spencer said he thinks that is a different issue.We need to deal with the rates thatóbond issue.These are the anticipated rates that were proposed back a year ago.They are the basis for all our funding, they are the bases for us to make our payments that we are obligated to make.The important thing is to get the rates in place.


Ty said there is a line that is shared by all three users and any improvements that have to be made to that line.Any improvements that would benefit all three users, the replacement fund can be used for.The annual accounting would not only have to be for the receipts but also for the disbursements.


Mike Spencer has a question, the rates you propose anticipate Ellettsville contributing a portion of the amount for replacement?Ty said in actuality the way the amount of the replacement fund was developed, by R.W. Armstrong, in which they itemized items in the plant and came up with a useful life for those items and calculated a number so the replacement amount is truly just for the plant he doesnít think out of that listing of items and the number it was based on is anything having to do with the interceptor line.

Ty said you question is, where does that leave Ellettsville?


Mike Spencer said his question is one of the requirements, the second requirement is that the town contribute a portion of amount of the replacement fund.Is that included in our proposed rate?Ty said yes.


Ty said it is his thought the town is collection capacity charge payment and currently has a fund that the capacity fund that Kay has separated.We are also funding the debt service reserve which over the next two years will be funded.There is money in the rates for other improvements, either paid for out of that fund or once the debt serve reserve is fully funded you can use those moneys for capital improvements.He thinks the town will be fine by contributing a portion to its replacement fund.


Patrick Stoffers asked proportional based on what, the customers, the amount of flow?


Ty said we did allocate the replacement fund, we didnít work through all the details.Ty said explained page 13 of the report which went over debt service, outstanding bonds, and you have the proposed.Ty explained that to the Council and there was long discussion.


Mike Cornman said being this is not the actual contract we just need a general consensus that this is the waywe want to go?Mike Spencer said yes.


Mike Cornman said is the okay for Ty to proceed ahead from the Council with the money replacement fund being restricted, and annual account of receipts and disbursements


Mike Spencer said he wants the Town Council to make their statement clear that the money the wholesale customers place in the replacement account will be spent only on the improvements that are joint beneficial------------.


Mike Cornman said okay.He asked if that was okay with everybody?The Council members agreed.




Mike Cornman said he has the original application from Cook Incorporated.It is noted here by Jim Davis that permit fee may be waived by Town Council.Being that this is going to be our tank in the long run, request to wave the fee for this building permit for water tank.There was a discussion on this matter.

September 29, 1997Ellettsville Town Council minutes continued



Mike Cornman said is there a motion to wave the permit fee for the water tank.Patrick Stoffers so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 3-1, Donald Ashley voted nay.






Rick said as far as the sewer master plan goes they have done phase one and two.Rick wants to know how much money you want to spend for phase three sewer line replacements?Mike Cornman said what line is more logical to do or is there a series of lines at this point?Rick said there is a schedule and they just need to know how much money do you plan on spending for that.Rick said there question is just see how much money you have to spend on it and let him know if phase 3 is affordable.Mike Cornman said that sounds more like it and they want to continue with this program we donít want to let it stop, we told the state we would do $100,000 a year.George said he think we have the $100,000 there.Mike Cornman asked George if he could do that tomorrow?George said he could find out basically if that is still there.


Rick said he and George will get together like they have in the past and try and decide which ones we are going to do.


Rick said there is a possibility there might be some contingency money left with the SRF funds.The town would be able to buy equipment for the plant with that money, or pay for the REMC power cost.Right now he is looking at around $400,000.That would like to take bids on a Vactor truck, loader, possibly a tandem dump truck, and get those cost in and see how much money we have to spend.He talked to Barbara Lawrence at SRF funds and they can bid those out normal bidding procedure.We donít have to run those the contractor and experience their mark up on them.Rick said if that is agreeable with you he will proceed along those lines.


Mike Cornman asked the Council if anyone had objection for him getting the prices and bids.There was no problem.


Rick said we will open bids here at a Town Council meeting.




Gina Hawkins made the motion to adjourn.Patrick Stoffers seconded.Motion passed 4-0.