September 9, 1999




The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., Thursday , September 9, 1999.Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President Gina Hawkins, Vice President, Mike Cornman and Donald Ashley.Ms. McIntyre called the meeting to order.


Meeting to adopt the 2000 budget.




Geraldine McIntyre read the following letter from Pat Stoffers.I will not be able to attend the budget meeting scheduled for 9-9-99 due to my regular scheduled employment at Indiana University Kelly School of Business on Thursday evening.


Geraldine said thereís a lot of things that needs to be taken care of, and the president has to do it, some appointments have to be made, and Iím going to open the floor for the nominations for the president.





Mike Cornman nominated Geraldine McIntyre for President.Gina Hawkins seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.


Geraldine McIntyre said that we need to nominate a Vice-President.Mike Cornman nominated Gina Hawkins, Geraldine McIntyre seconded.Motion carried 3-0




Town Board President Geraldine McIntyre stated that we have had two members quit the Planning and Zoning Commission.As of tonight, I will appoint Pat Mitchell to the Planning and Zoning Board so that we can have a quorum at meetings.


Darlene Sowder asked who resigned from the Planning and Zoning Board.


Geraldine McIntyre answered, Sandy Gann and Keith Argenbrite, and I am filling Keith Argenbrites appointment now.We will then have one more appointment on the Planning and Zoning Board.




Geraldine McIntyre asked if she heard a motion to approve the budget for the year 2000.

Mike Cornman so moved.Gina Hawkins seconded.Motion passed 3-0.




Continue Later.




Geraldine McIntyre asked, Do I hear a motion to put this on the agenda, itís due to the Fall Festival, and our next meeting will be after the Fall Festival. Gina Hawkins read Resolution 9-99. Interim Rules for Operations for the Town of Ellettsville during the Fall-Festival.


Geraldine McIntyre asked, Do I hear a motion to approve the Resolution.Gina Hawkins answered, so moved.Mike Cornman seconded the motion.Motion carried 3-0.




Town Marshall Ron McGlocklin gave the following quotes from three wrecker services to remove cars for the town.Marshall McGlocklin contacted the BMV as requested by the town attorney , and as far as the liability the town would have on this is, basically we have none.According to BMV, we have to get a form, Iíve ordered some and they are going to be sending them to us, and we should get them tomorrow, if they ship them out today.The form is 322, and what that does is that we fill these forms out when we have these vehicles towed off the property that form has to be filled out at the time that the wrecker is hooking up to the car ,on whatever vehicle it is, one copy is sent back to the BMV in Indianapolis, one goes to the wrecker driver or towing company, and the rest , the other three copies, one for the police department, one on file.After twenty days, these vehicles, the BMV will notify the property owners that they can get their vehicles back, providing they make them operable.If not, after twenty days, the BMV will send down a representative to that storage lot, and they will go ahead and take care of all the publication in the paper as far as legal ads as for putting these vehicles up for auction, and they will auction these vehicles off, and that is how the towing company will get their money back.Now,, if these vehicles do not sell, then the towing company will in turn, they will be given the vehicles by the state, for their services, and they can do with the vehicle whatever.So, until we get that Form 322,we canít actually tow offthe property until we get that form.I told them to ship us down at least 150 of those forms.Now, as for pricing, I contacted three companies.


1:†† Rickís Towing$45.00 Towing, $8.50 per day storage.

2.      Blandís Wrecker Service$65.00 Towing, $8.50 per day storage

3.      West Side Shell$55.00 Towing, $8.50 per day storage


Town Marshall McGlocklin pointed out that Rickís Towing was a local business in his comments. Geraldine McIntyre asked Ron if the price for towing in the ordinance was $40.00 per tow and $5.00 per day storage and was told by him that she was correct. It was discussed whether the town ordinance would have to be changed to accommodate the price increase and it was agreed upon that the town literally didnít have anything to do with it, the Town was just the governing body doing a job to get the vehicles removed under BMV guidelines.


Mike Cornman made the motion that we use Rickís Towing service based on the quotes provided.Don Ashley seconded.Motion carried 4-0.


Don Ashley had entered the room during the discussion about the quotes for the towing services.


There was more discussion about the legalities of the towing issue between Town Marshall McGlocklin and the Town Board Members.


Darlene Sowder asked why the town board did not have to change the amount in the ordinance, why was the amount in the ordinance in the first place.


Geraldine McIntyre answered, that Ordinance was made a long time ago, and I donít know exactly why that amount was put in it but back when that Ordinance was approved, I think if they set it high, but like everything else times have changed.


Darlene Sowder urged the Town Board to check with Mr. Spencer to make sure that it doesnít need to be changed because she doesnít understand why the amounts would be there, if they were wrong.


Mike Cornman answered that tells us to be in accordance with state law on towing so that supersedes that, so thatís why, but we can have Diana check that with Mike Spencer, Town Attorney.


Geraldine McIntyre asked Diana to check the issue with Mike Spencer.




Shelly Taylor had a comment on the budget, I guess I should have come to the last meeting.As I understand it, the taxes are going to raise if Ellettsville becomes a city, and I donít think thatís quite been made aware of to a lot of people.I donít think enough people realize what the facts are going to be.One thing that Iím mainly concerned about is , Are the utility bills going to go up?From what Iíve read in the paper it says no, Mike Farmer says no, but I donít see how they couldnít if $30í000 is going to have to come from the Utilities Department to pay for some of these other things, Mayor salaries, what have you.I think it was quite a shock, maybe it wasnít to everyone else, but when my water bill went up for the new sewage plant and its still, I have three members of my family and I donít feel that we use an excess amount of water, and our bill ranges right at the average of fifty dollars a month.To me, thatís pretty high, I pay a lot for a water and sewage bill.Iím still just a little concerned about that it might go up as well, theirs not been any mention of that.I donít know if you have any answers or not.


Geraldine McIntyre answered, As far as the water bill, I donít think that will have to go up.As far as putting in the budget for the mayor, we set another levy, if the town remains a town and does not become a city, we can request not to use that levy, am I correct on that Diana.


Diana Evans, Clerk Treasurer, answered that she was correct.


Geraldine McIntyre said that money would not be used if we remain a town.


Shelly Taylor asked if Geraldine thought the water and utility bills would go up.


Geraldine answered, Not at this point, No.


Mike Cornman said that the bills canít go up, not unless we have a hearing and notify the people, itís a little different with utilities.


Shelly Taylor asked if the extra money would then come from the levy that you asked for.What I read in the paper was that $30í000 would come from the Utility Department, it didnít say where the Utility Department would get that $30í000.


Mike Cornman answered that the utility budgets arenít done until November or December of the year, and there has been talk from the utility people to bring in somebody to manage the office, so that was the money that that position , so called position, its in limbo right now, because it may not happen, it depends on what goes on, if we get a mayor.Because of the newer technology thatís taken place with our meter system that we had all ready had built in then we would have funds there to further manage our office.


Shelly Taylor also wanted to mention one other thing.Not only if Ellettsville becomes a city will our taxes go up from that, but thereís also I guess, I donít know if its official yet, but the school board also wants to raise the property taxes, so thatís a pretty big whop to a lot of people, not that thereís anything you all can do to change it, but I just think that maybe the people should be a little bit more aware of their taxes are going to go up, and some people its not going to affect that much, but there are other people, myself included, that, you know, I do pretty good to scrape by, to pay my bills, what they are now, and thatís just going to add a couple hundred dollars a year that I have to come up with that I didnít realize until I started really digging into this myself.I mean, it wasnít just there for me to say, Oh wow, if we become a city our taxes are going to go up and the school board might raise them, too.I just think that thereís not enough information out there to the people for them to realize whatís happening.This has all happened so fast that thereís so many people out there , everyone that Iíve talked to that Iíve asked these questions just donít know.I think itís just really sad to make such a big decision and a big jump without enough information for people to have a hold of, because if it does happen, then theyíre all going to come screaming , We didnít know our taxes were going to go up, and we didnít know this was going up, and it should just be out there to begin with.


Geraldine McIntyre stated that on September 29th at the auditorium at the school there will be a forum about the City and Town, and you can express your opinions there and I urge you to attend, and anyone else that you want to attend with you.


Mike Cornman added that the Town Council really doesnít have all the information either and if we had a little more time we might, but some of it, its not there and weíre told we wonít know if we will get a levy increase, a tax increase, until February of next yearWe will already know if we are a city or a town, so we could be a city, operating a city budget, and the State Board of Tax Commissioners say , No, you canít do it.


Geraldine McIntyre told Shelly that she appreciated her coming and her concerns, and said that a lot of people have the same concerns.


Ed Bitner commented that 90% of what Shelly had just said was exactly what he had already said, so Shelly wouldnít have been an outcast if you had said what you did.I was one of the first people coming out here and saying something about that.The comment that the board just made kind of bothers me, in the fact that when you brought up will our utility bills go up, you said weíre limited on how much we can raise that anyway. Thatís the same thing said when I brought that up, and a month later you guys are applying for this excess levy, so thereís nothing that says you guys canít do that any way, off the utilities.


Geraldine McIntyre answered that we are under the Indiana Regulatory Commission, and we would have to go before them and they would have to approve it, but we are not intending to do that. There was more discussion about the above matters.




Gina Hawkins made the motion that we adjourn.Mike Cornman seconded.Motion carried 4-0, meeting was adjourned.