Ellettsville Utilities Department

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The Town of Ellettsville Utilities is a municipally owned water & wastewater utility. It is managed by Bynum Fanyo Utilities, a private utilities management firm. The water utility consists of 90 miles of water main and two storage tanks with combined storage capacity of 1M gallons. The water utility center currently serves approximately 4800 customers and has daily average flows of .9 MGD (Million Gallons per Day). The sanitary sewer system consists of the Ellettsville Wastewater Treatment Plant, which also services Northern and Eastern Richland Sewer Corporations, and includes approximately 22 miles of sewer mains in the collection system. The sewer utility serves approximately 4,000 customers and has daily treated flows of 1.1 MGD.

Individuals wanting to sign up for new services, start-up existing water service or pay their bill can stop by the office during regular office hours. Also, individuals wanting new services can call ahead to request an on-site evaluation and estimate for installation charges.

For more details, please contact the office:

Ellettsville Utilities / Office Hours: 7:30-4:00 M-F
1150 W. Guy McCown Drive
P.O. Box 8
Ellettsville, IN 47429
Phone: (812) 876-2297
Fax: (812) 876-6850
Line Location Requests: (800) 382-5544
Email: utilities@ellettsville.in.us


The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located northwest of town on Red Hill Road. Built in 1997 with a design capacity of 2.3 MGD, it utilizes state-of-the-art technology, including ultra-violet disinfection, to ensure the highest quality effluent.

Wastewater Treatment Plant is managed by Jeff Farmer of Bynum Fanyo Utilities and is located at 7568 Red Hill Road Ellettsville , IN 47429 Phone: (812) 876-1287 Fax: (812) 876-0668

The Utility Service building is located at 6150 N. Matthews Drive . Personnel and equipment are dispatched from this location. Utility crews consist of 2 plant operators and 9 operations-maintenance personnel. The utility boasts about its modern fleet of equipment, including a new combo jet-rudder for cleaning and maintaining sanitary sewers and a mobile camera that inspects the interior of the sewer mains.

Stormwater Quality and Why It Is a Concern:

Anytime it rains, water falls onto many different surfaces, and depending on the surface, it either enters the ground, or runs off to another location. For instance, if rain falls on grass, a portion soaks into the ground, but if it lands on a paved parking lot, it runs off the lot to another location. Within the urbanized area of the Town of Ellettsville, much of the rain runs off of driveways, parking lots and streets, where it picks up oil, grease, sediments and many other pollutants that are harmful to the environment. To report erosion problems at construction sites, please call the Ellettsville Planning Department at (812) 876-8008.

Many people don't realize that polluted runoff from impervious surfaces (like pavement) runs into storm drain inlets which drain directly into streams and other water bodies (including drinking water supplies such as Lake Monroe). This type of pollution is called non-point source pollution because the overall pollution comes from many different sources. Polluted runoff damages and kills vegetation, fish and wildlife habitats. Runoff from failing septic systems and farms can cause E. coli levels in waterways to become dangerous to human health, and can cause overproduction of algae in lakes and ponds which leads to fish kills. The only way to lessen this pollution is to reduce the amount of pollutants washed away by stormwater.