April 10, 2000

The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, April 10, 2000. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President; Gina Hawkins, Vice President; John Dailey, Jerry Pittsford, and David Sorokoty. David Sorokoty led the Pledge of Allegiance, and John Daily gave the prayer. (There was no audiotape for this meeting due to mechanical failure.)


David Sorokoty made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting and claims. John Dailey seconded. Motion carried.



They was no representative to speak concerning Edgewood Heights, therefore it was tabled. Jewel Echelbarger commented, the reason for changing the covenants and restrictions was in order to state the age requirement as 55 and older. She would also like to see the name as Edgewood Village instead of Edgewood Heights, a change that occurred when it became a retirement community instead of a regular housing addition. Rick Coppock said it can be called Edgewood Village, but the original plat was recorded as Edgewood Heights therefore it must be referenced back to the plat name for amendments. Jewel has received a copy of the revised covenants and restrictions. Geraldine reaffirmed the new version needs to be presented to the Council to be voted on as amended.

ORDINANCE 00-6: Additional Appropriation: Second Reading

The Addition Appropriation requests permission to increase Motor Vehicle Highway Funds by $2,846.00, money paid to the Street Department by the Water Utility for equipment rental on the water line replacement project on Highway 46 east of Ellettsville, and $6.727.91 for the Fire Cumulative Building and Equipment Fund for the purchase of radios for the Fire Department. Gina Hawking made the motion to accept Ordinance 00-6 for an additional appropriation. John Dailey seconded. Motion carried.

ORDINANCE 00-7: An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 812 of The Ellettsville Town Code Concerning District Regulations, General Provisions Cellular and Other Communications Towers of the Town of Ellettsville: Second Reading

Ordinance 00-7 amended Chapter 812 of the Ellettsville Town Code by adding section 812-6 to read as follows: The Town of Ellettsville is creating a moratorium for a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days on the building of wireless, radio, and television communication tower facilities. During the one hundred and eighty (180) days following the adoption of this ordinance, commencing on March 28, 2000, noon, and ending on September 24, 2000, noon, neither the plan commission nor the town council will accept, review, and/or approve any application for a land use or permit relating to the construction, erection and/or operation of a wireless, radio, and television communication tower facility. Nor will any building permits be granted for such structures during this period. The purpose of this moratorium is to enable the Town of Ellettsville to establish a rational and fair method for regulating such towers. The foregoing restriction does not apply to complete land use applications that comply with all relevant application requirements set forth in the Ellettsville Town Code and that are filed prior to March 29, 2000, at 12:00 noon. David Sorokoty made the motion to accept Ordinance 00-7: an Ordinance to Amend Chapter 812 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning District Regulations, General Provisions Cellular and Other Communication Towers of the Town of Ellettsville. John Dailey seconded. Motion passed.



Rick Coppock

Rick, representing Kevin Farris, requested final plat and site plan approval for 4990 Lakeview Drive. Rick explained this was a continuance of First Choice Self Storage. The Plan Commission at the April 6th meeting has approved it. It consists of a one-acre track divided into 2 pieces. Rick displayed the map for the Councils review showing the addition to an existing building and the new construction to be done. Jerry Pittsford made the motion to accept the final plat and the site plan of the Belcher subdivision at 4990 Lakeview Drive. John Dailey seconded. Motion passed.


Rick Coppock

Rick Coppock, representing Charlie Wright, explained Charlie lost his partner in the Forest View project. Charlie would like to revise the plans extend the back yards by twenty foot. This will still leave a fifty-foot right of way behind the property in case there would be need for a road in the future. David Sorokoty made the motion to approve Forest View section three amendment one. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Motion passed.


Rick Coppock

Rick expressed the same request for section four as made for section three to extend the lot size by 20 feet. David Sorokoty made the motion to approve Forest View section four amendment one. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Motion passed.


Jewel Echelbarger

Jewel addressed the Council. She stated in 1996 she had requested the Town Council and the School Board to please permit Area 10 to develop a park for skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bicyclist. Area-10 working with a group of young people and their families received a Build Indiana grant for the first phase of the park. It is now time for phase 2 of the park to be started. She respectfully request that the Town of Ellettsville through its Park and Recreation Department work to develop phase two and the remainder of the development of the park. There is $27,000 in Build Indiana funds still available to the park. The senior citizens prefer to be involved in intergenerational programs such as the Book Buddies program and America Reads program rather than with the skateboard park. Area 10 would like to have another group take over the reins of the Skate Park to insure the kids get what they deserve. The insurance for the park is paid through March of 2001. President McIntrye then mentioned that the insurance carried three names on it. Area 10 was the first carrier. The town board was listed second since it was town property, and the school was listed third. Geraldine spoke with R-BB Superintendent Steve Kain and he had no problem with still being on the insurance for this park. The Area 10 Agency would like to have their name off of the insurance papers. Jewel said she has talked with Lease Farkas, President of the Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board, about taking the park over for Area 10. Lease requested the decision be tabled until she can meet with the Park Board, Skate Park Board and receive information from the community on how to handle the park.

Ronald Shaw

Mr. Shaw, Vice President of the Ellettsville Family Skate Park said they have applied form 501C3 to become a not for profit organization. Communication has broken down between Area 10 and the Skate Park Board. They did not know about Area 10 wishing to turn the park over to the town until they read it in the Herald Times that morning. He went on to say the skate park was not designed, as the kids wanted it to be blaming Area 10 for the changes. He claimed the land was owned by the township trustee instead of the town. The park has their own organization and they want to run the park themselves.

Levi Jameson

Levi spoke for the youth. He reiterated that Area 10 was to blame for the flawed design of the park, by placing the mound in the middle instead of on the end. "Area 10 was voted out because we were not getting done what needed to be done".

Kathleen Cerajeski

Kathleen Cerajeski, past staff member of Area 10 and current co-treasurer of Ellettsville Family Skate Park, expressed appreciation of Area 10 stating "we wouldn't be this far without the support of Area 10 Agency". She also mentioned that it was unfortunate that there was this miscommunication. "As you well know, when you get a lot of strong minds under one roof it is difficult to keep everyone focused and on track and I think that is what we're facing here." We don't want to leave tonight feeling that we're not open to continue to work in this community as a group with Parks and Rec. or with this Council. We welcome all support and help. "Our concern is for the next step of the park. The youth want to be self-sustaining. They can learn a process here by being somewhat in charge of their destiny at the park. They want to work with, not for or under but side-side-side with." She spent a lot of last summer at the park talking with approximately 200 people at the park. She felt that they were not recognized when decisions were made. They are working with an attorney, Stewart Baggerly from R.T. Miller & Associates, to obtain the 501C3. All of their expenses are documented. She agrees they want the decision tabled until the Ellettsville Family Skate Park officers can meet with Farkas and the Ellettsville Parks and Recreation Board so we can begin dialogue. The Ellettsville Skate Board have a meeting scheduled at 6:30 PM on the last Tuesday of April at the Library. They are willing to schedule an emergency meeting. They would also request the dedicated funding remain dedicated to the Skate Board Park. Jerry Pittsford said he would be willing to attend the meeting. He asks if they would be willing to function as a committee under the Parks Board. Kids have the need for an outlet. In the true spirit of cooperation we need to work with all parties affected by the Skate Board Park. Youth and parent evolvement are needed as well at the school, the town and Area 10. They all have an interest in this. John Dailey agrees we need the spirit of cooperation. In ten years what if your organization dissolves. David made the motion to table the Skate Board Park decision. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Motion passed.


Alva Bohall requested to transfer 5 unused vacation days to unused sick days. Brian Mobley requested to transfer 1 unused vacation day to unused sick days. John Dailey made the move to transfer the unused vacation days to the unused sick days. Gina seconded. Motion passed.


Ron McGlocklin

Ron informed the Council that the Officer Phil program from Minnesota would like to visit our school classes Kindergarten through Fourth grade to do a program on drug interdiction. There will not be a charge. The money for the program will be raised through selling 60 ads in the area. The company has been in business for 27 years. They will have coloring books with lessons pertaining to safety information. It will be for the 2000-2001 school year.

Jeff Farmer

Jeff said the sewer plant handled the rainfall last weekend. We had 2.9 inches of rain. We did not experience Sanitary Sewer Overflows or SSO. During the rain event our flows went from 700 thousand gallons per day to 10 million gallons per day in a 24-hour period.

Rick Coppock

Rick announced Bloomington is having a water rate increase. He should know by the next meeting how it will affect the town's water rate.

Bill Land

Mr. Land said he would be going an 11-question survey to be done either over the telephone or one on one. This survey will pass through the steering committee and will help with the land use decisions. Mr. Land and Kevin Farris attended a meeting concerning the proposed Highway 69. Bill will have working maps available and will talk anytime to address questions or concerns. He will give updates at the regular meetings. If highway 69 is a go we will need to do some major planning. Truck terminals would be a possibility on Highway 46. We need good planning to avoid an unfavorable situation.

David Sorokoty

David wanted to remind everyone of the organizational meeting for the Chandler Drive Neighborhood Association on Thursday April 19th at the Library.

Sandra Hash

Sandra will attend the last required class toward her Certified Municipal Clerk Certification on Tuesday April 11th. The State Board of Accounts and the State Board of Tax Commissioners will have a meeting sponsored by the Indiana League of Municipal Clerks in Indianapolis on Wednesday, April 12, 2000. Both Sandra and Patrick Stoffers will be attending.

John Dailey

John announced the Red Cross emergency training for major disaster preparedness will be Saturday April 22 and again on Saturday April 29 at 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM. It will be at the Red Cross located at 411 East Seventh Street. It will also be televised. By watching the training you can be certified as a disaster volunteer. For questions you should contact Ed Vandersande with the Red Cross.

Geraldine McIntyre

Geraldine informed the group that the Monroe County Solid Waste would accept fluorescent lights. The lights are considered hazardous materials. She also said David Sorokoty and herself had attended the Economic Tool Box class followed by the ground breaking at Ivy Tech. She encouraged everyone to attend a luncheon meeting April 26th, 11:00 AM at Terry's. The speaker will be Steve Ferguson. The topic will be How Government Works. The meal will be served at noon with a cost of $10.00.


Dennis Fisher

Dennis told the Council the last meeting between Eastern Richland Sewer and Northern Richland Sewer to discuss the merging of the two sewer corporations had ended in a tie vote. Therefore there will be another meeting Thursday, April 13th at the Library; they would like to hear what Ellettsville has to offer before they vote again. Geraldine McIntyre, Jerry Pittsford, Mike Farmer and Jeff Farmer agreed to attend the meeting.


Gina Hawkins made the motion to adjourn. David Sorokoty seconded. Motion passed.

D. Geraldine McIntyre, President

Gina Hawkins, Vice President

John Dailey

Jerry Pittsford

David Sorokoty


Sandra C. Hash, Clerk-Treasurer