February 7, 2000


The Ellettsville, Indiana, Plan Commission met in regular session at 7:00 p.m., Monday, February 7, 2000, at the Ellettsville Town Hall. Members present were Kevin Farris, President, David Sorokoty, Vice President, Frank Buczolich, Sandra Hash, Clerk -Treasurer, Geraldine McIntyre, and Pat Mitchell, secretary. Terry Baker was absent. Mr. Farris called the meeting to order.

Also present were Bill Land Town Planner and Rick Coppock, Engineer. Phil Tapp, Engineer, representative of Voiles Construction presenting Edgewood Village Plat for Final Approval.


Mr. Land spoke of his ten years previous experience as a Senior Planer with the City of Bloomington and most recently with both Brown and DuBois Counties of Indiana.


Mr. Coppock presented the original survey for Edgewood Village that came before the Town Council and addressed the bonding required for streets, public improvements, trees, retention ponds and the privacy fence discussed with the interested neighbors at that time. The preliminary street access to Reeves Road no longer is needed as road right-of-way but due to the utility easement an easement is required for the purpose of accessing and maintaining those utilities.

Mr. Tapp addressed these remaining requirements for completion of this phase of Edgewood Village and the concerns of the interested parties.

The following persons addressed concerns as follows:

Lisa Ridge requested clarification of the road easement. Her understanding was that the easement as shown on the plat to the one-half of the property adjacent to her property was to be released by the Town of Ellettsville subject to the existing easement and reverting back to her lot. She also questioned who would prepare the necessary documents, if any were needed, and if a petition would need to be prepared. Since this action was already taken and approved and in previous minutes of (March 8, 1995 and April 13, 1995) no further action was deemed necessary.

Russ Ryle addressed voiced his concerns regarding the subdivision including number of units, drainage of run-off water, privacy fence appearance or trees on the lot lines, prevention of foot traffic from the school, speeding traffic in the area and age of residents. Mr. Ryle also requested a copy of the PUD requirements and specifications as used on the plat of Edgewood Village that was finally accepted pending completion of the above listed items. (i.e. fence, retention pond, trees, streets) Mrs. Ryle also reiterated her concerns for the automobile traffic and ages of residents in the new subdivision. Suggested the restriction of age 50 or older residents/owners be imposed on all purchasers.

Jennifer Freeman expressed her concerns at this time which were fencing and traffic control and similar to those previously voiced.

John Davis, a prospective owner of one of the homes spoke in favor of the Edgewood Villages and the work already completed by Voiles Construction and his belief that this will be a good residence for senior citizens.

Gib Fisher arrived late and also expressed his concerns with the traffic flow to be generated from this area and the proposed privacy fence.

Phil Tapp answered the questions that had been raised and explained current plans for grading and fencing and sizes of lots as presented for final plat approval.

Gerald McIntyre moved that the Ellettsville Planning and Zoning Commission approve the Final Plat of Lots 40 & 43 and all of Lots 44 through 66 of Edgewood Heights Section III. Second by Pat Mitchell, motion carried. Dave Sorokoty voted no.

After discussion and review, Sandy Hash moved that we accept the recommendations for zoning for the Westbrook Downs annexation as presented by Rick Coppock, a copy of which is attached or placed on file in the office of the Clerk of the Town of Ellettsville, IN. Second was made and the motion was carried unanimously.


Upon motion and second and unanimous vote the meeting was adjourned.

Those present in the audience were as follows:

Philip O. Tapp, Bledsoe, Tapp & Riggert

Lisa Ridge, 7200 West Reeves Road

David Drake, 1010 W. Oak Street

Jason and Jennifer Freeman, 7320 West Reeves Road

John and Elizabeth David 9934 W. Wolf Mountain Road, Gosport

Prospective purchasers of a lot in Edgewood Village

Russ, Evelyn and John Ryle, 7350 W. Reeves Road

Gib Fisher, W. Reeves Road

Karla Kennard-Frownfelter, 515 West Miami Street

Kevin Farris, President

David Sorokoty, Vice President

Terry Baker

Frank Buczolich

Sandra C. Hash

Geraldine McIntyre,

David Drake, Secretary