June 26, 2000


The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, June 26, 2000. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President; Gina Hawkins, Vice President; John Dailey, Jerry Pittsford, and David Sorokoty. Mrs. McIntyre called the meeting to order. Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer. John Dailey led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mike Farmer

Mike recognized Jim Harden for five years of service and presented him a denim jacket. The jacket is a service award given to utility employees.


Ordinance 00-16: An Ordinance concerning water rates and charges:

Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 00-16 by title only. David Sorokoty made the motion to accept Ordinance 00-16 an ordinance concerning water rates and charges. John Dailey seconded. Motion carried.

Public Hearing for Ordinance 00-10 an ordinance concerning the annexation of adjacent and contiguous territory of the Ellettsville town code:

Rick Coppock

Rick described this as a voluntary annexation phase II of 7.5 acres owned by Fred Ponton. Phase I is 30 acres that was previously annexed into the town. The property lies between Forest View Apartment and Union Valley Road. The Fiscal Plan was presented April 24, 2000. Jim McDonald will be the developer of the property. It is zoned R-1, single family.

There were no public comments.


Housing/Grounds Agreement with Monroe County Fall Festival Association, Inc.:

Gina Hawkins read the request to use the Town lots on September 21,22, and 23, 2000 for the Fall Festival. The request states the liability insurance will be provided by the Festival Association through The May Agency. They also agree to leave the property in as good of condition as when it assumed for use.

Gina Hawkins moved to approve the housing/grounds agreement with Monroe County Fall Festival Association, Inc. Jerry Pittsford seconded. Motion carried.

Ordinance 00-15: An ordinance to amend Section 812-60 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning garage and yard sales:

Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 00-15 as follows:

Be it ordained an adopted by the Town Council of Ellettsville, Indiana:

Section 1. That Section 812-60-b is amended by increasing the fee for the permit from One Dollar ($1.00) to Three Dollars ($3.00).

Section 2. This ordinance takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on the 3rd day following its final publication according to the procedure specified by Indiana Code 5-3-1.

Karla Kennard-Frownfelter from the Journal asked why is there an increase in the fee? Geraldine responded the increase is to cover the cost of the required paper work. Karla also asked if there was a fine associated with not getting a garage sale permit and do the police act on this. Jay Humphrey answered the police have stopped to verity permits, but have never issued an ordinance violation or fine.

David Sorokoty stated he did not like this ordinance. He would like to see it done away with. It is unenforceable and makes criminals out of honest people.

Mike Spencer informed the Council the first reading of an ordinance did not need a motion. It only needs to be introduced.

Gina Hawkins introduced Ordinance 00-15 for the first reading.

Ordinance 00-17: An ordinance amending ordinance 99-15 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning the fixing of salaries for the budget year 2000:

Gina Hawkins read the ordinance as follows:

An ordinance amending Ordinance 99-15 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning the fixing of salaries for the budget year 2000.

BE IT ORDAINED AND ADOPTED by the Town Council of the Town of Ellettsville, Monroe County, Indiana, that Ordinance 99-15 of the Ellettsville Town Code is hereby amended by the establishment of the following salary:


103 Deputy Clerk-Treasurer $ 9.00 to $ 10.74 per hour
($ 432.00 to $ 515.52 for 48 hours biweekly)
($ 11,232.00 to $ 13,403.52 annually)

Water Fund and Sewer Fund

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer $ 9.00 to 10.74 per hour
($ 144.00 to $ 171.84 for 16 hours biweekly) (Water)
($ 3,744.00 to $ 4,467.84 annually) (Water)
($ 144.00 to $ 171.84 for 16 hours biweekly) (Sewer)
($ 3,744.00 to $ 4,467.84 annually) (Sewer)

Gina Hawkins introduced Ordinance 00-17 for the first reading.

Sandra Hash explained the change is a clarification on the distribution of the Deputy Clerk’s salary. This is no increase to the salary.

Resolution 8-00 Transfer of Funds:

Gina Hawkins read the resolution as follows:

WHEREAS, it has been determined that more money is needed than is currently available in certain funds and appropriations:

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the following transfers or temporary loans are hereby authorized:

FROM: General-354 Street Lights $ 2500.00
TO: General-119 Part-time $ 2500.00

FROM: General-122 Group Insurance $ 1500.00
TO: General-103 Deputy Clerk-Treasurer $ 1500.00

Both Jerry Pittsford and David Sorokoty felt it would be better to wait a couple more months before transferring out of streetlights or group insurance. They want to make sure there is a surplus in those funds before redirecting there use. Jerry Pittsford request an overtime line is put in the budget for the clerk-treasurer’s office staff in the upcoming 2001 budget.

David Sorokoty moved Resolution 8-00 be tabled. John Dailey seconded. Motion carried.


Gina Hawkins moved to accept the minutes and claims. John Dailey seconded. Motion carried.


Jim Davis

Jim told the Council the extrication equipment purchased with the Build Indiana Grant of $25,000 was in and everyone one has been trained on its use. The wrecked cars at station 7 were for training with the new equipment.

Mike Farmer

Mike requested to close the utility office on July 3rd, 2000. Adjustments have been made to the delinquent notices and the employees are willing to use earned time off. The Council approved.

Mike also reported a water problem on Saturday, June 24, 2000. Lightening went through a tree into a water main, breaking the water main. Jeff Farmer, Mike Farmer and the 2 on call men repaired the main that same night.

Jeff Farmer

Jeff explained Garrett Towell has obtained his class three certification. He commended Garrett for his initiative in this venture.

Rick Coppock

Rick has talked with Matt Thomas and Alicia Hightower concerning reimbursements for the one-way pair through town. The guideline is 10% of the gross revenue. That would be $90,000 for water and $158,000 for sewer. What the town has already done will apply toward their portion. They will be sending the utility reimbursement agreements. After the agreements are signed we will award Main Street to them.

David Sorokoty

David announced at the next meeting for the Neighborhood Association it is planned to elect a president and officers. Everyone seems willing to put in $30 to form a non profit corporation and file for a 5013C.

Jerry Pittsford

Jerry thanked Mike Spencer for attending a meeting concerning town proceedings.

Geraldine McIntyre

Geraldine announced the Fourth of July celebration would be on July 1st, with the fireworks at dusk. One July 6th and the Endwright Center there will be a recognition party with cake for refreshments in honor of outstanding community volunteers.


Jerry Pittsford made the motion to adjourn. Gina Hawkins seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

D. Geraldine McIntyre, President

Gina Hawkins, Vice President

John Dailey

Jerry Pittsford

David Sorokoty


Sandra C. Hash, Clerk-Treasurer