March 27, 2000

The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 27, 2000. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President, Gina Hawkins, Vice President, John Dailey, Jerry Pittsford, and David Sorokoty. Mrs. McIntyre called the meeting to order. John Dailey gave the prayer. Gina Hawkins led the Pledge of Allegiance.


State Representative Peggy Welch

Geraldine McIntyre introduced State Representative Peggy Welch and noted that she would be speaking now rather than later on the agenda. Representative Welch addressed the council and audience, and indicated that her office was there to assist the council and the people of Ellettsville.


David Sorokoty made a motion to accept the minutes and claims. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.


Geraldine McIntyre appointed Jerry Pittsford to the Monroe County Area Planning Board.



Geraldine McIntyre noted that no one was there to speak on this and it was tabled.


Gina Hawkins read the ordinance by title only. Gina Hawkins made a motion to approve Ordinance 00-5. David Sorokoty seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.


Gina Hawkins read the ordinance by title only. John Dailey made a motion to approve Ordinance 00-8. Jerry Pittsford seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.



Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 00-6 for first reading. Jerry Pittsford made a motion to approve Ordinance 00-6. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.


Gina Hawkins read Ordinance 00-7 for first reading. David Sorokoty made a motion to approve Ordinance 00-7. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.


Geraldine McIntyre indicated that the agreement would be tabled on the advice of the attorney and that she had talked to Jerry Barnes and he was working on this now.


Gina Hawkins read the proclamation:

WHEREAS, child abuse is a serious and growing problem affecting more than 3.2 million of our nation's children annually; and
WHEREAS, this societal malignancy called child abuse respects no racial, religious, class, or geographic boundaries, and in fact, has been Declared a national emergency; and
WHEREAS, The Exchange Club of Ellettsville, through its support of parental aid programs, parenting classes, educational programs, and community service activities, is making significant progress in stopping this crime against families and children; and
NOW, THEREFORE, as President of the Ellettsville Town Council, I hereby proclaim that the entire month of April shall be observed as CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH in Ellettsville, and I urge citizens to use this time to better understand, recognize, and respond to to this grievous problem; AND, FURTHER, I congratulate The Exchange Club of Ellettsville for its continued success in helping families break free from the cycle of child abuse.
ADOPTED this 27th day of March 2000, by the Ellettsville Town Council.

Darlyne Sowder said that the Exchange Club was doing several things in the month of April commemorating the prevention child abuse, one of which was selling blue ribbons. She then presented each council member with a blue ribbon. John Dailey asked about any programs for the public in the month of April. Darlyne Sowder said that there were displays at the library and that there would be a roadblock at the end of April and anybody interested in anything else should contact an Exchange Club member.


Gina Hawkins read a request from Becky Wines, Utility Office Manager that the following checks be returned to the fund: #5502 for $23.14, #5508 for $3.60, #6111 for $30.00 and #6117 for $7.09 for a total of $63.83. David Sorokoty made a motion to approve the request. Gina Hawkins seconded the motion. Becky Wines explained to the council that these checks had been outstanding for over two years and never been cashed. There was more discussion. Motion passed 5-0.


Commander Mike Hendricks said all five people had passed the background investigation, the 40-hour pre-basic training, and recently qualified with firearms. The Reserve Unit has accepted them. He introduced them to the council and asked if they had any questions. Some basic questions were asked of each new Reserve Deputy Marshal, such as place of employment, age, and area of residence.

  Jayson Tatlock: David Sorokoty made a motion to approve Jayson Tatlock. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

  April Mann: Jerry Pittsford made a motion to approve April Mann. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

Patrick Stoffers: David Sorokoty made a motion to approve Patrick Stoffers. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

Conrad Simpson: David Sorokoty made a motion to approve Conrad Simpson. John Dailey seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

Albert Alexander: John Dailey made a motion to approve Albert Alexander. David Sorokoty seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

Commander Mike Hendricks indicated that there were now 21 Reserve Deputy Marshals in the unit.


Ronald McGlocklin

Marshal McGlocklin informed the council that a private individual, G.L.Chandler, has put up the money to pay for the reserves insurance and liability. John Dailey offered the council's appreciation to Mr. Chandler. Marshal McGlocklin indicated that they would budget for it next year. The Marshal informed the council of a major drug arrest last night and that they had taken between $150,000 and $180,000 worth of drugs off the street. …Applause… They were now investigating some computer fraud cases with the U.S. Postal Service, FBI, and Indiana State Police. They had made three arrests regarding the cases…Applause… Jerry Pittsford noted that the town had received the new K-9.

Mike Farmer

Mike Farmer said tomorrow and Wednesday they would be crossing the highway at Main Street and subcontractors were putting in sewer. People should be aware of one lane traffic and the need for people to slow down. Water pipe has been installed there the past couple of days. Daily someone flies in there and squalls their tires and it is only a matter of time before we have a fatality out there or at least a really bad accident. There was more discussion about the signage and posted speed limits in the work area. Mike Farmer indicated he wanted a meeting with the council at a future date because they had been invited to meet with the Northern Richland sewer customers regarding consolidation with Ellettsville. Meeting is on April 13th at 7:00 PM at the Monroe County Library, Ellettsville Branch. It was noted this meeting conflicts with the government center meeting.

Rick Coppock

Rick Coppock stated that they had sent out around 200 annexation notices and have had a large response to them. Sandra Hash has reserved the cafeteria at the high school for the meeting on May 30, 2000 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM and that they will send out notices again. This was done due to the limited size of this room.

Bill Land

Bill Land brought a map to the council showing the east – area that he is working with. The map represents a final determination of the boundaries he is working with. The report he is producing for plan commission adoption will contain background, statistics, and recommendations in terms of the corridor, subdivisions, and any other uses appropriate beyond residential. The plan will feature photographs, the idea being taking some photographs from the air to get detail and select maybe a dozen for the report. They want to get at least 25% of the parcel owners involved in some general questions about a vision for the area and how they see the area over the next twenty years. A steering committee is being selected and they will receive this material and work with him to fine tune the document. A timeline is being developed and they want to be finished with the steering committee in about six weeks from now. There would be a general public meeting between plan commission workshop #1 and #2 and they would try to advertise it well ahead of time. He is hoping that most public input will come through the survey and steering committee early on in terms of specificity and they want everyone to have a chance to play a role and he would like to do that after the first workshop. There would be hearings in the plan commission and the public would be invited to those hearings and he assumed the hearings would be in late June, ready to come to the council in July. He believes that they are operating about ten days ahead of schedule and hopefully won't fall off that track. Geraldine and some other people are going to meet with some of the Bloomington Council and try to make sure that they are very clear on what we are doing. Bill Land offered to meet with people because he didn't want this to be a hidden process. This should be a locally controlled locally derived locally initiated type of plan. This is not going to look like Monroe County or Bloomington; it is going to look like what we want. Good planning will be utilized and tough choices may have to be made. Goal is quality of life, values, good equity increases and respect property rights and protect value and higher quality. The map was produced off of the Monroe County GIS system. David Sorokoty requested that he find out the cost of aerial photographing Ellettsville associated with a rooftop count. There was further discussion of census population data and Cinergy aerial photography participation contingent on four units request it, and any representative zoning changes. There was further discussion.


Scott Wells

Scott Wells saluted the council on the moratorium on towers that they passed gave his background as a member of the taskforce that authored the Monroe County ordinance. He urged the council to takes it's time and use the experience of the Monroe County taskforce to do it right and always consider collocation of antennas and use as many people as possible. He referred the council to Dave Sims for documents associated with the county ordinance and discussed set backs from property lines. There was further discussion.

Geraldine McIntyre asked for comments from council members.

David Sorokoty

David Sorokoty discussed burying the power lines downtown. INDOT wants to do it; PSI does not have the money to do it. A cost to the project was mentioned of one million dollars. Geraldine said she would have some further comments about this. David Sorokoty said that INDOT needed contacted to put a traffic light at Sale and Main because they had no plans for one currently. There was further discussion on this traffic light regarding safety and bringing business to town, the census, and four families: Robinson, Gee, Kelson, and Double families for their work in cleaning up an area and reducing flooding in Kelli Heights.

Jerry Pittsford

Jerry Pittsford said he was concerned with having lights at some of the cross over streets and getting census forms filled out and the billboard his student did goes up April 1st. David Sorokoty commented on how the census affects everything.

John Dailey

John Dailey commented on the census and discussed the grade going up Kelli Heights during winter weather. There was further discussion about changing the grade, alternative routes, the plan available for inspection at INDOT's office on west 46, and being turned down for a traffic light at Main and Mathews.

  Geraldine McIntyre

Geraldine McIntyre said that solid waste would have bulk items on April 3rd, the first of three days. There was discussion on assistance in filing out the long census form. Burying the power lines came up during a main street meeting and they requested it of INDOT last Wednesday. Today at INDOT meeting, they said there were funds available for this and Jerry Barnes was interested in seeing the lines buried on Vine, Temperance and down town. Geraldine McIntyre said she had obtained Matt Thomas's address, the Highway Utilities Director and they are working on getting the lines buried. May need a joint resolution of the town and county planning commissions. There was a suggestion was made that all power lines be buried in new additions as suggested by Vi Simpson and was being done in Bloomington. Darlyne Sowder said that one million was not a realistic figure; it was more like three and a half to four million dollars. There was further discussion about traffic control, shopping associated with traffic signals, safety, and speeding on state road 46. Rick Coppock said there already is a right a way already in place for a road for the seniors but he did not have hard costs but would get them. There will be a small island where the roads meet and we could maybe put back up our welcome to Ellettsville sign.


Jerry Pittsford made a motion to adjourn. Gina Hawkins seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0.

D. Geraldine McIntyre, President

Gina Hawkins, Vice President

John Dailey

Jerry Pittsford

David Sorokoty


Sandra C. Hash, Clerk-Treasurer