November 13, 2000





The Ellettsville, Indiana, Town Council met in regular session at 7:30 PM, Monday, November 13, 2000. Members present were Geraldine McIntyre, President; Jerry Pittsford, Vice President; Michael Cornman, David Drake, and David Sorokoty. Geraldine McIntyre called the meeting to order. Dave Sorokoty led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jerry Pittsford gave the prayer. 




David Sorokoty said he would like to table Ordinance 00-24 explaining that he would like some additional study done on creating a town court. David discussed the need to raise revenue from sources other than tax increases. David Sorokoty made a motion to table Ordinance 00-24. Mike Cornman seconded the motion. Motion passed.       



Ordinance 00-25: an ordinance to amend Chapter 280 of the Ellettsville Town Code concerning fees and charges


Sandra Hash told the council that we are waiting on some information on the actual cost of some of the items. Jerry Pittsford made a motion to table Ordinance 00-25. David Drake seconded the motion. Ron McGlocklin explained that we are waiting to receive the Bloomington fee schedule as well as obtain some additional information regarding the actual cost of some items. Motion passed.


Contract with Indiana Department of Transportation


Geraldine McIntyre explained that this is an agreement to turn over Main Street to the state. Rick Coppock said we had held off approving this agreement until negotiations for utility relocation reimbursement were completed and we had obtained the relocation permits. This needs completed by the end of the month so as not to delay the State Road 46 project. Mike Cornman commented that this was the same agreement we had five years ago. Rick Coppock said the state will be responsible for maintenance and plowing of the road and the street would be removed from the town’s road inventory. Rick noted bridges are owned by the county. There was further discussion regarding utility line relocations and reimbursement.


Jerry Pittsford made a motion to sign the agreement with INDOT turning Main Street over to the state. David Drake seconded the motion. Motion passed.




Petition to request the municipal legislative body to submit the question of removal of the water utility from the jurisdiction of the IURC to the registered voters


Geraldine McIntyre explained the town received two petitions and the requirement was for only 23 valid signatures. The signatures on both petitions were verified by the Monroe County Clerk’s office. There was some discussion on whether the council should adopt a resolution or send a letter. Mike Spencer said to send the letter and if there is something else to be done we can do it then.


Telecable Settlement


Sandra Hash explained that the town was a class member of Henshaw v. AT&T and




we submitted the required documents and one claim was accepted in the amount of $ 290.29. The other was denied.


Jerry Pittsford made a motion to accept the settlement with AT&T Corporation coming from the Henshaw v. AT&T Corporation class action lawsuit and I further move that we abandon any attempts to collect on the other claim. Mike Cornman seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Purchase easement form Roger New


Rick Coppock said we had received appraisals for the easements that the council had previously discussed. The council reviewed maps of the project while Rick described the particulars of the line relocations. The appraisal was for $ 4100.00 and will be paid by the Sewer Department. The project will increase flows from the downtown area and help reduce overflows. There was further discussion.


David Sorokoty made a motion to give Rick Coppock approval to make an offer to Roger New for the purchase of then right-of-way across his property for the sewer line. Mike Cornman seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Resolution 17-00


Jerry Pittsford read Resolution 17-00 as follows:


                                                           RESOLUTION 17-00


WHEREAS, it has been determined that more money is needed than is currently available in certain funds and appropriations:


THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Ellettsville Town Council that the following transfers or temporary loans are hereby authorized:


FROM: GEN-125 PERF                                           $ 2141.00  

TO:       GEN-124 Workman’s Compensation          $ 2141.00


FROM: MVH-125 PERF                                          $ 1447.84       

FROM: MVH-122 Insurance Deductible                  $   841.16

TO:       MVH-124 Workman’s Compensation            $ 2289.00    


FROM: LRS-245 Signs                                               $ 1000.00                   

TO:       LRS-247 Miscellaneous                               $ 1000.00          


FROM:  PARKS-331 Legal Advertising                   $   100.00       

TO:       PARKS-231 Materials                                 $   100.00


FROM:  GEN-321 Clerk’s Telephone & Fax           $ 1500.00                   

TO:       GEN-225 Office Machines                          $ 1500.00          


FROM: GEN-315 Miscellaneous Professional         $  3190.25       

TO:       GEN-316 Planner                                        $  3190.25  




FROM:  FIRE-352 Natural Gas                                $   220.00                   

TO:        FIRE-322 Telephone                                  $   220.00          



FROM:  FIRE-312 Training Aids & Schools            $ 1000.00       

TO:        FIRE-221 Gasoline & Oil                           $ 1000.00


FROM: GEN-213 Clerk’s Miscellaneous                 $   300.00          

TO:       GEN-396 Promotion Town Business          $   300.00                   


FROM: MVH-233 Other Supplies                            $  200.00

TO:       MVH-221 Gasoline and Oil                         $  200.00


Dated this 13th day of November 2000. (as amended)


The resolution was amended to reflect a correction regarding GEN-213 and GEN-396 being reversed. Jerry Pittsford made a motion to amend Resolution 17-00. David Sorokoty seconded the motion. Motion passed. Jerry Pittsford made a motion to approve Resolution 17-00 as amended. Mike Cornman seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Minutes and Claims


David Sorokoty made a motion to pass minutes and claims, Mike Cornman seconded. Motion passed.




Sandra Hash


Sandra informed the council that she is going to attend year-end training on December 6th in Cicero, Indiana. Jerry Pittsford made a motion to approve travel on December 6th for Sandy to attend training in Cicero, Indiana. David Drake seconded the motion. Motion passed.


David Sorokoty


David Sorokoty discussed the process by which the county will give the memorial park to the town. They have had it since the early 1950’s due to unpaid property taxes of $ 27.50.


David said they recently had a neighborhood association meeting with about 30 members in attendance. Jerry Barnes from INDOT discussed the intersection of Chandler Drive and State Road 46, hill slope, and Kelli Drive traffic. Bill Williams will be their next speaker on December 12, 2000 to discuss McNeely on the north side of the neighborhood.


Mike Cornman discussed grants for point and non-point water pollution and reviewed the previous work done during the creek study. Mike asked Mike Farmer to look into additional grants. There was some discussion regarding the creek study final report and video.


Jerry Pittsford


Jerry Pittsford informed the council that David Martin, a teacher in our school





system, has recently undergone a bone marrow transplant. He has asked the teachers to have a blood drive. The Red Cross will be at the junior high on December 15th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM collecting blood. Mike Cornman suggested that donors allow their names be submitted for the bone marrow registry.


Geraldine McIntyre


Geraldine McIntyre said there was a meeting with herself, David Sorokoty, Mike Farmer, Rick Coppock, Vi Simpson, INDOT, Cinergy, Smithville Telephone, and Insight regarding the burial of the overhead utilities. Vi Simpson asked that letters of support for the project be sent by groups to the state. Geraldine noted Ellettsville would be contributing $ 300,000 in-kind towards the project or more. letters should be sent to the State Highway Commission attention Matt Thomas. Mike Cornman suggested the City of Bloomington be contacted for their support.


Geraldine said the Main Street Committee met to discuss new street lighting. They have not decided whether to rent the lights for Cinergy or purchase them outright. There will be another meeting on this subject.


On November 9th at the After-Hours, the Utility Department, Town Hall, and the Street Department were given certificates for their beautification efforts.          


Geraldine McIntyre and the council thanked at Patrick Stoffers for his work as Deputy Clerk-Treasurer and Deputy Health Officer.


Jerry Pittsford made a motion to adjourn. David Drake seconded the motion. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.           






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