Planning Department

The Department of Planning is responsible for coordinating all aspects of planning and development throughout Ellettsville. 

Activities can be broadly categorized into long range planning and day-to-day activities.

Long range planning involves the creation of various planning documents such as comprehensive plans, park plans and neighborhood scale plans. Long range planning also includes large scale updates to zoning and subdivision regulations and land use analyses. The Ellettsville Plan Commission is the primary board to hear cases involving long range planning.

Day-to-day planning activities center around a number of areas, including permit reviews, addressing, code enforcement, and providing general guidance to the public. This is the aspect of planning that consumes a majority of our department’s time and resources, but is vital as these activities support the long-range goals of the Town. The Board of Zoning Appeals is the board that hears cases regarding day-to-day planning concerns.

In addition to general planning matters, The Department of Planning also serves as the ADA & Title VI enforcement office for Ellettsville, as well as the floodplain management and mapping center for Ellettsville. Our department also provides support for economic development activities.